The following packages has been marked as deleted

devel/ruby-rspec/2/core rspec2 runner and formatters
devel/ruby-rspec/2/expectations rspec2 expectations and matchers
devel/ruby-rspec/2/rspec ruby framework for Behaviour Driven Development
devel/ruby-rspec/2/mocks rspec2 stubbing and mocking
www/amaya/browser test-bed browser/authoring tool of the W3C
www/amaya/english-dict English dictionary for the Amaya browser/page composer
www/amaya/french-dict French dictionary for the Amaya browser/page composer
x11/kde/anime-sitters/asuka 'Asuka sitter for kamor'
x11/kde/anime-sitters/asuka-uniform "Asuka in uniform sitter for kamor"
x11/kde/anime-sitters/lum2 "Lum sitter for kamor"
x11/kde/anime-sitters/misato-beer "Misato chugging beer sitter for kamor"
x11/kde/anime-sitters/misato-blinks "Misato sitter for kamor"
x11/kde/anime-sitters/naru "Naru sitter for kamor"
x11/kde/anime-sitters/otakuworld "otaku world sitter for kamor"
x11/kde/anime-sitters/ruri "Ruri sitter for kamor"
textproc/apertium-dicts/es-an Spanish/Aragonese language pack for apertium
textproc/apertium-dicts/nn-nb Norwegian Nynorsk/Bokmal language pack for apertium
textproc/apertium-dicts/fr-ca French/Catalan language pack for apertium
textproc/apertium-dicts/sv-da Swedish/Danish language pack for apertium
archivers/bzip block-sorting file compressor, encumbered
archivers/lzma LZMA utils - make usage of LZMA compression easy
archivers/nulib NuFX archiver
archivers/p5-Archive-Tar perl interface to tar archives
archivers/p5-Compress-Zlib perl interface to the zlib compression library
archivers/p5-IO-Zlib IO:: style interface to Compress::Zlib
archivers/rar RAR archiver (binary port)
archivers/star unique standard tape archiver
archivers/unace extract, view & test ACE archives
archivers/p5-Compress-Raw-Zlib low-level interface to the zlib compression library
archivers/p5-IO-Compress-Base base class for IO::Compress modules
archivers/p5-IO-Compress-Zlib read and write gzip and zip files/buffers
archivers/ruby-archive-tar-minitar command-line utility for POSIX tar(1) archive files
archivers/pecl-zip PHP support for zip archives
archivers/hs-zlib zlib bindings for Haskell
archivers/hs-zlib-bindings low-level bindings to the zlib package
archivers/libshrink compression wrapper library
archivers/hs-zlib-enum enumerator interface for zlib compression
archivers/hs-zip-archive library dealing with zip archives
audio/festival/arctic/festvox_cmu_us_awb_arctic_hts Scottish English make speaker (AWB)
audio/festival/arctic/festvox_cmu_us_bdl_arctic_hts American English male speaker (BDL)
audio/festival/arctic/festvox_cmu_us_jmk_arctic_hts Canadian English male speaker (JMK)
audio/festival/arctic/festvox_cmu_us_slt_arctic_hts American English female speaker (SLT)
audio/festival/arctic/festvox_cstr_us_awb_arctic_multisyn Scottish English male speaker (AWB), cstr
audio/festival/arctic/festvox_cstr_us_jmk_arctic_multisyn Canadian English male speaker (JMK), cstr
devel/arm-elf/binutils binutils for arm-elf cross-development
devel/arm-elf/newlib newlib for arm-elf cross-development
devel/arm-elf/gcc gcc for arm-elf cross-development
devel/arm-elf/gdb gdb for arm-elf cross-development
astro/luna display the moon's phase
astro/sattrack real-time satellite tracking and orbit propagation program
audio/ac3dec ac3 audio (as used on DVDs) decoding tools
audio/akode decoding library for KDE Multimedia
audio/amarok music player for KDE
audio/aumix full-screen ncurses or GTK-based audio mixer
audio/bladeenc high-quality MP3 encoder
audio/bonk lossy/lossless audio coder
audio/daapd server for the DAA protocol
audio/esound sound library for Enlightenment
audio/gogo 686 class CPU optimized mp3 encoder
audio/gtkpod GTK+2 program to synchronize an Apple iPod
audio/ifp-line command line interface to iRiver music players
audio/ksmp3play curses-based mp3 player
audio/libmpcdec musepack decoder library
audio/lopster full featured GTK Napster client
audio/ wm-dockapp; sound mixer
audio/mp3encode MPEG layer I, II and III audio file encoder
audio/mp3gain audio file volume normalizer
audio/mpegaudio MPEG/audio Layer 1 and Layer 2 encoder/decoder
audio/nap gnu curses-based napster client
audio/oggtag command-line editor for tags in Ogg Vorbis files
audio/py-id3 read and manipulate ID3 tags on MP3 files with Python
audio/py-ogg Python wrapper for the Ogg libraries
audio/py-tagger Python ID3 tag reader/writer module
audio/py-xmms Python interface to XMMS
audio/rio500 Diamond Rio 500 utilities
audio/rioutil utility for Rio mp3 players
audio/rplay network audio player
audio/rsynth speech synthesizer
audio/teknap console napster client
audio/toolame optimized mpeg 1/2 layer 2 audio encoder
audio/tosha read CD digital audio data through the SCSI bus
audio/tremor integer-only, fully Ogg Vorbis compliant decoder library
audio/tremor-tools integer-only ogg vorbis command-line player
audio/waveplay simple wav audio player
audio/wmix wm-dockapp; audio mixer
audio/wmmixer wm-dockapp; audio mixer
audio/workman OpenLook-based CD player
audio/xhippo generic playlist manager for UNIX
audio/xmix X11-based audio mixer
audio/xmmix Motif-based audio mixer
audio/xmms-bonk XMMS input plugin to play bonk files
audio/xmms-flac XMMS input plugin for playing FLAC files
audio/xmms-fmradio FM radio input plug-in for XMMS
audio/xmms-mad XMMS input plugin for MP3 files
audio/xmms-shn XMMS input plugin for playing shorten files
audio/xmms-sid XMMS input plugin for playing SID files
audio/xmms-tremor Ogg Vorbis input plugin for XMMS using tremor
audio/xmms-xf86audio XF86Audio multimedia-key support for XMMS
audio/faac MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AAC encoder
audio/pympd frontend to mpd written in Python
audio/gmpccaa Amazon cover art provider for gmpc
audio/gnomad2 GTK+ tool for managing Creative and Dell audio players
audio/mppenc musepack StreamVersion7 encoder
audio/audacious-plugins input and output plugins for Audacious
audio/gmpc-magnatune magnatune browser, for gmpc
audio/gmpc-serverstats display mpd-server statistics, for gmpc
audio/gmpc-lyrics lyrics fetcher, for gmpc
audio/gmpc-qosd fancy display that shows information, for gmpc
audio/gmpc-stopbutton adds the omitted stop button, for gmpc
audio/xmms-speex XMMS input plugin to play Speex files
audio/gmpc-autoplaylist auto-generated playlists, for gmpc
audio/gmpc-shout shoutcast support, for gmpc
audio/gimmix small and easy to use graphical MPD client
audio/xmmsctrl small utility to control XMMS from the command line
audio/gmpc-lastfm coverart provider for gmpc
audio/ruby-id3lib Ruby interface to the id3lib C++ library
audio/py-mpd Python MPD client library
audio/shell-fm console based player for radio streams
audio/mpdBrowser click & play MPD client
audio/vagalume client for GNOME
audio/xmms-wavpack XMMS input plugin for playing WavPack files
audio/gmpc-osd On Screen Display-notifications, for gmpc
audio/gmpc-libnotify alternative notification pop-up for gmpc
audio/exaile music manager and player for GTK+ written in Python
audio/ official client
audio/mono-taglib tagging library for the Mono framework
audio/mpd-add-similar add similar tracks to your mpd playlist
audio/hs-libmpd Haskell interface to MPD
audio/hgd music system for hackathons
audio/soundconverter simple audio file converter for the GNOME Desktop
audio/py-vorbis Python wrapper for the Vorbis libraries
audio/py-zeya html5-powered web music server
audio/zeya html5-powered web music server
audio/aubio extract annotations from audio signals
audio/ardour digital audio workstation
audio/celt051 experimental ultra-low delay audio codec (051 API)
audio/fookebox jukebox frontend to mpd
audio/celt07 experimental ultra-low delay audio codec (0.7 API)
audio/ruby-sonos control Sonos speakers with Ruby
audio/radiotray streaming radio player
devel/autoconf/2.70 automatically configure source code on many Un*x platforms
sysutils/backintime/common simple backup tool -- common files
sysutils/backintime/gnome simple backup tool -- GNOME UI
base/bootstrap base system pseudo package bootstrap
sysutils/beats/topbeat lightweight shipper for system metrics
benchmarks/bonnie performance test of filesystem I/O
benchmarks/bytebench BYTE magazine benchmark suite
benchmarks/lmbench system performance measurement
benchmarks/pear-Benchmark framework to benchmark PHP scripts or function calls
biology/nutdb record and analyze your meals for nutrient composition
books/zopebook Zope documentation
cad/chipmunk electronic CAD system
cad/klogic logic circuit simulator for KDE
cad/spice Simulation Program for Integrated Circuit Electronics
cad/xtrkcad CAD program for designing model railroad layouts
cad/kicad-library library modules for Kicad EDA
cad/qucs graphical circuit design and simulation tool
chinese/arphicttf chinese big5/gb truetype fonts
chinese/bg5pdf convert Big5 encoded files to PDF
chinese/bg5ps convert Big5/GB encoded files to postscript
chinese/crxvt Chinese(Big5) VT100 terminal emulator for X
chinese/kcfonts extra chinese fonts
chinese/py-zhCodecs Python Unicode codecs for Chinese charsets
chinese/rxvt-big5 color terminal emulator Linux binary
chinese/taipeifonts extra chinese fonts
chinese/xcin chinese input utility for X
chinese/xcin25 Chinese input method Linux binary
graphics/clutter/clutter-box2d clutter Box2D integration library
graphics/clutter/pyclutter python bindings for Clutter
graphics/clutter/clutter-cairo clutter Cairo integration library
graphics/clutter/mx clutter widget toolkit
graphics/clutter/mash library for using real 3D models within a Clutter scene
comms/gnokii tools to talk to GSM cellular phones
comms/malsync "command line tool to synchronize Palm pilot to AvantGo"
comms/obexftp file copying over the OBEX protocol
comms/openobex OBEX protocol implementation
comms/seyon communication package for X11
comms/xcept decoder for the CEPT (Btx) protocol
comms/libmal MAL convenience library
comms/jpilot-syncmal MAL plugin for J-Pilot
comms/qtserialport provides functions to access serial ports
converters/libdvd descramble scrambled DVDs using ACSS
converters/p5-IDNA-Punycode encodes Unicode strings in Punycode
converters/p5-MIME-Base64 "Perl5 module for Base64 and Quoted-Printable encodings"
converters/py-cjkcodecs Python unicode codecs for Chinese, Japanese and Korean
converters/py-iconvcodec universal unicode codec using iconv for Python
converters/ruby-json JSON implementation for Ruby
converters/py-amf serialize and deserialize AMF data
databases/dbh library to create disk based hashtables
databases/directoryassistant small application for managing a LDAP address book
databases/gq GTK-based LDAP client
databases/mnemo memo application
databases/mysql-administrator visual administration console for MySQL
databases/mysql-query-browser visual query tool for MySQL
databases/mysqlcc GUI client for MySQL
databases/mytop top clone for MySQL
databases/ocaml-postgresql Objective Caml bindings for PostgreSQL
databases/ocaml-sqlite3 Objective Caml bindings for SQLite3
databases/pear-DB database abstraction layer for PHP
databases/py-cdb Python extension module for accessing cdb databases
databases/py-mysql Python interface to MySQL
databases/ruby-activerecord object relation model implementation for ruby
databases/xmysql X11 front end to the MySQL database engine
databases/xmysqladmin X11 front end to the mysqladmin command
databases/ruby-postgres access a PostgreSQL database from ruby
databases/ruby-bdb ruby interface to Berkeley DB
databases/qt3-sqlite3-plugin qt3 sqlite3 plugin
databases/sqliteman gui for sqlite
databases/keximdb MDB (access) file migration driver for kexi
databases/strigi document indexer
databases/soprano RDF framework
databases/py-axiom sqlite-based object persistence system for python
databases/py-pgsql Python DB-API 2.0 compliant interface to PostgreSQL
databases/py-elixir declarative mapper for SQLAlchemy
databases/pg_top top for monitoring PostgreSQL processes
databases/pgworksheet simple PostgreSQL GUI front end
databases/maatkit MySQL maatkit tools
databases/pear-MDB2-mysql database abstraction layer for PHP
databases/pear-MDB2 database abstraction layer for PHP
databases/ruby-do_sqlite3 DataObjects driver for SQLite3
databases/ruby-data_objects unified Ruby API for popular databases
databases/apache-couchdb distributed, document-oriented database
databases/pear-DB_DataObject SQL builder, object interface to database tables
databases/py-couchdb Python library for working with CouchDB
databases/ruby-couchrest lean and RESTful interface to CouchDB
databases/pear-MDB2-sqlite SQLite database abstraction layer for PHP
databases/pear-MDB2-mysqli MySQLi database abstraction layer for PHP
databases/ruby-couch_potato CouchDB persistence layer written in Ruby
databases/ruby-validatable provide ActiveRecord looking validations
databases/luma Qt-based LDAP browser and utility
databases/hs-HDBC abstraction layer for SQL relational databases
databases/hs-HDBC-sqlite3 sqlite3 driver for HDBC
databases/p5-Search-Xapian perl bindings for the xapian search library
databases/hs-HDBC-postgresql postgresql driver for HDBC
databases/hs-HDBC-mysql mysql driver for HDBC
databases/ruby-arel relational algebra for ruby
databases/ruby-jdbc-h2 access an H2 database from JRuby
