./mail/p5-Email-Filter-Rules [simple rules for routing mail with Email::Filter]
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Version: 1.2, Package name: p5-Email-Filter-Rules-1.2
Maintained by: Andrew Hewus Fresh
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Email::Filter::Rules is a simple way to route e-mail into folders
without having to touch your filter script. I used to edit my filter
script often to add or remove e-mail lists and often would fat
finger something and enter a typo. This would result in all my
e-mail bouncing and all in all would be a real bummer.

I wanted to make it syntax simple so it wouldn't end up looking
like to awful procmail recipe or some cryptic piece of junk.

MD5: NThNxaHQC2l8iav1tlf7yA=
RMD160: 1Q2HlNyRH1JV6qPg2eMygJnlrL8=
Filesize: 5.533 KB
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  • (2020-05-18) Package added to openports.se, version p5-Email-Filter-Rules-1.2 (created)
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