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Version: 16.27.0, Package name: asterisk-16.27.0
Maintained by: Stuart Henderson
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  • no_calendar
  • no_http_post
  • no_ldap
  • no_lua
  • no_odbc
  • no_pgsql
  • no_snmp
  • no_speex
  • no_tds
iCal support for Asterisk's calendar functions.

This is the HTTP POST module for Asterisk, packaged separately to avoid
additional dependencies for the main package.

kqueue-backed timer module for Asterisk.

Timing is a fundamental part of Asterisk. It has multiple timing
modules available for various OS. For OpenBSD, the options are pthread or
kqueue-backed timers.

Normally, the pthread-backed timer performs best, and this is included
in the main package.

This package provides the kqueue timer to make it easier for those
wishing to EXPERIMENT with it (possibly on a kernel built with a higher
HZ value).

Use the "timing test" cli command to investigate performance.

LDAP support for Asterisk.

Lua dialplan support for Asterisk.

Asterisk is a complete IP PBX in software. It provides all of the
features you would expect from a PBX including many advanced features
that are often associated with high end (and high cost) proprietary
PBXs, such as Voicemail services with Directory, Call Conferencing,
Interactive Voice Response, and Call Queuing.

Asterisk supports Voice over IP in many protocols, and can
interoperate with almost all standards-based telephony equipment
using relatively inexpensive hardware.

ODBC functions for Asterisk. This includes:

res_odbc: Basic ODBC functions, used by other modules
cdr_odbc: Database-backed CDR logging
func_odbc: Set and query variables in the dialplan
res_config_odbc: Asterisk ODBC RealTime configuration

PostgreSQL functions for Asterisk. This includes:

cdr_pgsql.so: Database-backed CDR logging
cel_pgsql.so: Database-backed channel-event logging
res_config_pgsql.so: Asterisk PostgreSQL RealTime configuration

Net-SNMP support for Asterisk

A driver for the Speex codec to be used in Asterisk channels.

FreeTDS functions for Asterisk. This includes:

cdr_tds.so: Database-backed CDR logging
cel_tds.so: Database-backed channel-event logging

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Version History (View Complete History)
  • (2022-06-26) Updated to version: asterisk-16.27.0
  • (2022-05-20) Updated to version: asterisk-16.26.1
  • (2022-05-13) Updated to version: asterisk-16.26.0
  • (2022-04-27) Updated to version: asterisk-16.25.3
  • (2022-04-15) Updated to version: asterisk-16.25.2
  • (2022-03-30) Updated to version: asterisk-16.25.1
  • (2022-03-26) Updated to version: asterisk-16.25.0
  • (2022-03-05) Updated to version: asterisk-16.24.1
  • (2022-02-11) Updated to version: asterisk-16.24.0
  • (2021-12-10) Updated to version: asterisk-16.23.0
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CVS Commit History:

   2021-11-23 03:21:48 by Stuart Henderson | Files touched by this commit (4)
Log message:
remove some pieces from telephony/asterisk that were there in support of
the failed attempt at getting this to build with clang
   2021-11-03 16:24:37 by Stuart Henderson | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
add portroach markers
   2021-11-02 06:47:11 by Stuart Henderson | Files touched by this commit (67)
Log message:
add asterisk 16.22.0, asterisk 19.0.0
18.x remains the primary version targetted for now; other ports building
against asterisk are only using 18