databases/ruby-jdbc-sqlite3 access an SQLite3 database from JRuby
databases/ruby-jdbc-postgres access a PostgreSQL database from JRuby
databases/ruby-jdbc-mysql access a MySQL database from JRuby
databases/ruby-mysqlplus enhanced Ruby MySQL driver, supporting async and threading
databases/dbic++ C++ database API
databases/ruby-do_mysql ruby-data_objects driver for MySQL
databases/ruby-do_postgres DataObjects driver for PostgreSQL
databases/ruby-swift fast database API and ORM for ruby 1.9+
databases/hs-redis Haskell driver for Redis
databases/py-sqlachemy-migrate schema migration tools for SQLAlchemy
databases/pear-MDB2-pgsql PostgreSQL database abstraction layer for PHP
databases/node-pg postgresql client for Node.js
databases/node-sqlite3 sqlite3 bindings for Node.js
databases/p5-Palm interface to palm pdb databases
databases/postgresql-plv8 PostgreSQL V8 javascript procedural language
databases/hs-postgresql-libpq low-level binding to libpq
databases/hs-postgresql-simple mid-level PostgreSQL client library
databases/hs-hackage-db access to the Hackage database via Data.Map
databases/ruby-hiera simple pluggable hierarchical database
databases/erl-sqerl Erlang database layer
databases/erl-epgsql Erlang PostgreSQL client
databases/erl-couchbeam Erlang CouchDB framework
databases/erl-Emysql Erlang MySQL driver
databases/ruby-swift-db-postgres postgresql driver for swift
databases/ruby-swift-db-mysql mysql driver for swift
databases/ruby-swift-db-sqlite3 sqlite3 driver for swift
databases/hs-resource-pool high-performance striped resource pooling implementation
databases/hs-hedis client library for the Redis datastore
databases/ruby-hiera2 simple pluggable hierarchical database
devel/ORBit high-performance CORBA ORB with support for the C language
devel/asp2php convert ASP code to PHP code
devel/bluetooth-libs bluetooth network libraries
devel/c2hs interface generator for Haskell to C bindings
devel/chora web-based CVS viewer module for Horde
devel/cook like make(1), but more powerful and clean
devel/ctm directory synchronization over mail
devel/g-wrap "provides scheme wrappers"
devel/gal "GNOME Application Libs"
devel/gal2 GNOME Application Libs
devel/gconf "configuration database system written for GNOME"
devel/gconf-editor editor for the GConf configuration system
devel/gengameng X11 game engine library
devel/getxml XML internationalization tool
devel/glib useful routines for C programming
devel/hmake compilation manager for Haskell programs
devel/horde modular framework for web-based applications
devel/hs-ports "Haskell library for concurrent and distributed programming"
devel/idoc minimalist documentation tool for Haskell
devel/jad fast Java decompiler
devel/jakarta-servletapi implementation of the JSP and Java Servlet APIs
devel/kdbg graphical debugger for KDE
devel/lam great implementation of the message passing interface
devel/lib765 library for the floppy controller emulation
devel/libavl library for balanced binary trees
devel/libbio Simple buffered I/O library from Plan 9
devel/libbt C reimplementation of the BitTorrent core protocols
devel/libdsk library for accessing disks and disk image files
devel/libdvdplay simple library designed for DVD navigation
devel/libfmt Extensible formatted print C library
devel/libglade library for loading GLADE interface files at runtime
devel/libgtop "portable library for obtaining system information"
devel/libicq2000 protocol icq2000/2001 library
devel/libregexp9 Simple regular expression library from Plan 9
devel/mk Streamlined replacement for make
devel/libsigc++ callback framework for C++
devel/libunicode library for manipulating Unicode characters and strings
devel/libusb USB access library
devel/libuta graphical user interface library for C++
devel/libutf UTF8 support library from Plan 9
devel/libxfce4util "basic utility library for xfce4"
devel/libzvt library for handling pseudo terminals
devel/lincvs graphical CVS front-end using QT2
devel/luacompat "compatibility module for lua 5.1"
devel/luavenv "library to execute lua chunks in separate environments"
devel/mico free and complete CORBA-compliant implementation
devel/mysql++ C++ API for MySQL
devel/mysql-gui-common common libraries and data for the MySQL GUI Suites
devel/ocaml-calendar Objective Caml bindings for calendar functions
devel/omake build system designed for scalability and portability
devel/opencm OpenCM change management system
devel/p5-Algorithm-MDiff interface to calculate m-difference between two objects
devel/pmk dependency configuration tool
devel/p5-ExtUtils-CBuilder compile and link C code for Perl modules
devel/p5-ExtUtils-ParseXS converts Perl XS code into C code
devel/p5-Locale-Maketext-Simple simple interface to Locale::Maketext::Lexicon
devel/p5-Module-CoreList see what modules shipped with versions of Perl
devel/p5-Module-Load runtime require of both modules and files
devel/p5-SVN-Mirror subversion repository mirroring tool
devel/p5-Term-ReadKey change terminal modes, and perform non-blocking reads
devel/p5-Test-Builder-Tester "perl module to lint Test::Builder testsuites"
devel/p5-Time-Piece object oriented time interface
devel/p5-version perl extension for version objects
devel/pear-PHPUnit2 regression testing framework for PHP 5
devel/prc-tools PalmPilot(tm) development environment
devel/py-openbsd specific Python bindings for OpenBSD
devel/py-optik command line parsing library for Python
devel/py-psyco extension module to speed up the execution of Python code
devel/py-tpg parser generator in Python
devel/py-unit unit testing framework for Python
devel/ruby-actionpack eases web-request routing, handling, and response
devel/ruby-gems package management framework for the Ruby language
devel/ruby-rake ruby make
devel/svk decentralized version control system
devel/slib-guile slib guile adapter
devel/snit simple object oriented framework for Tcl
devel/tla original Arch source control management CLI written in C
devel/tmake cross-platform makefile tool from TrollTech
devel/vte terminal emulation library
devel/uisp AVR microcontroller hardware in-system programmer
devel/varconf configuration system for the STAGE server
devel/libelf read, modify, create ELF files on any arch
devel/py-ctypes Python foreign function interface library
devel/py-silc Python bindings for the SILC toolkit
devel/luabitlib library for bitwise operations in lua
devel/ruby-gem_plugin install Ruby gems as plugins
devel/ivy dependency manager for Java
devel/p5-Test-use-ok alternative to Test::More
devel/p5-Test-Tester ease testing test modules built with Test::Builder
devel/p5-I18N-LangTags perl support to RFC 3066 language tags
devel/libglademm C++ bindings for libglade
devel/libassetml library to share image and audio files between projects
devel/py-orbit ORBit2 Python bindings
devel/gconfmm C++ interface to GConf
devel/p5-Regexp-Copy copy perl Regexp objects
devel/p5-Event-Lib Perl extensions for event-based programming
devel/pwlib portable Windows library
devel/qt4-eventsview event viewer for qt4
devel/py-logilab-astng Python Abstract Syntax Tree New Generation
devel/ruby-color-tools ruby library to provide colorspace support
devel/ruby-rubyforge script which automates a limited set of rubyforge operations
devel/ruby-needle dependency-injection/inversion-of-control container for Ruby
devel/py-ruledispatch rule-based dispatching and generic functions
devel/py-protocols protocol definition, declaration and adaptation
devel/py-kid template language for XML based vocabularies
devel/py-turbokid template plugin that supports Kid templates
devel/py-turbojson template plugin for TurboGears that supports json
devel/py-turbocheetah plugin to support use of Cheetah templates
devel/cxxtools various reusable C++-components
devel/hs-newbinary binary serialization library for Haskell
devel/ruby-tzinfo Ruby timezone library
devel/p5-TAP-Parser parse TAP output
devel/ruby-rcov code coverage tool for Ruby
devel/p5-Slay-Makefile-Gress regression testing software using Slay::Makefile
devel/p5-Slay-Maker perl make engine using perl code for rules
devel/p5-Slay-Makefile wrapper to Slay::Maker that reads the rules from a file
devel/ruby-fastthread optimized replacement for Ruby thread.rb primitives
devel/p5-Class-MOP meta object protocol for perl 5
devel/p5-Safe-Hole make a hole to the main compartment in the Safe compartment
devel/p5-Safe-World create multiple virtual instances of a Perl interpreter
devel/ruby-debug-base faster implementation of the standard debug.rb - base
devel/ruby-debug faster implementation of the standard debug.rb
devel/py-notify python bindings for libnotify
devel/beediff graphical file comparator
devel/p5-Module-Loaded mark modules as loaded or unloaded
devel/ruby-parsetree extracts the parse tree for an entire class or a method
devel/py-epsilon small utility package for Divmod projects
devel/p5-parent build ISA relationships with base classes at compile time
devel/libstdc++-man manpages for the standard C++ library
devel/hudson continuous integration server
devel/guichan C++ GUI library designed for games
devel/waf Python-based build system
devel/ruby-assistance light-weight application support
devel/ruby-linecache caches (Ruby source) files
devel/ruby-sexp parse strings of Lisp style s-expressions
devel/ruby-columnize sorts an array in column order
devel/ruby-rparsec recursive descent parser combinator framework
devel/p5-SVN-Dump interface to subversion dumps
devel/glade3 user interface builder for the GTK2+ toolkit
devel/hscolour Haskell code colourizer
devel/ruby-echoe tasks for documentation, extension compiling, testing
devel/py-dtopt add options to doctest examples while they are running
devel/py-addons extend python objects with addons
devel/py-peak-rules generic functions support systems
devel/py-extremes mix and max objects
devel/py-prioritized_methods extension to PEAK-Rules to prioritize methods
devel/ruby-systemtimer ruby timer based on SIGALRM
devel/ruby-rack-test small, simple testing API for Rack apps
devel/bakery C++ Application Framework for use with Gtkmm
devel/p5-Parse-CPAN-Meta parse META.yml and other similar CPAN metadata files
devel/ruby-cucumber execute plain-text documents as automated functional tests
devel/ruby-term-ansicolor color strings using ANSI escape sequences
devel/luabitop library for bitwise operations in lua
devel/rsvndump remote svn repository dump
devel/ethos plugin framework library
devel/gtkparasite Gtk debugging tool
devel/flex fast lexical analyzer generator
devel/pybugz Commandline client for Bugzilla bug tracking systems
devel/ruby-facets collection of general purpose, pure-Ruby extensions
devel/ruby-clio Ruby library for creating command line tools
devel/p5-Device-USB perl wrapper around libusb
devel/p5-MooseX-Async the Orphanange of Asynchronous Love Children
devel/monodevelop IDE for the .NET platform
devel/nant .NET build tool inspired by Ant
devel/hs-parsec Monadic parser combinators
devel/hs-network Haskell networking library
devel/hs-regex-posix posix regex backend for regex-base
devel/hs-regex-base interface API for regex-posix,pcre,parsec,tdfa,dfa
devel/hs-regex-compat module layer over regex-posix to replace Text.Regex
devel/hs-binary lazy binary serialisation for Haskell values
devel/hs-language-c analysis and generation of C code in Haskell
devel/hs-dataenc data encoding library for Haskell
devel/hs-mmap mmap API for Haskell
devel/hs-hashed-storage hashed file storage support code for Haskell
devel/hs-QuickCheck automatic testing of Haskell programs
devel/hs-HUnit unit testing framework for Haskell
devel/hs-fgl functional graph library
devel/hs-stm Software Transactional Memory
devel/hs-parallel parallel programming library
devel/hs-deepseq deep evaluation of data structures
devel/hs-readline interface to the GNU readline library
devel/hs-hslogger versatile logging framework
devel/hs-ghc-paths knowledge of GHC's installation directories
devel/hs-MissingH large library of utility functions
devel/hs-ConfigFile parser and writer for config files
devel/hs-convertible library to convert between different types
devel/eggdbus D-Bus binding for GObject
devel/mono-notify C# client implementation for Desktop Notifications
devel/libf2c GNU fortran 77 libraries
devel/libf2c-old GNU fortran 77 libraries
devel/hs-glib Haskell bindings to glib
devel/gtk2hs-buildtools tools to build Gtk2Hs
devel/hs-stringtable-atom memoize strings as atoms
devel/hs-FindBin locate directory of original program
devel/hs-pugs-compat portable Haskell/POSIX layer for Pugs
devel/hs-pango Haskell bindings to pango
devel/hs-glade Haskell bindings to libglade2
devel/hs-pugs-DrIFT DrIFT with pugs-specific rules
devel/hs-MetaObject meta-object system for Haskell based on Perl 6
devel/hs-control-timeout timeout handling
devel/hs-gio Haskell bindings to gio
devel/hs-regex-pcre-builtin replaces/enhances Text.Regex
devel/hs-HsSyck fast, lightweight YAML loader and dumper
devel/mono-flickrnet Flickr .Net API Library
devel/py-hg-git mercurial extension to work with git repositories
devel/libbfd GNU Binary File Descriptor library
devel/liboobs wrapping library to the System Tools Backends
devel/hs-text efficient packed Unicode text type
devel/hs-tar tar bindings for Haskell
devel/hs-ListLike common interface to various Haskell types that are list-like
