./telephony/asterisk-sounds/moh-opsound [opsound music-on-hold for Asterisk (wav)]
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Version: 2.03, Package name: asterisk-moh-opsound-wav-2.03
Maintained by: Stuart Henderson
Master sites:
Flavors (export FLAVOR=xyz, setenv FLAVOR xyz):
  • gsm
  • alaw
  • ulaw
  • g722
  • g729
  • wav
This package contains freely licensed music from the opsound.org
collection, intended for use as hold music for the Asterisk PBX.

Codecs currently available via FLAVORs are as follows:

gsm: GSM compression. Small files, but low quality.
wav: RIFF WAV files. 8KHz. "Asterisk default" for MOH.
ulaw: ITU G.711 mu-law. Common in countries using T1 lines
(N.America and Japan).
alaw: ITU G.711 A-law. Common in most other countries.
g722: ITU G.722. Wide-band codec.
sln16: Signed Linear 16 KHz. Not normally used natively, but providing
CPU is sufficient to transcode this avoids loss in quality.

Filesize: 14999.485 KB
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  • (2012-09-26) Package added to openports.se, version asterisk-moh-opsound-wav-2.03 (created)
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