./sysutils/perp [process supervisor & service framework for unix]
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Version: 2.07, Package name: perp-2.07
Maintained by: Jan-Piet Mens
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The perp package provides a set of daemons and utilities to reliably
start, monitor, log, and control a collection of persistent processes.

A "persistent process" is any program intended to be long-running,
highly available, and purpose critical. Also known and often described
as a "service", a persistent process normally provides some essential,
on-demand system service. Programs that serve email, domain name
queries, and http requests are all examples of services that are
normally run as persistent processes.

These are the programs that you want to start at system boot, and
to continue running for as long as the system itself. These are the
programs you need running in uninterrupted service, day and night,
forever and ever.

perp helps make sure that they do.

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  • (2020-01-13) Package added to openports.se, version perp-2.07 (created)
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