devel/hs-sendfile portable sendfile functionality
devel/hs-dlist list-like type supporting O(1) append
devel/hs-directory-tree directory-like tree datatype
devel/hs-cereal binary serialization library
devel/hs-List List monad transformer and a List class
devel/hs-iteratee Iteratee monad provides strict, safe, and functional I/O
devel/hs-MonadCatchIO-transformers functions to throw and catch exceptions
devel/hs-PSQueue priority search queue
devel/hs-primitive primitive memory-related operations
devel/hs-transformers concrete monad transformers
devel/hs-unix-compat portable POSIX-compatibility layer
devel/hs-murmur-hash general purpose, non-cryptographic hashing function
devel/hs-vector Int-indexed arrays
devel/hs-monads-fd monad classes using functional dependencies
devel/hs-uniplate help writing simple, concise and fast operations
devel/hs-hlint source code suggestions for Haskell
devel/libclog configurable logging library
devel/ruby-bacon small RSpec clone
devel/hs-hood Haskell Object Observation Debugger
devel/hs-atom DSL for embedded hard realtime applications
devel/hs-enumerator implementation of Oleg Kiselyov's left-fold enumerators
devel/hs-failure simple type class for success/failure computations
devel/hs-monads-tf Monad classes, using type families
devel/ruby-stringex extensions to ruby's String class
devel/hs-data-default class for types with a default value
devel/ruby-activemodel toolkit for building modeling frameworks
devel/hs-tagged provides newtype wrappers for phantom types
devel/hs-base64-bytestring fast base64 encodings and decoding for ByteStrings
devel/hs-vector-algorithms efficient algorithms for vector arrays
devel/hs-blaze-builder efficient construction of bytestrings
devel/bustle D-Bus profiler
devel/ruby-home_run fast Date/DateTime classes for ruby
devel/ruby-mspec specialized test framework for running RubySpecs
devel/ruby-ffi-inliner embed C code in your ruby script
devel/ruby-paper_trail paper_trail lets you track changes to your models' data
devel/hs-mtl monad classes using functional dependencies
devel/pysvn python interface to subversion
devel/hs-syb Scrap Your Boilerplate library for generic programming
devel/py-subvertpy alternative python bindings for subversion
devel/wcb widget callback package for Tcl/Tk
devel/mentry multi-entry widget package for Tcl/Tk
devel/hyena GUI and non-GUI C-sharp code library
devel/p5-YAML-Perl pure Perl implementation of YAML
devel/hs-MonadCatchIO-mtl monad-transformer version of Control.Exception.catch
devel/hs-largeword provides Word128, Word192 and various others large words
devel/hs-haskeline command-line interface for user input
devel/libunique3 library for writing single instance GTK+3 applications
devel/hs-bimap bidirectional mapping between two key types
devel/hs-terminfo Haskell bindings to the terminfo library
devel/hs-ansi-terminal ANSI terminal package for Haskell
devel/hs-ghc-mtl mtl compatible GhcT monad-transformer
devel/hs-hint Runtime Haskell interpreter (GHC API wrapper)
devel/hs-type-level type-level programming library
devel/mono-gdata .NET library for the Google Data API
devel/libexude memory allocation debugger library
devel/emacs-python Emacs mode for editing Python code
x11/gnome3/devel/gconf-editor editor for the GConf configuration system
devel/pep8 python style guide checker
devel/gmc4cc C compiler for GMC-4
devel/commons-io Java library to assist with developing IO functionality
devel/py3-distribute fork of setuptools Python packages
devel/pcrecpp perl-compatible regular expression C++ library
devel/hs-case-insensitive case insensitive string comparison
devel/hs-blaze-builder-enumerator integrate blaze-builder and enumerator
devel/py-monthdelta date computations with months
devel/dbus-sharp C# implementation of D-Bus
devel/dbus-sharp-glib GLib main loop integration for dbus-sharp
devel/emacs-haskell Emacs mode for editing Haskell code
devel/hs-cmdargs command line parser library
devel/hs-safe safe wrappers for some base functions
devel/hs-simple-sendfile cross platform library for the sendfile system call
devel/mingw development environment for native Windows applications
devel/hs-hoogle Haskell API search engine
devel/ruby-rdoc generate and display ruby documentation
devel/ruby-hike library for finding files in a set of paths
devel/ruby-sprockets rack-based asset packaging system
devel/py-distribute fork of setuptools Python packages
devel/hs-hashable class for hashable data types
devel/hs-data-lens Haskell 98 lenses
devel/hs-comonad Haskell 98 comonads
devel/hs-distributive Haskell 98 distributive functors
devel/hs-semigroups Haskell 98 semigroups
devel/hs-semigroupoids Haskell 98 semigroupoids
devel/hs-comonad-transformers Comonad transformers
devel/hs-aeson fast JSON parsing and encoding
devel/hs-data-lens-template utilities for Data.Lens
devel/hs-contravariant Haskell 98 contravariant functors
devel/hs-base16-bytestring fast base16 (hex) encoding and decoding for ByteStrings
devel/hs-blaze-textual fast rendering of common datatypes
devel/hs-logict backtracking logic-programming monad
devel/hs-unordered-containers efficient hashing-based container types
devel/tortoisehg series of applications for Mercurial
devel/py-iniparse INI parser for Python
devel/libgee06 GObject based collection library
devel/node-fibers fiber/coroutine support for Node.js
devel/node-generic-pool generic resource pool for Node.js
devel/libyubikey C library for the Yubikey OTP token
devel/spidermonkey Mozilla C implementation of JavaScript
devel/hs-unbounded-delays unbounded thread delays and timeouts
devel/hs-concurrent-extra extra concurrency primitives
devel/hs-base-unicode-symbols Unicode symbols for common functions
devel/hs-configurator configuration management library
devel/hs-cmdlib command line parsing and online help
devel/hs-test-framework-hunit HUnit support for hs-test-framework
devel/hs-split library for splitting lists
devel/hs-test-framework-quickcheck2 QuickCheck2 support for hs-test-framework
devel/hs-test-framework framework for running and organising tests
devel/hs-ansi-wl-pprint ANSI Wadler/Leijen pretty printer
devel/hs-strict strict data types and String IO
devel/hs-shellish shell-/perl- like (systems) programming in Haskell
devel/node-mnm build tool for making native Node.js modules
devel/node-expresso TDD framework for Node.js
devel/py-liblarch_gtk gtk binding for liblarch
devel/ocaml-batteries OCaml Batteries Included - OCaml foundation library
devel/ocaml-camomile unicode library for objective caml
devel/ounit unit test framework for OCaml
devel/ocaml-net the Ocamlnet internet protocol foundation library
devel/ocaml-mlgmp GMP bindings for OCaml
devel/node-gir GObject Introspection bindings for Node.js
devel/ocaml-zed abstract engine for text edition
devel/ocaml-lwt cooperative lightweight thread library
devel/ocaml-react functional reactive programming (FRP) for OCaml
devel/ocaml-lambda-term library for manipulating the terminal
devel/hs-network-conduit stream socket data using conduits
devel/hs-blaze-builder-conduit convert streams of builders to streams of bytestrings
devel/hs-resourcet deterministic allocation and freeing of scarce resources
devel/hs-bytestring-mmap mmap support for strict ByteStrings
devel/hs-lifted-base lifted IO operations from the base library
devel/hs-vault persistent store for values of arbitrary types
devel/hs-random random number library
devel/hs-void a Haskell 98 logically uninhabited data type
devel/hs-monad-control lift control operations through monad transformers
devel/hs-conduit streaming data processing library
devel/hs-transformers-base lift computations from the bottom of a transformer stack
devel/py-newt-syrup Python framework for creating text-based applications
devel/newt programming library for color text mode, widget based UIs
devel/pangox-compat pangox compatibility library
devel/hs-data-hash combinators for building fast hashing functions
devel/hs-OneTuple singleton tuple
devel/hs-monad-par parallel programming based on a monad
devel/hs-patch-combinators library for patching functions and data structures
devel/hs-tuple various functions on tuples
devel/hs-QuickAnnotate annotation framework
devel/hs-monad-par-extras combinators and extra features for Par monads
devel/hs-abstract-deque abstract, parameterized interface to mutable deques
devel/hs-abstract-par type classes generalizing monad-par
devel/hs-constraints constraint manipulation
devel/hs-newtype typeclass and functions for working with newtypes
devel/ocaml-curses curses / ncurses bindings for OCaml
devel/ocaml-extlib extended standard library for OCaml
devel/hs-async asynchronous IO operations
devel/goffice08 document centric objects and utilities
devel/py-async async framework
devel/erl-ejson decode/encode JSON into/from Erlang terms
devel/erl-depsolver Erlang dependency solver
devel/erl-ej module for working with Erlang terms representing JSON
devel/erl-pooler OTP process pool application
devel/erl-folsom expose Erlang events and metrics
devel/erl-automeck streamlines setting up and used Meck-based mocks
devel/erl-gen_server2 gen_server2 for OTP
devel/erl-jiffy JSON NIFs for Erlang
devel/erl-eper collection of Erlang Performancy related tools
devel/erl-bear set of statistics functions for Erlang
devel/erl-meck mocking library for Erlang
devel/erl-fast_log logging library used for chef
devel/erl-mixer mix in functions from other modules
devel/py-hgtools classes and setuptools plugin for Mercurial repositories
devel/automoc K Desktop Environment, frontend to moc
devel/node-buffer-writer a fast, efficient buffer writer for nodejs
devel/node-cloned clone a local or remote git repository at a revision.
devel/node-async higher-order functions and common patterns for async code
devel/node-bindings helper module for loading native modules in .node
devel/utop enhanced OCaml toplevel
devel/hs-MonadRandom random-number generation monad
devel/hs-either an either monad transformer
devel/hs-lens lenses, folds and traversals
devel/hs-extensible-exceptions extensible exceptions for Haskell
devel/hs-comonads-fd comonad transformers using functional dependencies
devel/hs-nats Haskell 98 natural numbers
devel/hs-errors simplified error-handling
devel/hs-mmorph monad morphisms
devel/dee library for Model-View-Controller type across DBus
devel/hs-BoundedChan library for bounded channels
devel/py-libmagic Python bindings to libmagic
devel/ocaml-bitstring Erlang-style bitstrings for OCaml
devel/ruby-hub git commandline wrapper for GitHub
devel/mozjs17 Mozilla C implementation of JavaScript
devel/hs-uuid creating, comparing, parsing and printing UUIDs
devel/p5-ExtUtils-BuildRC *DEPRECATED* A reader for Build.PL configuration files
devel/p5-Test-Harness Run Perl standard test scripts with statistics
devel/hgview fast Mercurial log navigator
devel/git-bz command line integration of git with Bugzilla
devel/ruby-atomic atomic reference implementation for Ruby
devel/kdevplatform IDE creation toolkit for KDE 4
devel/qt4-qtsolutions-singleinstance Qt4 Solutions single application framework
devel/hs-scientific scientific number type
devel/ocaml-re regular expression library for OCaml
devel/ocaml-dose software repository analysis in OCaml
devel/ocaml-jsonm non-blocking streaming JSON codec
devel/ocaml-cmdliner declarative definition of command line interfaces
devel/ocaml-uutf non-blocking streaming unicode codec
devel/hs-utf8-string support for reading and writing UTF8 strings
devel/hs-hashtables mutable hash tables in the ST monad
devel/gocover go code coverage tool
devel/ruby-colored colorize your text in the terminal red
devel/libqtelegram-aseman-edition Qt5 library for Telegram messaging service
devel/govet reports suspicious constructs in go code
devel/go-check-v1 testing library for the Go language
devel/py-ioflo automated reasoning engine, flow based programming framework
devel/gettext-tools GNU gettext development and translation tools
devel/ocaml-ppx-tools tools for authors of OCaml ppx rewriters
devel/hs-exceptions extensible optionally-pure exceptions
devel/hs-old-time old time library
devel/hs-tf-random high-quality splittable PRNG
devel/hs-transformers-compat compat lib exposing transformers 0.3 and 0.4 types
devel/hs-old-locale old locale library
devel/hs-ObjectName explicitly handled object names
devel/hs-network-uri URI manipulation
devel/hs-StateVar State variables
devel/hs-regex-applicative regex-based parsing with applicative interface
devel/hs-regex-tdfa tagged DFA regex engine
devel/hs-sandi data encoding library
devel/hs-data-ordlist set and multiset operations on ordered lists
devel/hs-regex-compat-tdfa Unicode support version of Text.Regex
devel/lazarus Delphi compatible IDE
devel/py-test-capturelog plugin to capture log messages
devel/hs-hinotify inotify lib for haskell
devel/hs-system-filepath file and directory path manipulations
devel/hs-system-fileio consistent filesystem interaction
devel/hs-enclosed-exceptions catch exceptions from within an enclosed computation
devel/hs-shelly shell-like programming in Haskell
devel/hs-lifted-async lifted asynchronous IO operations
devel/py-trollius port of the Tulip project (asyncio module, PEP 3156)
devel/cargo package manager for Rust language
devel/py-hgsubversion Subversion client Mercurial extension
