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Version: 0.7.0b2, Package name: qbirthday-0.7.0b2
Maintained by: Kirill Bychkov
Master sites:
QBirthday is a birthday reminder application that helps you to remember
your contacts' birthdays. It can be used with Thunderbird/Icedove
Lightning, Sunbird/Iceowl Events, CSV-files, MySQL-Databases. It puts an
icon on notification area which will blink when there is any of your
contacts' birthday today. You can also check if there is any of your
contacts' birhday on next days.

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  • (2020-06-15) Package added to openports.se, version qbirthday-0.7.0b2 (created)
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   2020-07-03 15:13:23 by Stuart Henderson | Files touched by this commit (1032)
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bump REVISION; python 3 default changed to 3.8