./net/vger [gemini server written in C used with inetd]
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Version: 1.10, Package name: vger-1.10
Maintained by: Florian Viehweger
Master sites:
Vger is a gemini server supporting chroot, virtualhosts,
CGI, default language choice, redirections and MIME types

Vger design is relying on inetd and a daemon to take care of
TLS. The idea is to delegate TLS and network to daemons
which proved doing it correctly, so vger takes its request
from stdin and output the result to stdout.

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Version History (View Complete History)
  • (2022-04-26) Updated to version: vger-1.10
  • (2022-03-26) Updated to version: vger-1.09
  • (2021-07-14) Updated to version: vger-1.07
  • (2021-04-04) Package added to openports.se, version vger-1.06 (created)
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CVS Commit History:

   2021-07-13 10:33:36 by Solene Rapenne | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
Update to vger-1.07
Patch from maintainer