devel/spidermonkey38 Mozilla C implementation of JavaScript
devel/py-hgnested mercurial extension to work with nested repositories
devel/spidermonkey52 C/C++ Mozilla's JavaScript engine implementation
devel/hs-temporary portable temporary file and directory support
devel/hs-echo cross-platform echoing terminal input
devel/hs-edit-distance Levenshtein edit distances
devel/py-binaryornot lightweight Python package to check if a file is binary
devel/py-whichcraft cross-platform, cross-python, shutil.which functionality
devel/py-chai easy to use mocking, stubbing, and spying framework
devel/py-arrow better dates and times for Python
devel/spidermonkey60 C/C++ Mozilla's JavaScript engine implementation
devel/py-pefile module to read and work with PE files
devel/hs-mono-traversable type classes for working with monomorphic containers
devel/hs-base-compat a compatibility layer for base
devel/hs-unliftio-core typeclass for unlifting monads to IO
devel/hs-byteable type class for sequence of bytes
devel/libcbor RFC7049 Concise Binary Object Representation
devel/spidermonkey68 C/C++ Mozilla's JavaScript engine implementation
devel/glibmm26 C++ API for parts of GLib
games/doomdata/doom1 DOOM I data files
games/doomdata/doom2 DOOM II data files
www/drupal5/backup_migrate backup mysql database directly from drupal
www/drupal5/admin-menu drop-down css admin menu for drupal
www/drupal5/user_readonly forbid users from changing some drupal profile fields
www/drupal5/linktocontent link to content from tinymce
www/drupal5/theme-aberdeen soft liquid theme with big typography
www/drupal5/locale-it italian translation
www/drupal5/token placeholder api for drupal
www/drupal5/theme-denver highly customizable theme
www/drupal5/theme-bluebreeze variation on the standard garland
www/drupal5/tql taxonomy query language
www/drupal5/dhtml_menu javascript-enhanced persistant menus for drupal
www/drupal5/alternate_login alternate logins for drupal
www/drupal5/views drupal views, smart content lists
www/drupal5/IMCE Image file uploader for drupal
www/drupal5/cck_taxonomy taxonomy as cck fields
www/drupal5/date date cck and api for drupal
www/drupal5/dba administer drupal database tables
www/drupal5/image image upload for drupal
www/drupal5/locale-de german translation
www/drupal5/locale-es spanish translation
www/drupal5/locale-ja japanese translation
www/drupal5/meta-tags set up meta keywords for any node
www/drupal5/pathauto create sensible urls automatically
www/drupal5/printer-friendly printer-friendly pages in drupal
www/drupal5/securelogin redirect login screen to https
www/drupal5/theme-bealestreet nice literary theme
www/drupal5/theme-litejazz off-beat jazzy theme
www/drupal5/themesettingsapi extra settings for some themes
www/drupal5/uploadpath choose upload path based on token
www/drupal5/user_import import CSV users to drupal
www/drupal5/usernode users as real nodes on drupal
www/drupal5/views-bonus extra plugins for drupal views
www/drupal5/advanced_user advanced user notification for drupal
www/drupal5/sitedoc document drupal site for other admins
www/drupal5/daterange daterange filter for drupal views
www/drupal5/autolocale automatic locale import for drupal
www/drupal5/auto_nodetitle automatic node titles for drupal
www/drupal5/webform webform
www/drupal5/tinyMCE tinymce for drupal
www/drupal5/cck content construction kit for drupal
www/drupal5/theme-newsflash nice theme for content heavy sites
www/drupal5/core powerful content management system
www/drupal5/locale-fr french translation
www/drupal5/masquerade test site as another user
www/drupal5/taxonomy_manager user-friendly manager for taxonomies
www/drupal5/action-view view as a tool for batch operations
www/drupal5/calendar calendar view
www/drupal5/coder audit drupal code
www/drupal5/jquery_update newer jquery, required by other modules
www/drupal5/backup backup database and files
www/drupal5/content_access drop-down css admin menu for drupal
www/drupal5/devel development tools for drupal
www/drupal5/journal forces admin to document site changes
www/drupal5/find_path helps finding url aliases
www/drupal5/jstools javascript extensions, in particular a calendar
www/drupal5/subform_element define relations between content types
www/drupal5/nodefamily define relations between content types
www/drupal5/nodeprofile recreates profiles as separate nodes
www/drupal5/workflow complex workflow for drupal nodes
www/drupal6/admin-menu drop-down css admin menu for drupal
www/drupal6/auto_nodetitle automatic node titles for drupal
www/drupal6/cck content construction kit for drupal
www/drupal6/views drupal views, smart content lists
www/drupal6/backup_migrate backup mysql database directly from drupal
www/drupal6/advanced_help advanced help system for drupal
www/drupal6/FCKeditor FCKeditor for drupal
www/drupal6/locale-fr french translation
www/drupal6/themesettingsapi extra settings for some themes
www/drupal6/alternate_login alternate logins for drupal
www/drupal6/date date cck and api for drupal
www/drupal6/theme-newsflash nice theme for content heavy sites
www/drupal6/webform webform
www/drupal6/core powerful content management system
www/drupal6/printer-friendly printer-friendly pages in drupal
www/drupal6/securelogin redirect login screen to https
www/drupal6/user_import import CSV users to drupal
www/drupal6/masquerade test site as another user
www/drupal6/advanced_user advanced user notification for drupal
www/drupal6/content_access fine-grained access control
www/drupal6/locale-it italian translation
www/drupal6/locale-ja japanese translation
www/drupal6/token placeholder api for drupal
www/drupal6/pathauto create sensible urls automatically
www/drupal6/meta-tags set up meta keywords for any node
www/drupal6/poormanscron run drupal scheduled tasks from apache
www/drupal6/scheduler publish/unpublish nodes on schedule
www/drupal6/user_readonly forbid users from changing some drupal profile fields
www/drupal6/imageapi image API
www/drupal6/dhtml_menu javascript-enhanced persistant menus for drupal
www/drupal6/imagecache image manipulation and cache
www/drupal6/imagefield image cck field
www/drupal6/imagecache_profiles thumbnail for profile avatars
www/drupal6/filefield file cck field
www/drupal6/panels panels custom layouts
www/drupal6/ctools chaos tool suite
www/drupal6/devel development helps
www/drupal6/nodeaccess_userreference multi-author documents
www/drupal6/publishcontent simplify publisher's life
www/drupal6/globalredirect zap duplicate content through redirects
www/drupal6/compact_forms fancy forms fields
www/drupal6/workflow create and assign arbitrary workflows to node types
www/drupal6/views_bulk_operations node based bulk operations displayed by a view
www/drupal6/schema database introspection
www/drupal6/captcha challenges and captcha
www/drupal6/draft saves work in progress automatically
www/drupal6/phpmailer send mail by smtp/smtp-auth from drupal
www/drupal6/bueditor plain textarea editor to facilitate code writing
www/drupal6/theme-acquia-marina advanced 1/2/3-column theme for drupal
www/drupal6/ldap_integration authenticate against LDAP
www/drupal6/nodetype change the content type of nodes
www/drupal6/locale-de german translation
www/drupal6/contemplate custom teaser and body fields using templates
www/drupal6/CKeditor CKeditor for drupal
www/drupal6/noderelationships two way relationships enhancing node reference fields
www/drupal6/jquery_ui wrapper module around the jQuery UI effects library
www/drupal6/modalframe API to render an iframe within a modal dialog
www/drupal6/rules conditionally executed actions based on occurring events
www/drupal6/link CCK content field to add a URL to content types
www/drupal6/pngfix correctly handle PNG transparency in IE 5.5 & 6
www/drupal6/filefield_sources filefield extension to select new or existing files
www/drupal6/ckeditor-link ckeditor plugin for easy links
www/drupal6/lightbox2 overlay images on the current page using jQuery
www/drupal6/theme-zen flexible, semantically correct XHTML theme for drupal
www/drupal6/diff module to view added/changed/deleted words between revisions
www/drupal6/notify module to allow users to subscribe to periodic emails
www/drupal6/bookmadesimple module to simplify and restrict book node creation
www/drupal6/override_node_options override Authoring information and Publishing options
www/drupal6/linkchecker periodically detect broken hypertext links
www/drupal6/menu_force make the Menu Settings required on specific content types
www/drupal6/relevant_content provides ways of referencing relevant content
www/drupal6/tables module to create tables within nodes using a simple markup
www/drupal6/transliteration provides a central transliteration service to Drupal modules
www/drupal6/search_config decide which fields to display on the advanced search form
www/drupal6/cck_blocks module to present selected CCK fields as block
www/drupal6/view_unpublished role-based access control to view unpublished nodes
www/drupal6/spamspan obfuscates email addresses to protect against spambots
www/drupal6/blocks404 prevents Drupal from not showing blocks on 404 pages
www/drupal6/ubercart e-commerce suite for Drupal
www/drupal6/faq module to create question and answer pairs
www/drupal6/session_api simple set of functions that extend the core sessions
www/drupal6/views_bonus providing features that aren't distributed by Views itself
www/drupal6/password_strength password strength checking and validation routines
www/drupal6/image upload images into Drupal
www/drupal6/genpass generate passwords on account creation
www/drupal6/rolereference cck field that references a role
www/drupal6/user_pic_perm user picture permissions
www/drupal6/core6 powerful content management system
www/drupal7/pathauto create sensible urls automatically
www/drupal7/rules conditionally executed actions based on occurring events
www/drupal7/references user and node references cck
www/drupal7/locale-fr drupal fr translation
www/drupal7/theme-danland classy 3-columns theme
www/drupal7/date date cck and api for drupal
www/drupal7/ctools chaos tool suite
www/drupal7/printer-friendly printer-friendly pages in drupal
www/drupal7/globalredirect zap duplicate content through redirects
www/drupal7/CKeditor CKeditor for drupal
www/drupal7/alternate_login alternate logins for drupal
www/drupal7/backup_migrate backup mysql database directly from drupal
www/drupal7/core powerful content management system
www/drupal7/devel development helps
www/drupal7/entity unified entity api
www/drupal7/genpass generate passwords on account creation
www/drupal7/nodeaccess_userreference multi-author documents
www/drupal7/securelogin redirect login screen to https
www/drupal7/token placeholder api for drupal
www/drupal7/user_readonly forbid users from changing some drupal profile fields
www/drupal7/views drupal views, smart content lists
www/drupal7/auto_nodetitle automatic node titles for drupal
www/drupal7/compact_forms fancy forms fields
www/drupal7/scheduler publish/unpublish nodes on schedule
www/drupal7/webform webform
www/drupal7/abt filter access by term
www/drupal7/theme-newsflash nice theme for content heavy sites
www/drupal7/masquerade test site as another user
www/drupal7/content_access fine-grained access control
www/drupal7/schema database introspection
www/drupal7/google_analytics add the Google Analytics web statistics to your site
www/drupal7/colorbox light-weight, customizable lightbox plugin
www/drupal7/jquery_plugin provide misc. jQuery plugins
www/drupal7/locale-nl drupal nl translation
www/drupal7/slideshow_creator create slideshows anywhere in a node
www/drupal7/ubercart e-commerce suite for Drupal
www/drupal7/theme-adaptivetheme theme framework with support for responsive web design
www/drupal7/theme-atcommerce theme for eCommerce sites with support for Ubercart
www/drupal7/disable_messages disable specific messages shown to end users
www/drupal7/nodesinblock add nodes into a block
www/drupal7/core7 powerful content management system
x11/e17/e the enlightened window manager
x11/e17/ecore core event/X abstraction layer
x11/e17/evas canvas API for X
x11/e17/epeg immensly fast JPEG thumbnailer library
x11/e17/edb database convenience library based on db 2.7.7
x11/e17/eet library to write an arbitary set of chunks of data to a file
x11/e17/edje complex graphical design & layout library
x11/e17/efreet implementations of specifications
x11/e17/embryo C like scripting language used in E17
x11/e17/etk toolkit based on the EFL
x11/e17/e_dbus enlightenment DBus component
x11/e17/eina EFL API for data types
x11/e17/eio async i/o library
x11/e17/elementary basic widget set, based on EFL
x11/e17/emotion video (and audio) codec playback library
x11/e17/ethumb EFL thumbnail generation library
editors/beaver lightweight Gtk text editor with syntax highlighting
editors/glimmer "code editor for GNOME"
editors/hnb hierarchical notebook
editors/kxmleditor XML editor for KDE
editors/nvi-m17n multilingual clone of vi/ex
editors/textedit standard OpenLook text editor for X11
editors/xinha online HTML editor
editors/tea powerful and simple GTK editor
editors/vim-spell Afrikaans spell-check files for Vim
editors/kile-kde4 user-friendly TeX/LaTex editor for KDE
