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Version: 1.3, Package name: multitime-1.3
Maintained by: Laurence Tratt
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Unix's 'time' utility is a simple and often effective way of measuring how
long a command takes to run ('wall time'). Unfortunately, running a command
once can give misleading timings: the process may create a cache on its first
execution, running faster subsequently; other processes may cause the command
to be starved of CPU or IO time; etc. It is common to see people run 'time'
several times and take whichever values they feel most comfortable with.
Inevitably, this causes problems.

multitime is, in essence, a simple extension to time which runs a command
multiple times and prints the timing means, standard deviations, mins,
medians, and maxes having done so. This can give a much better understanding
of the command's performance.

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Version History (View Complete History)
  • (2014-03-12) Updated to version: multitime-1.3
  • (2012-12-21) Updated to version: multitime-1.2
  • (2012-10-29) Updated to version: multitime-1.1
  • (2012-09-27) Package added to openports.se, version multitime-1.0 (created)
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