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Version: 0.17.1, Package name: libupnpp-0.17.1
Maintained by: Pascal Stumpf
Master sites:
Libupnpp is a C++ wrapper for libupnp, a.k.a Portable UPnP, which
is a direct descendant of the Open Source SDK released by Intel in
support of UPnP development.

Libupnpp can be used to implement UPnP devices and services, or
Control Points.

The Control Point side of libupnpp, which is documented here, allows
a C++ program to discover UPnP devices, and exchange commands and
status with them.

The library has a number of predefined modules for controlling
specific AVTransport or OpenHome audio services, and it is relatively
easy to add modules for other services externally (the internal
modules have no more access to library internals than an external
module would).

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  • (2020-01-13) Package added to openports.se, version libupnpp-0.17.1 (created)
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