education/edict commandline interface to online dictionaries
emulators/freebsd_lib libraries necessary for FreeBSD compatibility
emulators/generator Sega Genesis emulator
emulators/ines emulates the Nintendo Entertainment System
emulators/mastergear emulates the Sega GameGear and MasterSystem
emulators/spectemu ZX Spectrum 48k emulator
emulators/vgb emulates the Nintendo Gameboy
emulators/wine wine enables you to run windows binaries
emulators/zsnes Super Nintendo emulator for x86
emulators/vba Gameboy Advance emulator
emulators/gns3 graphical network simulator
emulators/kqemu QEMU accelerator module
emulators/sdlmess emulates game consoles and old home computers
emulators/qemu-old multi system emulator
emulators/pcsxr Playstation 1 emulator
emulators/yabause Sega Saturn emulator
emulators/advancemess MESS port with advanced video support for monitors and TVs
mail/enigmail/thunderbird GnuPG extension for Thunderbird
mail/enigmail/seamonkey GnuPG extension for Seamonkey
sysutils/erchef/erl-chef_authn authentication layer for Erlang Chef
sysutils/erchef/erl-chef_db database application layer for the Chef server
sysutils/erchef/erl-chef_wm chef_wm the webmachine layer for the Chef server
sysutils/erchef/erl-chef_certgen certificate generator for Erlang Chef
sysutils/erchef/erl-chef_index search and indexing layer for the Chef server
sysutils/erchef/erl-chef_objects object types and helpers for Erlang Chef
lang/erlang/16 real-time, concurrent and distributed functional language
lang/erlang/17 real-time, concurrent and distributed functional language
lang/erlang/18 real-time, concurrent and distributed functional language
lang/erlang/19 real-time, concurrent and distributed functional language
emulators/fedora/base Linux compatibility package based on Fedora Core 10
emulators/fedora/motif Motif toolkit Linux libraries
emulators/fedora/cups Linux CUPS package based on Fedora Core 10
emulators/fedora/sdl Linux SDL package based on Fedora Core 4
emulators/fedora/gtk+2 Linux gtk+2 package based on Fedora Core 10
lang/feldspar/compiler prototype compiler for the Feldspar DSL
lang/feldspar/language language front-end and interpreter for the Feldspar DSL
audio/festival/core general multi-lingual speech synthesis system
audio/festival/festlex/festlex_CMU CMU dictionary in festival form
audio/festival/festlex/festlex_OALD oxford advanced learners' dictiction of current english
audio/festival/festlex/festlex_POSLEX part of speech lexicons and ngram from English
audio/festival/festvox/festvox_don British English RP male speaker (DON)
audio/festival/festvox/festvox_ellpc11k Castilian Spanish male speaker (EL)
audio/festival/festvox/festvox_kallpc16k American English male speaker (KAL) at 16KHz sampling
audio/festival/festvox/festvox_kedlpc16k American English male speaker (KED) at 16KHz sampling
audio/festival/festvox/festvox_rablpc16k British English RP male speaker (RAB) at 16KHz sampling
sysutils/firmware/ueagle firmware binary images for ueagle(4) driver
fonts/ja-mplus-ttf high quality Japanese truetype fonts
fonts/zh-bg5pdf convert Big5 encoded files to PDF
fonts/acrofonts asian font pack for acroread
fonts/mftrace Scalable PostScript fonts for MetaFont
fonts/droid-fonts nice looking fonts as found on the android devices
fonts/zh-bg5ps convert Big5/GB encoded files to postscript
fonts/adobe-source-sans-pro set of OpenType fonts designed for user interfaces
fonts/adobe-source-code-pro monospaced OpenType fonts designed for coding environments
fonts/cosmic-sans-neue-mono programming font designed with functionality in mind
games/adom Ancient Domains of Mystery - roguelike
games/agm anagram search utility
games/bombermaze Bomberman clone for GNOME
games/castle-combat Rampart arcade game clone for X11
games/connect4 curses version of the classic game
games/gnocatan Settlers of Catan for GNOME/Gtk
games/gtkpool simple gtk+ pool simulation game
games/kbilliards billiard game
games/kslide puzzle game for KDE
games/sarien interpreter for old Sierra AGI games
games/spacehulk total conversion of the Space Hulk board game
games/taxipilot silly little game based on Spacetaxi for the C64
games/wmminichess wm-dockapp; chess game
games/xbat XEVIOUS-like shooting game
games/xboing blockout style game for X11
games/xchomp Pac-man-like game under X11
games/xdeblock block action game
games/xevil side-view, fast-action, kill everything type of game
games/xripple screen bottom ripples like a pool of water
games/xsol solitaire
games/xzip z-code interpreter for X11 (Infocom game format)
games/qgo go client and fully featured sgf editor
games/childsplay-plugins additional games modules for childsplay
games/sudoku-solver sudoku puzzle solver with cli, gui, and web ui
games/ivan graphical roguelike game
games/quake2 first person shooter
games/wormux free software clone of Worms(R) game concept
games/londonlaw online multiplayer version of the Scotland Yard game
games/xscorch Scorched Earth-clone
games/monadius Gradius clone
games/frogatto 2D adventure platformer game
games/instead-launcher package manager for Instead game engine
lang/gcc/3.3 GNU compiler collection: core C compiler
lang/gcc/3.4 'GNU compiler collection': core C compiler
lang/gcc/4.0 'GNU compiler collection': core C compiler
lang/gcc/4.1 'GNU compiler collection': core C compiler
lang/gcc/4.2 GNU compiler collection: core C compiler
lang/gcc/4.3 GNU compiler collection: core C compiler
lang/gcc/4.7 GNU compiler collection: core C compiler
lang/gcc/4.6 GNU compiler collection: core C compiler
lang/gcc/4.8 GNU compiler collection: core C compiler
lang/gcc/4.9 GNU compiler collection: core C compiler
lang/gcc/6 GNU compiler collection: core C compiler
geo/jeoip Java interface to (legacy, no-longer-updated) GeoIP database
geo/qlandkarte garmin gps map management tool
geo/osm2go Openstreetmap editor for handheld devices
geo/emerillon map viewer using Openstreetmap data
geo/tangogps lightweight mapping application for use with or without GPS
geo/qlandkartegt garmin GPS map management tool
geo/memphis map-rendering engine for OpenStreetMap
games/ggz/ggz-client-libs GGZ Gaming Zone - core client libraries
games/ggz/ggz-gnome-client GGZ Gaming Zone - GNOME client
games/ggz/libggz GGZ Gaming Zone - base library
print/ghostscript/afpl "AFPL PostScript interpreter"
x11/gnome/controlcenter GNOME control center
x11/gnome/controlcenter2 GNOME control center
x11/gnome/eel Eazel Extensions Library
x11/gnome/gail GNOME Accessibility Implementation Library
x11/gnome/ggv GNOME frontend for GhostScript
x11/gnome/libgnomeprint printing framework for GNOME
x11/gnome/libgnomeprintui user interface components for libgnomeprint
x11/gnome/libgtkhtml lightweight HTML rendering/printing/editing engine
x11/gnome/libs libraries for the GNOME project
x11/gnome/metacity lightweight window manager
x11/gnome/oaf Object Activation Framework for GNOME
x11/gnome/panel GNOME panel
x11/gnome/print "printing framework for GNOME"
x11/gnome/themes themes collection for GNOME
x11/gnome/users-guide general GNOME User Documentation
x11/gnome/utils GNOME utility programs
x11/gnome/vfs "GNOME Virtual File System"
x11/gnome/doc-utils collection of documentation utilities for the GNOME project
x11/gnome/libgnomecanvasmm C++ interface to the graphics library for GNOME
x11/gnome/vfsmm C++ interface to gnome-vfs
x11/gnome/libgnomecups GNOME library for CUPS interaction
x11/gnome/audio audio files for GNOME
x11/gnome/themes-extras themes collection for GNOME
x11/gnome/gcalctool GTK desktop calculator
x11/gnome/gossip Jabber client for the GNOME desktop
x11/gnome/py-gnome GNOME Python bindings
x11/gnome/media GNOME media utilities
x11/gnome/libgnomeuimm C++ interface for libgnomeui
x11/gnome/libgnomemm C++ interface for libgnome
x11/gnome/planner project management application
x11/gnome/alacarte fd.o menu editor for GNOME
x11/gnome/at-spi GNOME accessibility interface
x11/gnome/libgail-gnome implementation of the ATK interface for GNOME widgets
x11/gnome/dasher graphical predictive text input system
x11/gnome/empathy Telepathy based messenger for GNOME
x11/gnome/build GNOME Build Framework (GBF)
x11/gnome/common common automake macros for GNOME
x11/gnome/pessulus lockdown editor for GNOME
x11/gnome/gok GNOME on-screen keyboard
x11/gnome/gnopernicus screen reader and magnifier for GNOME desktop
x11/gnome/mag screen magnifier for the GNOME desktop
x11/gnome/speech GNOME speech module
x11/gnome/baker CD/DVD authoring application for GNOME
x11/gnome/ssh-askpass simple GNOME SSH passphrase grabber
x11/gnome/keyring-manager keyring management program for the GNOME desktop
x11/gnome/vinagre remote desktop viewer for GNOME
x11/gnome/keyring-query provide limited command-line access to the GNOME keyring
x11/gnome/py-gnome-desktop Python bindings for the GNOME desktop
x11/gnome/py-gnome-extras additional Python bindings for GNOME
x11/gnome/deskbar-applet universal search and navigation for GNOME
x11/gnome/ekiga SIP and H.323 compatible conferencing application
x11/gnome/cheese PhotoBooth inspired application
x11/gnome/tomboy desktop note-taking application written in C#
x11/gnome/f-spot personal photo management application for GNOME
x11/gnome/games collection of games for the GNOME desktop
x11/gnome/hamster-applet time tracker applet for GNOME
x11/gnome/screensaver screen saver and locker for GNOME
x11/gnome/libgnomedb database widget library with data bound widgets
x11/gnome/conduit synchronization application for GNOME
x11/gnome/py-nautilus nautilus Python bindings
x11/gnome/mousetweaks mouse accessibility enhancements for GNOME
x11/gnome/bug-buddy graphical bug reporting tool for GNOME
x11/gnome/games-extra-data extra themes and artwork for GNOME games
x11/gnome/mergeant database administration GUI
x11/gnome/gyrus Cyrus imapd administration GUI
x11/gnome/nautilus-sendto applications integration into Nautilus
x11/gnome/genius advanced general purpose calculator
x11/gnome/video-arcade MAME front-end for GNOME
x11/gnome/nautilus-open-terminal open terminal from a nautilus folder
x11/gnome/libgdamm C++ interface to libgda
x11/gnome/policykit-gnome PolicyKit integration for GNOME
x11/gnome/krb5-auth-dialog monitor kerberos tickets
x11/gnome/seahorse-plugins plugins and utilities for seahorse
x11/gnome/mono-gnome-desktop .NET language bindings for the GNOME desktop
x11/gnome/development-monitor follow GNOME development activity
x11/gnome/anjuta versatile IDE for GNOME
x11/gnome/nettool GNOME interface for various networking tools
x11/gnome/icon-theme-extras extra icons for GNOME
x11/gnome/anjuta-extras extra plugins for Anjuta IDE
x11/gnome/mono-keyring .NET language bindings for GNOME keyring
x11/gnome/byzanz simple desktop recording tool
x11/gnome/polkit-gnome PolicyKit integration for GNOME/GTK+2
x11/gnome/system-tools sytem configuration GUI for desktops
x11/gnome/libslab interface components library
x11/gnome/main-menu alternative applications/documents menu for GNOME
x11/gnome/gnote desktop note-taking application written in C++
x11/gnome/js-common shared JavaScript files for GNOME
x11/gnome/seed GObject JavaScriptCore bridge
x11/gnome/themes-standard standard GNOME themes
x11/gnome/tweak-tool tweak hidden GTK/GNOME settings
x11/gnome3/x11/gnome/desktop components for the GNOME desktop
x11/gnome3/x11/gnome/icon-theme-symbolic base icon theme extension for special UI contexts
x11/gnome3/x11/gnome/icon-theme-extras extra icons for GNOME
x11/gnome3/x11/gnome/icon-theme base icon theme for GNOME
x11/gnome3/x11/gnome/panel GNOME panel
x11/gnome3/x11/gnome/session GNOME session
x11/gnome3/x11/gnome/nautilus GNOME file manager
x11/gnome3/x11/gnome/metacity lightweight window manager
x11/gnome3/x11/gnome/controlcenter GNOME control center
x11/gnome/moserial serial terminal for GNOME
x11/gnome/libgnome-media-profiles media profiles management library
x11/gnome/gitg git repository viewer for gtk+/GNOME
x11/gnome/gdl1 GNOME 2 Docking Library
x11/gnome/rygel home media solution that allows easy media sharing
x11/gnome/gedit-latex LaTeX plugin for Gedit
x11/gnome/glom GNOME database designer and user interface
x11/gnome/color-manager color profile manager for GNOME
x11/gnome/grilo-mediaserver2 expose media content over D-Bus for Rygel to consume
x11/gnome/search-tool GNOME tool to search files
x11/gnome/system-log system log viewer for GNOME
x11/gnome/video-effects collection of GStreamer video effects
x11/gnome/latexila integrated LaTeX environment for GNOME
x11/gnome/gdlmm C++ binding for gdl
x11/gnome/banshee music management and playback application for GNOME
x11/gnome/gedit-cossa themes design plugin for Gedit
x11/gnome/gedit-code-assistance code assistance for Gedit
x11/gnome/nemiver C/C++ debugger for GNOME
x11/gnome/getting-started-docs getting started with GNOM
x11/gnome/user-share personal file-sharing service for GNOME
x11/gnome/code-assistance code assistance services for GNOME
x11/gnome/polari IRC Client for GNOME
x11/gnome/ocrfeeder OCR and DAR program
x11/gnome/california GNOME 3 calendar
x11/gnome/pinpoint simple presentation tool
x11/gnome/recipes recipe manager for GNOME
x11/gnome/gtef GTK+ Text Editor Framework
x11/gnome3/devhelp API documentation browser for GNOME
x11/gnome3/icon-theme-extras extra icon theme for GNOME
x11/gnome3/yelp GNOME help browser
