Category listing - sysutils/gkrellm/plugins

aclock analog clock for GkrellM2
bgchg change background image with GkrellM2
flynn GkrellM2 load meter with a familiar face
itime GkrellM2 plugin that shows Internet time
kam webcam plugin for GkrellM2
launch launch commonly used apps from GkrellM2
mailwatch GkrellM2 plugin to monitor multiple mailboxes
moon phase of the Moon for GkrellM2
reminder GKrellM2 will remind you to do important events
shoot snapshot and background plugin for Gkrellm2
stock stock ticker for GkrellM2
sun GkrellM2 plugin to display sun rise/set times
volume volume dial for Gkrellm2
weather weather plugin for GkrellM2
wireless GkrellM2 plugin to monitor wi(4) signal strength