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The following packages has been marked as deleted

archivers/p5-IO-Compress-Zlib read and write gzip and zip files/buffers
archivers/ruby-archive-tar-minitar command-line utility for POSIX tar(1) archive files
archivers/pecl-zip PHP support for zip archives
archivers/hs-zlib-bindings low-level bindings to the zlib package
archivers/libshrink compression wrapper library
archivers/hs-zlib-enum enumerator interface for zlib compression
audio/festival/arctic/festvox_cmu_us_awb_arctic_hts Scottish English make speaker (AWB)
audio/festival/arctic/festvox_cmu_us_bdl_arctic_hts American English male speaker (BDL)
audio/festival/arctic/festvox_cmu_us_jmk_arctic_hts Canadian English male speaker (JMK)
audio/festival/arctic/festvox_cmu_us_slt_arctic_hts American English female speaker (SLT)
audio/festival/arctic/festvox_cstr_us_awb_arctic_multisyn Scottish English male speaker (AWB), cstr
audio/festival/arctic/festvox_cstr_us_jmk_arctic_multisyn Canadian English male speaker (JMK), cstr
devel/arm-elf/binutils binutils for arm-elf cross-development
devel/arm-elf/newlib newlib for arm-elf cross-development
devel/arm-elf/gcc gcc for arm-elf cross-development
devel/arm-elf/gdb gdb for arm-elf cross-development
astro/luna display the moon's phase
astro/sattrack real-time satellite tracking and orbit propagation program
audio/ac3dec ac3 audio (as used on DVDs) decoding tools
audio/akode decoding library for KDE Multimedia
audio/amarok music player for KDE
audio/aumix full-screen ncurses or GTK-based audio mixer
audio/bladeenc high-quality MP3 encoder
audio/bonk lossy/lossless audio coder
audio/daapd server for the DAA protocol
audio/esound sound library for Enlightenment
audio/gogo 686 class CPU optimized mp3 encoder
audio/gtkpod GTK+2 program to synchronize an Apple iPod
audio/ifp-line command line interface to iRiver music players

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