x11/gnome3/icon-theme base icon theme for GNOME
x11/gnome3/zenity dialogs for GNOME
x11/gnome3/icon-theme-symbolic base icon theme extension for special UI contexts
x11/gnome3/desktop components for the GNOME desktop
x11/gnome3/notification-daemon send small notifications to your desktop
x11/gnome3/epiphany-extensions collection of extensions for Epiphany
x11/gnome3/user-docs general GNOME User Documentation
x11/gnome3/epiphany GNOME web browser based on webkit
x11/gnome3/terminal GNOME terminal
x11/gnome3/settings-daemon GNOME settings daemon
x11/gnome3/libgnome-keyring library for gnome keyring integration
x11/gnome3/libgnomekbd keyboard configuration library
x11/gnome3/menus implementation of the FreeDesktop Desktop Menu Spec
x11/gnome3/keyring password agent for the GNOME project
x11/gnome3/libgweather weather information access library
x11/gnome3/gedit-plugins plugins for Gedit
x11/gnome3/gedit lightweight GNOME text editor
x11/gnome3/backgrounds wallpapers for GNOME
x11/gnome3/video-arcade MAME front-end for GNOME
x11/gnustep/libobjc1 traditional GNUstep objective-c runtime
graphics/Guppi "GNOME-based plot program with statistics capabilities"
graphics/camlimages image manipulation functions for Objective Caml
graphics/compface programs and library for the 'X-face' mail and news header
graphics/cqcam color QuickCam control program
graphics/digikam-doc documentation for digikam
graphics/digikam-image-plugins "plugins for digikam"
graphics/digikam-image-plugins-doc "documentation for digikam"
graphics/enjoympeg mpeg-1 video player
graphics/flash open source standalone flash(tm) player
graphics/fnlib color font rendering library for X
graphics/fxtv capture utility for Brooktree-based cards
graphics/gdk-pixbuf GdkPixbuf graphics library
graphics/ggi Generic Graphics Library
graphics/gii General Input Library (used by libggi)
graphics/glitz OpenGL image compositing library
graphics/glut OpenGL Utility Toolkit
graphics/gphoto universal digital camera picture control tool
graphics/gqview Gtk-based graphic file viewer
graphics/gtksee image viewer similar to ACDSee for Windows
graphics/gwenview image viewer for KDE
graphics/imlib image manipulation library for X11
graphics/kimdaba kde image database
graphics/libdivxdecore opendivx decoding API
graphics/libkexif kde interface to exif
graphics/libungif tools and library routines for working with GIF images
graphics/mpeg_play play mpeg movies on X11
graphics/mplex Multiplexes MPEG component streams into system layers
graphics/p5-PerlMagick object-oriented Perl interface to ImageMagick
graphics/pngmeta tool for extracting metadata from PNG files
graphics/pornview image viewer/manager
graphics/py-Imaging Python imaging library
graphics/py-gd Python wrapper for the GD library
graphics/ruby-gdk-imlib Ruby binding to Gdk-imlib
graphics/ruby-gdk-pixbuf Ruby binding to Gdk-pixbuf
graphics/sane-frontends API for accessing scanners, frontends
graphics/smpeg-xmms MPEG and VCD video playback in XMMS
graphics/sng PNG to ASCII compiler and decompiler
graphics/sodipodi SVG vector drawing application
graphics/swfdec flash rendering library
graphics/synaesthesia visual sound representation
graphics/win32-codecs huge compilation of Win32 binary codecs
graphics/wmgrabimage wm-dockapp; WWW image monitor
graphics/wmphoto wm-dockapp; shows photos and execute commands on that photo
graphics/xmedcon medical image conversion
graphics/xmms-kj XMMS visualization plugin, to display Kjofol skins
graphics/gwenview-i18n image viewer for KDE, translations
graphics/aqsis photorealistic 3D rendering solution
graphics/k3dsurf visualize and manipulate mathematical models
graphics/openjpeg open-source JPEG 2000 codec library
graphics/libkexiv2 kde wrapper around exiv2
graphics/molden ab initio MOLecular DENsity display program
graphics/ruby-gd2 ruby interface to the gd2 graphics library
graphics/ilmbase ILM base libraries
graphics/py-goocanvas Python bindings for goocanvas
graphics/goocanvas canvas widget for GTK+ based on Cairo
graphics/py-graphics multimedia framework for Python
graphics/ruby-mini_magick wrapper for ImageMagick command line tools
graphics/amide Amide a Medical Imaging Data Examiner
graphics/discwrapper disc cover designer
graphics/pigment 3D scene graph library for rich UI
graphics/py-pigment python bindings for pigment
graphics/openexr-viewers viewers for OpenEXR
graphics/openexr-ctl OpenEXR bindings for CTL
graphics/hs-OpenGL Haskell binding for the OpenGL graphics system
graphics/hs-GLUT Haskell binding for the OpenGL Utility Toolkit
graphics/hs-cairo Haskell bindings to cairo
graphics/pdfmod simple application for modifying PDF documents
graphics/mirage fast and simple GTK+ image viewer
graphics/goocanvas2 canvas widget for GTK+ based on Cairo
graphics/goocanvasmm2 C++ wrappers for GooCanvas
graphics/colord device color profile management daemon
graphics/shared-color-targets color targets from vendors for color calibration
graphics/argyll ICC compatible color management system
graphics/p5-Image-Scale low-overhead image rescaling module for Perl
graphics/py3-cairo cairo bindings for Python
graphics/node-canvas Cairo-backed Canvas implementation for Node.js
graphics/colord-gtk GTK+ support library for colord
graphics/ocaml-camlimages image manipulation functions for Objective Caml
graphics/lasem MathML and SVG rendering library
graphics/prison Qt-based barcode abstraction library
graphics/qimageblitz KDE image effects
graphics/hs-OpenGLRaw raw Haskell binding for OpenGL
graphics/hs-GLURaw raw Haskell binding for the OpenGL utility library
graphics/p5-Goo-Canvas Perl interface to the GooCanvas
graphics/libepoxy OpenGL dispatch library
graphics/gegl03 graph based image processing framework (API version 0.3)
graphics/ebook-viewer ePub files viewer
graphics/hs-colour model for human colour/color perception
graphics/hs-graphviz graphviz bindings
graphics/opencv2 library for computer vision real-time processin
multimedia/gstreamer-0.10/core framework for streaming media
multimedia/gstreamer-0.10/plugins-base base elements for GStreamer
multimedia/gstreamer-0.10/py-gstreamer Python bindings for GStreamer
multimedia/gstreamer-0.10/plugins-ffmpeg ffmpeg element for GStreamer
multimedia/gstreamer-0.10/plugins-farsight farsight element for GStreamer
multimedia/gstreamer-0.10/mm C++ bindings for GStreamer
multimedia/gstreamer-0.10/plugins-gl OpenGL elements for GStreamer
net/gupnp/vala Vala bindings to GUPnP framework
net/gupnp/ui collection of GTK+ widgets on top of GUPnp
www/horde/nag multiuser task list manager, for Horde
www/horde/turba contact management module, for Horde
www/horde/horde modular framework for web-based applications
www/horde/imp highly configurable pop3/imap4 webmail client
www/horde/kronolith web based calendar application, for Horde
www/horde/mnemo memo application, for Horde
www/horde/ingo mail filter rules for IMP
www/horde/mimp lightweight front-end for mobile IMP users
www/horde/dimp dynamic front-end for IMP webmail
www/horde/chora web-based CVS viewer module for Horde
net/icinga/web API-based web UI for obsolete version of Icinga
net/icinga/icinga2-migration config migration script for icinga 1->2
graphics/icoutils/icoutils extractor and converter for .ico and .cur files
inputmethods/scim-qtimm scim plugin for qt
www/jakarta-tomcat/v3 "Java servlet 2.2 and Java server pages 1.1 server"
www/jakarta-tomcat/v4 "Java servlet 2.3 and Java server pages 1.2 server"
www/jakarta-tomcat/v5 "Java servlet 2.4 and Java server pages 2.0 server"
japanese/funetfonts extra japanese fonts, marumoji
japanese/groff japanese groff
japanese/intlfonts extra japanese fonts
japanese/jvim Japanized Vim
japanese/mplus-ttf high quality japanese truetype fonts
japanese/sazanami-ttf japanese true type fonts
japanese/kanjistrokeorders-ttf font to view stroke order diagrams for Kanji, Kana and etc
java/junit regression testing utility for use with the Java language
java/java-getopt Java port of GNU getopt family functions
java/asm Java bytecode manipulation framework
devel/jdk/1.3-linux Java Development Kit for Java 2 Standard Edition 1.3
x11/kde/accessibility3 X11 toolkit, accessibility aids
x11/kde/addons3 K Desktop Environment, addons
x11/kde/admin3 K Desktop Environment, admin tools
x11/kde/arts3 K Desktop Environment, aRTs
x11/kde/bindings3 K Desktop Environment bindings for scripting languages
x11/kde/edu3 K Desktop Environment, edutainment
x11/kde/games3 K Desktop Environment, games
x11/kde/i18n3 fr translations for KDE
x11/kde/kdoc3 embedded documentation in C++
x11/kde/libs3-doc X11 toolkit, libraries documentation
x11/kde/multimedia3 K Desktop Environment, multimedia applications
x11/kde/office-i18n3 fr translations for KDE
x11/kde/office3 office suite for KDE
x11/kde/okle kde front end for ogle
x11/kde/pim3 KDE personal information applications
x11/kde/toys3 some useless KDE applications
x11/kde/utils3 K Desktop Environment, utilities
x11/kde/webdev web development tool
x11/kde-applications/libkface face detection library for KDE
x11/kde-applications/libkgeomap library for mapping photos on maps for KDE
x11/kde-applications/gpgmepp C++ bindings/wrapper for gpgme
x11/kde-applications/kcalcore The KDE calendar access library
x11/kde-applications/kcontacts KDE contacts access library
x11/kde-applications/kdepim-apps-libs KDE PIM mail related libraries
x11/kde-applications/kdav KDE PIM DAV protocol support library
x11/kde4/graphics K Desktop Environment, graphics
x11/kde4/webdev web development tools for KDE
x11/kde4/games K Desktop Environment, games
x11/kde4/utils K Desktop Environment, utils
x11/kde4/toys small and funny applications for KDE
x11/kde4/edu K Desktop Environment, edu
x11/kde4/base K Desktop Environment, base
x11/kde4/network KDE network applications collection
x11/kde4/pimlibs libraries for KDE PIM services
x11/kde4/admin KDE local system administration tools
x11/kde4/velop K Desktop Environment, development
x11/kde4/pim KDE personal information management
x11/kde4/accessibility K Desktop Environment, accessibility
x11/kde4/qimageblitz image effects for kde
x11/kde4/base-workspace K Desktop Environment, base workspace
x11/kde4/base-runtime K Desktop Environment, base runtime
x11/kde4/sdk KDE software development kit
x11/kde4/extragear-plasma K Desktop Environment, extra plasmoids
x11/kde4/multimedia K Desktop Environment, multimedia
x11/kde4/attica collaboration services library
x11/kde4/oxygen-icons KDE 4 default icon theme
x11/kde4/automoc kde frontend to moc
x11/kde4/akonadi kde pim access libraries
x11/kde4/ksquares Dots-and-Boxes-like game for KDE
x11/kde4/knavalbattle ship sinking game for KDE
x11/kde4/kdf KDE storage device statistics
x11/kde4/graphics-strigi-analyzer KDE strigi analyzer for graphics files
x11/kde4/kanagram letter order game for KDE
x11/kde4/kapman Pac-Man clone for KDE
x11/kde4/kalgebra scientific calculator for KDE
x11/kde4/kajongg Mah Jongg four players board game for KDE
x11/kde4/ksnapshot screen capture program for KDE
x11/kde4/kgpg KDE interface to GnuPG
x11/kde4/kolourpaint KDE raster image editor
x11/kde4/kgamma KDE screen gamma management
x11/kde4/blinken KDE game Simon Says
x11/kde4/kscd audio CD player for KDE
x11/kde4/kollision simple ball dodging game for KDE
x11/kde4/ksaneplugin scanner interface through libksane for KDE
x11/kde4/ffmpegthumbs KDE FFmpeg-based thumbnail generator for video files
x11/kde4/filelight KDE graphical equivalent of du
x11/kde4/kmousetool KDE mouse clicker for accessibility users
x11/kde4/kaccessible KDE screenreader and focus tracking
x11/kde4/audiocd-kio KDE KIOslave for accessing audio CDs
x11/kde4/kimono KDE bindings for .NET
x11/kde4/kreversi Go-like board game for KDE
x11/kde4/kbounce arcade plus puzzle game for KDE
x11/kde4/baseapps KDE base applications
x11/kde4/graphics-mobipocket KDE mobipocket plugins for Strigi, Okular and thumbnails
x11/kde4/kigo Go implementation for KDE
x11/kde4/kiten Japanese reference tool for KDE
x11/kde4/kfloppy graphical floppy format utility for KDE
x11/kde4/kbreakout Breakout-like game for KDE
x11/kde4/graphics-thumbnailers KDE thumbnail creation plugins
x11/kde4/kate KDE advanced text editor
x11/kde4/kremotecontrol KDE frontend for remote controls
x11/kde4/ark KDE file archiver
x11/kde4/analitza KDE math features
x11/kde4/bomber bomber 2D arcade game for KDE
x11/kde4/cantor KDE mathematical applications
x11/kde4/dragon simple video player for KDE
x11/kde4/granatier bomberman clone game for KDE
x11/kde4/juk music collection manager and player for KDE
x11/kde4/kalzium periodic system of elements for KDE
x11/kde4/kamera KDE digital camera support
x11/kde4/katomic molecular geometry educational game for KDE
x11/kde4/kcharselect KDE character select and clipboard copy
x11/kde4/kgeography geography learning tool for KDE
x11/kde4/khangman KDE hangman game
x11/kde4/kig KDE geometric constructions explorer
x11/kde4/kiriki dice rolling game for KDE
x11/kde4/klettres alphabet learning application for KDE
x11/kde4/kmahjongg Mah Jongg solitare board game for KDE
x11/kde4/kmines minesweeper game for KDE
x11/kde4/kmix KDE audio mixer
x11/kde4/knetwalk rotating pieces game for KDE
x11/kde4/konquest galactic strategy game for KDE
x11/kde4/konsole KDE terminal emulator
