./misc/m17n/db [database for multilingual text processing library]
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Version: 1.8.0, Package name: m17n-db-1.8.0
Maintained by: Eric Brown
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The m17n library is a multilingual text processing library for the C language.
This library has following features:

- The m17n library is an open source software.
- The m17n library for any Linux/Unix applications.
- The m17n library realizes multilingualization of many aspects of
- The m17n library represents multilingual text as an object named
M-text. M-text is a string with attributes called text properties,
and designed to substitute for string in C. Text properties carry any
information required to input, display and edit the text.
- The m17n library supports functions to handle M-texts.

m17n is an abbreviation of Multilingualization.

This package contains the database files used by m17n-lib.

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  • (2019-03-26) Package added to openports.se, version m17n-db-1.8.0 (created)
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   2019-05-20 16:15:31 by Christian Weisgerber | Files touched by this commit (488)
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Update gettext to 0.20.1.
Follow the upstream recommendations for packagers and switch to
devel/gettext       -> devel/gettext,-runtime
devel/gettext-tools -> devel/gettext,-tools
(new)                  devel/gettext,-textstyle