x11/kde4/kpat solitare games collection for KDE
x11/kde4/kruler screen ruler for KDE
x11/kde4/ksirk strategy game for KDE
x11/kde4/ksnakeduel two-players games based on Snake and Tron for KDE
x11/kde4/kspaceduel 2D space arcade game for KDE
x11/kde4/kactivities KDE Activity rooms management
x11/kde4/gwenview KDE image viewer
x11/kde4/kbruch KDE calculating fractions practicing app
x11/kde4/kolf mini-golf simulator game for KDE
x11/kde4/base-artwork KDE KSplash theme
x11/kde4/kblackbox hide and seek game for KDE
x11/kde4/killbots kill-all-robots game for KDE
x11/kde4/jovie KDE text to speech application
x11/kde4/kmplot mathematical function plotter for KDE
x11/kde4/kdiamond swap-and-remove puzzle game for KDE
x11/kde4/kgoldrunner GoldRunner clone for KDE
x11/kde4/korundum KDE bindings for Ruby
x11/kde4/kstars planetarium simulator for KDE
x11/kde4/kjumpingcube simple tactical game for KDE
x11/kde4/klickety clickomania-like game for KDE
x11/kde4/kmag KDE screen magnifier
x11/kde4/kblocks Tetris-like game for KDE
x11/kde4/bovo Gomoku-like game for two players for KDE
x11/kde4/kshisen solitare board KDE game based on Mah Jongg ideas
x11/kde4/klines Color Lines remake, tactical game for KDE
x11/kde4/kmouth speech tool for mute persons for KDE
x11/kde4/kfourinline Connect-Four-like game for KDE
x11/kde4/libkmahjongg common library for Mah Jongg-based KDE games
x11/kde4/libkcddb KDE CDDB library
x11/kde4/okular KDE document viewer
x11/kde4/nepomuk-core KDE Nepomuk core libraries
x11/kde4/libkdegames common library for KDE-based games
x11/kde4/ktimer graphical timer based task execution for KDE
x11/kde4/kwordquiz general purpose flash card program for KDE
x11/kde4/ktouch touch typing learning tool for KDE
x11/kde4/ktuberling potato guy kid game for KDE
x11/kde4/wallpapers KDE collection of wallpapers
x11/kde4/libkcompactdisc KDE compact discs interface library
x11/kde4/superkaramba interactive desktop widgets for KDE
x11/kde4/smokekde introspective wrappers around KDE
x11/kde4/plasma-addons extra KDE plasmoids
x11/kde4/workspace KDE workspace
x11/kde4/ksudoku sudoku game for KDE
x11/kde4/libkdeedu KDE libraries for education apps
x11/kde4/libksane KDE SANE (scanner) wrapper library
x11/kde4/mplayerthumbs KDE MPlayer-based thumbnail generator for video files
x11/kde4/pairs memory and pairs game for KDE
x11/kde4/parley vocabulary trainer for KDE
x11/kde4/pim-runtime KDE PIM runtime support
x11/kde4/print-manager printing management for KDE
x11/kde4/py-kde KDE 4 bindings for Python
x11/kde4/qyoto Qt4 bindings for .NET/Mono
x11/kde4/rocs graph theory IDE for KDE
x11/kde4/smokegen programming language wrapper generator
x11/kde4/smokeqt introspective wrappers around Qt
x11/kde4/nepomuk-widgets Nepomuk-based KDE Plasma widgets
x11/kde4/kubrick Rubik's cube simulator for KDE
x11/kde4/kwallet KDE password management
x11/kde4/p5-kde KDE bindings for Perl
x11/kde4/p5-qt Qt4 bindings for Perl
x11/kde4/libkexiv2 KDE exiv2 wrapper
x11/kde4/marble world maps
x11/kde4/sweeper KDE tool for sweeping unwanted traces from system
x11/kde4/kturtle KDE educational Logo programming environment
x11/kde4/step KDE interactive physics simulator
x11/kde4/lskat card game for KDE
x11/kde4/palapeli jigsaw puzzle game for KDE
x11/kde4/svgpart KDE KPart for viewing SVG
x11/kde4/picmi single player puzzle game for KDE
x11/kde4/ruby-qt Ruby bindings for Qt4
x11/kde4/kcolorchooser simple application to select color for KDE
x11/kde4/kcalc KDE versatile math calculator
x11/kde4/sdk-strigi-analyzers Strigi analyzers for development files
x11/kde4/okteta hex file editor for KDE
x11/kde4/network-filesharing KDE network file sharing components
x11/kde4/kget download manager for KDE
x11/kde4/sdk-thumbnailers KDE thumbnail generators for development files
x11/kde4/kdnssd KDE monitoring of Zeroconf services
x11/kde4/sdk-kioslaves development-related KIO modules
x11/kde4/kuser user management application for KDE
x11/kde4/dev-utils KDE development helper utilities
x11/kde4/dolphin-plugins VCS plugins for KDE Dolphin file manager
x11/kde4/lokalize KDE app localization tools
x11/kde4/cervisia CVS GUI for KDE
x11/kde4/dev-scripts KDE development helper scripts
x11/kde4/kapptemplate app template generator for KDE development
x11/kde4/kppp dialer and pppd front-end for KDE
x11/kde4/krdc KDE remote desktop client
x11/kde4/krfb desktop sharing
x11/kde4/ksystemlog system log files viewer for KDE
x11/kde4/kteatime simple timer tray app for KDE
x11/kde4/network-strigi-analyzers Strigi analyzers of network-related streams for KDE
x11/kde4/poxml convert PO files to XML
x11/kde4/kcachegrind KDE GUI for profilers
x11/kde4/ktux KDE screensaver of outer space with Tux
x11/kde4/amor fun desktop animation
x11/kde4/kcron KDE-based GUI for cron task scheduler
x11/kde4/kompare file compare utility for KDE
x11/kde4/umbrello UML editor for KDE
x11/kde4/kqtquickcharts QtQuick plugin to render interactive charts
x11/kde4/kfilemetadata file metadata extraction library for KDE
x11/kde4/libkomparediff2 patch tools library for KDE
x11/kde4/artikulate language pronunciation improver
x11/kde4/kwalletmanager KDE password management
x11/kde4/zeroconf-ioslave KDE monitoring of Zeroconf services
x11/kde4/baloo KDE file search and metadata handling framework
x11/kde4/baloo-widgets Baloo-based KDE Plasma widgets
korean/baekmuk-fonts extra Korean fonts
korean/hanterm-fonts extra Korean fonts
korean/baekmuk-ttf Baekmuk Korean truetype fonts
lang/Gofer lazy functional language
lang/arena lightweight scripting language with C-like syntax
lang/classpath essential libraries for Java
lang/ezm3 Modula-3 distribution for building CVSup
lang/hugs Haskell 98 interpreter
lang/jamvm free, standards-compliant jvm with a small footprint
lang/js "command line JavaScript interpreter"
lang/klone small, Lisp-like interpreted language
lang/nhc98 portable Haskell compiler
lang/ocamlduce XML extension types for Objective Caml
lang/open-cobol open source COBOL compiler
lang/pm3 Polytechnique Montreal Modula-3
lang/smlnj New Jersey Standard ML
lang/tendra TenDRA: advanced BSD-licensed C compiler
lang/spidermonkey Mozilla C implementation of JavaScript
lang/petite-chez high-speed threaded Scheme interpreter
lang/antlr2 parser generator for Java, C
lang/llvm-gcc4 gcc4 front-end for LLVM
lang/mono-basic Visual Basic .NET support for Mono
lang/hs-haskell-src manipulating Haskell source code
lang/pugs Perl 6 Implementation
lang/hs-HsParrot Haskell integration with Parrot virtual machine
lang/hs-haskell-src-exts abstract syntax, lexer, parser and pretty printer
lang/rubinius Ruby virtual machine and core library
lang/oo2c optimizing Oberon-2 to C compiler
lang/onyx powerful stack-based, multi-threaded language
lang/g77 GNU fortran 77 compiler
lang/g77-old GNU fortran 77 compiler
lang/clojure-contrib contributed libraries for the Clojure programming language
lang/boo Python-like language for the .NET/Mono platform
lang/coffeescript little language that compiles to JavasSript
lang/railo open-source CFML engine
lang/pcc portable C compiler
lang/hs-syntactic abstract syntax and utilities for embedded languages
lang/io embeddable prototype-based language
lang/fpc open source compiler for Pascal/Object Pascal
lang/node-typescript typed superset of JavaScript
lang/racket multi-paradigm programming language
lang/node-java bridge API connect to Java for Node.js
lang/nimrod statically typed, imperative programming language
lang/mlite lightweight inhabitant of the ML family of languages
net/ldns/drill DNS debugger
net/ldns/utils LDNS utilities
net/ldns/libldns DNS library modelled after Net::DNS
geo/libchamplain/core library to provide a GTK+ widget to display maps
geo/libchamplain/libchamplain-gtk Gtk+-widget wraper around libchamplain's ClutterActor
net/libnetdude/libnetdude packet manipulation backend of Netdude framework
sysutils/logstash/forwarder collect logs locally in preparation for processing elsewhere
sysutils/logstash/logstash tool for managing events and logs
x11/lumina/i18n Lumina DE localization files
x11/lumina/lumina Lumina Desktop Environment
mail/akpop3d small and secure POP3 daemon
mail/avenger anti-spam SMTP server
mail/c-client University of Washington's c-client mail access routines
mail/drac dynamic relay authorization control daemon
mail/faces visual mail, user and print face server
mail/imp highly configurable pop3/imap4 webmail client
mail/ingo mail filter rules for imp
mail/kbiff new mail notification utility for KDE
mail/kpoppassd pop password changing daemon using KerberosV
mail/mail-notification mail notification for system trays
mail/mailcrypt emacs interface to PGP and GnuPG
mail/mixmaster client for anonymous remailing
mail/nail enhanced, MIME capable Berkeley Mail
mail/openwebmail highly configurable webmail client
mail/p5-Email-MIME-Modifier easily modify MIME objects
mail/pgpsendmail PGP sign/encrypt/decrypt messages automatically
mail/poppassd server: allow users to change password from within Eudora
mail/prepop simple interactive POP3 client
mail/ruby-actionmailer easy email delivery and testing for ruby
mail/sylpheed-claws "lightweight GTK+ based mail/news client"
mail/tkrat mail user agent for X in C with a Tcl/Tk frontend
mail/wmbiff multiple mailbox checker dockapp
mail/wmmail wm-dockapp; mail notifier
mail/wmmultipop3 wm-dockapp; multiple pop3 mailbox checker
mail/wmpop3 wm-dockapp; POP3 mail check
mail/xfaces mail image display for X11
mail/xfmail xforms-based mail application for Unix
mail/teapop POP3-server with virtual domain support
mail/dk-milter DomainKeys milter
mail/dkim-milter DKIM milter
mail/gotmail automatically fetch email
mail/p5-Email-MIME-Creator Email::MIME constructor for starting anew
mail/p5-Email-Simple-Creator Email::Simple constructor for starting anew
mail/claws-mail-vcalendar groupware plugin for Claws-mail
mail/p5-Gmail-IMAPD imap4 gateway to Google webmail service
mail/claws-mail-rssyl RSS aggregator plugin for Claws-mail
mail/p5-GetLive automatically fetch email
mail/claws-mail-notification notification plugin for Claws-mail
mail/ruby-rmail Ruby library to create and parse MIME messages
mail/claws-mail-htmlviewer HTML renderer plugin for Claws Mail
mail/claws-mail-cachesaver cache saver plugin for Claws Mail
mail/claws-mail-pdfviewer pdf and ps viewer plugin for Claws Mail
mail/claws-mail-clamav clamav plugin for Claws Mail
mail/ruby-mailfactory simple creation of MIME email messages in Ruby
mail/evolution-plugin-rss RSS-reader plugin for GNOME
mail/enigmail-seamonkey GnuPG extension for SeaMonkey
mail/evolution-plugin-webcal webcal(endar) handler for GNOME
mail/evolution-exchange evolution connector for MS Exchange via OWA
mail/claws-mail-attremover remove attachments from emails
mail/postler lightweight mail user agent
mail/dovecot-antispam anti-spam plugin for Dovecot
mail/pecl56-mailparse PHP extension for parsing and working with rfc822/MIME mail
x11/matchbox/libmatchbox matchbox base library
x11/matchbox/matchbox-common matchbox shared icons and configuration data
x11/matchbox/matchbox-desktop pda style application launcher or item browser
x11/matchbox/matchbox-panel window bar for holding application launchers
x11/matchbox/matchbox-window-manager window manager suitable for low-resolution screens
x11/matchbox/libfakekey library for converting characters to X key-presses
x11/matchbox/matchbox-keyboard on-screen virtual keyboard
x11/matchbox/matchbox-themes-extra extra themes for matchbox
x11/matchbox/matchbox-nest graphical wrapper around Xnest(1) on PDA size
x11/matchbox/matchbox-panel-manager tray configuration utility
math/abs free spreadsheet with graphical user interface
math/geg simple program for plotting 2d mathematical functions
math/maple algebraic and symbolic computations; commercial
math/maple-share libraries for maple V 5; commercial
math/p5-Math-Pari Perl interface to libPARI and GP
math/py-Numeric fast array facility to the Python language
math/py-gnuplot Python interface to the gnuplot plotting program
math/py-probstat probability and statistics utilities for Python
math/wingz commercial spreadsheet
math/xspread spreadsheet program under X11
math/amd order a sparse matrix prior to Cholesky factorization
math/umfpack unsymmetric multifrontal sparse LU factorization package
math/freemat environment for rapid engineering and scientific processing
math/eigen lightweight C++ template library for linear algebra
math/qtoctave graphical front-end for octave
math/libneural three layer backpropagation neural network library
math/p5-Math-Complex complex numbers and associated mathematical functions
math/ccolamd library for column approximate minimum degree ordering
math/colamd library for column approximate minimum degree ordering
math/eigen2 lightweight C++ template library for linear algebra
math/logic2cnf easy to use propositional logic solver based on MiniSAT
math/camd constrained approximate minimum degree
math/ufconfig configuration header file shared by the SuiteSparse ports
math/p5-Math-BigInt-Pari use Math::Pari for Math::BigInt routines
math/SuiteSparse_config configuration header and library shared by SuiteSparse ports
math/hs-half half precision floating point
math/ebc implementation of POSIX bc with GNU and BSD extensions
mbone/common "common library functions used by the UCL multicast utils"
mbone/imm "Internet Image (or other data) Multicaster (and receiver)"
mbone/nte "Network Text Editor multicast tool from UCL"
mbone/rat "Robust Audio Tool from UCL"
mbone/relate "ReLaTe integrated conferencing tool from UCL"
mbone/rtptools "record, playback and monitor RTPv2 data streams"
mbone/sdr "MBone Session Directory"
mbone/speak_freely "voice communication over data networks"
mbone/vat "Visual Audio Tool, multicast audioconferencing"
mbone/vic "MBONE video tool"
mbone/wb "shared drawing (whiteboard) tool using multicast"
mbone/wbd "shared drawing (whiteboard) tool using multicast"
sysutils/mcollective-plugins/puppet-agent MCollective agent to manage the Puppet agent
meta/haskell-platform Haskell platform meta-package
misc/brs bible reader
misc/calentool nice X11-based calendar/scheduling tool (using XView)
misc/cdrchive Qt-based CD creation tool
misc/dnetc official client
misc/gacc personal accounts manager
misc/jive convert English text to Jive
misc/ktimeclock task-based timeclock for KDE
misc/libutf8 provides UTF-8 locale support
misc/mshell Unix menuing shell
misc/rpm Red Hat package manager
misc/splitvt run two shells in a split window/terminal
misc/sh-utils GNU command line utilities
misc/viz Convert invisible (binary) characters to a visible form
misc/wmnetscapekiller 'wm-dockapp; for killing Netscape when it freezes'
misc/wmtimer wm-dockapp; alarm clock
misc/xdelta binary delta generator and prototype RCS replacement
misc/xnc filemanager for X Window
misc/gutenpy text reader and catalog browser for Project Gutenberg
misc/pymissile usb missile launcher control script
misc/tmux terminal multiplexer
misc/contacts lightweight addressbook
misc/dates lightweight calendar
misc/omconsole OpenMoko serial console tool
misc/ruby-spreadsheet generate and parse Excel compatible spreadsheets
misc/gtk3mm-documentation documentation for gtk3mm
misc/libosinfo library for managing information about operating systems
misc/appdata-tools AppData tools
misc/portscout ports tree version scanner
net/mldonkey/snapshot e-donkey client
net/mldonkey/stable e-donkey client
multimedia/moovida/core Moovida media center software
multimedia/moovida/plugins-bad Moovida media center - bad plugins
multimedia/moovida/plugins-ugly Moovida media center - ugly plugins
multimedia/moovida/plugins-good Moovida media center - good plugins
www/mozilla-sync/core Mozilla sync server - core
www/mozilla-sync/full Mozilla sync server
www/mozilla-sync/reg Mozilla sync server - reg
www/mozilla-sync/storage Mozilla sync server - storage
multimedia/kaffeine video player for KDE
multimedia/avidemux free video editor
multimedia/dvdcpy copy selected info from DVD
multimedia/ffmpeg2theora re-encode many media file formats to Ogg Theora
multimedia/pspvc video converter for the Playstation Portable
multimedia/oggconvert convert media files to Vorbis, Theora and Dirac
multimedia/k3b CD/DVD creator
multimedia/iplayer-dl allow UK users to download programmes from BBC iPlayer
multimedia/schroedinger high-speed Dirac codec
multimedia/ffmpeg-php PHP support for FFmpeg
multimedia/coherence UPnP/DLNA media server
multimedia/audiopreview tool to play previews of audio and video files
multimedia/avinfo utility for audio-video information extraction
multimedia/mediatomb UPnP media server
multimedia/ming Flash 4/5 movie output library
multimedia/swftools SWF manipulation and generation utilities
multimedia/swfmill xml2swf and swf2xml processor with import functionalities
multimedia/livestreamer pipe video streams into a video player
multimedia/livestreamer-curses curses-based front-end for livestreamer
multimedia/qt-gstreamer Qt bindings to GStreamer 1.x
multimedia/k3b-kde4 CD/DVD creator
multimedia/kdenlive non-linear video editor for KDE
multimedia/mlbviewer collection of tools for content and MLB.TV
multimedia/daala free video codec
multimedia/phonon-qt5 multimedia layer for Qt5/KDE5
games/naev/data naev game data
games/naev/base 2D space trading and combat game
security/nessus/core network security scanner
security/nessus/libnasl Nessus Attack Scripting Language
security/nessus/libraries libraries for Nessus
security/nessus/plugins plugins for Nessus
net/aguri aggregation-based network traffic profiler
net/aimsniff utility for monitoring and archiving AOL Instant Messenger
net/angst active packet sniffer
net/archie Prospero client for the archie service
net/axyftp ftp client for X window system
net/bitchx alternative ircII color client
net/bluetooth-tools bluetooth network tools
net/centericq curses-based icq client implementation
net/cidr "RFC 1878 subnet calculator / helper"
net/clive command-line LiveJournal client
net/clog tcp connection logger daemon
net/courtney simple port scan detector
net/csup network distribution package for CVS repositories
net/dc_gui GUI for dctc (Direct Connect Text Clone)
net/dclib Library for direct-connect protocol
net/dctc Direct Connect clone
net/drill DNS debugger
net/etherape graphical network monitor
net/firewalk gateway acl scanner (via static-source port traceroute)
net/gabber "GNOME jabber client"
net/gaim "multi-protocol instant messaging client"
net/gaim-icb "ICB protocol plugin for GAIM"
net/gftp multithreaded gtk2 file transfer client
net/gnet simple network library
net/howl zeroconf networking implementation
net/icb Internet CB - mostly-defunct chat client
net/ickle gtk-based icq 2000 client
net/jabberd jabber server
net/ldistfp remote identd fingerprinting tool
net/micq text-based ICQ implementation
net/mirror mirror packages on remote sites
net/mrtd daemon/libs/toolkit for routing BGP4+, RIP, OSPF, etc.
net/mutella gnutella client with an easy to use interface
net/ndiff compare two nmap scans and outputs the differences
net/nemesis command line arbitrary packet builder
net/nepenthes determine the malware activity on a network
net/nicotine gtk soulseek client written in Python
net/nsd authoritative-only name server daemon
net/ntop network usage, interface similar to top(1)
net/openafs OpenAFS distributed filesystem
net/openh323 H.323 video conferencing library
net/p5-Geo-IP look up country by IP address/hostname
net/p5-IO-INET6 object interface for AF_INET and AF_INET6 domain sockets
net/p5-Net-IRC modules to implement the irc protocol
net/packit packet generation tool
net/pebrot text-based MSN messenger client
net/pfflowd PF to NetFlow converter
net/ser SIP Express Router
net/pop3gwd app-level proxy for mail retrieval behind firewalls
net/pork programmable ncurses-based AIM client
net/pptp PPTP client package for Microsoft VPN servers
net/proxy-suite set of programs to enhance firewall security
net/py-flowd Python API for flowd binary log files
net/py-flowtools python interface to flow-tools file format
net/py-msnp implementation of the MSN messaging protocol in Python
net/quirc irc client that uses Tcl/Tk
net/radiusd-cistron Cistron RADIUS server
net/radiusd-lucent Lucent remote access RADIUS server
net/ruby-pcap Ruby interface to LBL Packet Capture library
net/scli snmp command line utility
net/sharity-light userland smbfs --- SMB to NFS protocols converter
net/sirc programmable small perl irc client
net/sixxs-heartbeatd "SixXS IPv6 tunnel broker heartbeat client"
net/slirp SLIP/CSLIP emulator for users with shell accounts
net/sniffit packet sniffer program; for educational use
net/tcpcat utility for sending/receiving data over TCP stream
net/trafd BPF traffic collector
net/ttcp benchmarking tool for analysing TCP and UDP performance
net/valknut graphical Direct-Connect client
net/wide-dhcp client and servers for the WIDE DHCP protocol
net/wmifinfo wm-dockapp; shows basic network info
net/wmnet little X network monitor
net/wmwave Window Maker dockapp to display wavelan statistics
net/xarchie X11 front-end program for the archie network search service
net/xchat GTK+2 IRC client
net/zebra multi-threaded routing daemon
net/gaim-tlen " protocol plugin for GAIM"
net/cjc Jabber client for text terminals
net/py-xmpp Python XMPP and Jabber implementation
net/yt fetch YouTube and Google videos
net/aiccu SixXS automatic IPv6 connectivity client utility
net/irssi-silc SILC plugin for irssi
net/libdnsres non-blocking thread-safe API for resolving DNS names
net/scapy6 scapy extension to handle IPv6
net/pidgin-tlen protocol plugin for Pidgin
net/cvsync CVS repository synchronization utility
net/ruby-xmpp4r Ruby XMPP/Jabber library
net/p5-Net-GPSD perl module that provides a client interface to gpsd
net/ejabberd jabber server written in Erlang
net/ruby-rrdtool ruby bindings for RRDtool
net/pymsn MSN client library for Python
net/libgalago desktop presence framework
net/amsn open source MSN Messenger clone
net/farsight audio/video communications framework
net/py-pcs Python Packet Construction Set
net/ez-ipupdate small dynamic DNS updater written in C
net/dysnomia interface to the deezer on-demand music system
net/py-medusa Python framework for async socket-based servers
net/py-adns python interface to adns
net/opal Open Phone Abstraction Library
net/galago-daemon galago presence daemon
net/unbound validating DNS resolver
net/emesene client for the Windows Live Messenger chat network
net/hs-HTTP library for client-side HTTP
net/aget multi threaded HTTP download accelerator
net/winexe remotely execute programs on a Windows host
net/pidgin-facebookchat Facebook plugin for Pidgin
net/py-GeoIP GeoIP Python API
net/twitux Gtk-based GUI client for Twitter
net/ifmcstat show Ethernet Multicast memberships
net/libnice GLib ICE implementation
net/papyon MSN client library for python
net/gnaughty fast and easy porn downloader
net/p5-Net-SMTP-TLS Perl module for SMTP with TLS/AUTH support
net/ruby-amqp simple AMQP driver for Ruby
net/ruby-minion super simple job queue over AMQP
net/ruby-bunny another synchronous Ruby amqp client
net/ruby-amqp-utils AMQP command line utilities
net/ruby-nmap-parser Ruby interface to nmap scan data
net/farsight2 audio/video communications framework
net/tircd ircd proxy to the twitter API
net/ushare UPnP A/V media server
net/gsnmp SNMP library based on glib2 and gnet
net/hpodder command line podcast aggregator
net/aircontrol management tool for Ubiquiti wireless devices
net/mono-zeroconf Zero Configuration Networking library for Mono
net/spectrum XMPP transport/gateway
net/hs-network-bytestring socket functions that use Data.ByteString
net/hs-pb pastebin command line application
net/ruby-errand bindings for RRD functions
net/p5-Business-PayPal-IPN extension that implements PayPal IPN v1.5
net/ruby-pcaprub-msf Ruby interface to LBL pcap library (Metasploit fork)
net/libsocialweb social web services integration framework
net/qsynergy GUI for synergy
net/py-enet python wrapper for the ENet library
net/libepc Easy Publish and Consume library
net/emacs-jabber Jabber client for Emacs
net/nedi network discovery tool
net/centerim text based IM client
net/farstream audio/video communications framework
net/arm terminal status monitor for Tor
net/hs-hostname Haskell package for determining the hostname
net/csync bidirectional directories synchronizer
net/p5-Net-TCLink interface to TrustCommerce gateway
net/ocsync bidirectional directories synchronizer (owncloud version)
net/dnsfilter dns rate limiter for divert(4)
net/hs-curl Haskell binding to libcurl
net/apache-activemq open source message broker implementing JMS 1.1
net/erl-mini_s3 s3 client API for Erlang
net/erl-rabbit_common stripped down version of the RabbitMQ server
net/erl-amqp_client stripped down distribution of the rabbitmq-erlang client
net/erl-ibrowse Erlang HTTP client
net/erl-gen_bunny Erlang library to make RabbitMQ easy to use
net/texapp command line client
net/libaccounts-glib accounts management library for GLib applications
net/cagibi SSDP cache/proxy daemon for KDE
net/p5-IO-Socket-IP family-neutral IP socket supporting both IPv4 and IPv6
net/retroshare secure decentralised communication platform
net/clamz downloader for the MP3 music store
net/hs-network-info obtain getifaddrs(3) information from Haskell
net/irssi-otr OTR (off the record) encryption support for irssi
net/mirall owncloud sync client
net/ktorrent-kde4 torrent client for KDE 4
net/py-oauth2 Python library for OAuth
net/p5-Net-LDNS module to interface the DNS resolver using the ldns library
net/ntimed network time synchronization software
net/p5-Net-Abuse-Utils-Spamhaus perl5 extension for checking data against Spamhaus
net/go-websocket golang websocket package
net/stem Tor controller library
net/cutegram Qt5 Telegram messaging service client
net/py-czmq Python wrapper around the CZMQ zeromq bindings
net/py-raet Reliable Asynchronous Event Transport protocol
net/libkvkontakte KDE library implementing API
net/hs-multipart HTTP multipart library
net/corebird native Gtk+ Twitter client
net/py3-slixmpp slixmpp is an elegant Python library for XMPP
net/wireless automatically scan for and configure wireless networks
net/wireguard-go implementation of WireGuard in Go
net/wiresep privilege separated implementation of WireGuard
net/netdude/netdude network traffic visualization and editing tool
www/netscape/communicator "Netscape Communicator (bsdi)"
www/netscape/communicator-linux "Netscape Communicator (linux)"
www/netscape/communicator-old "Netscape Communicator"
www/netscape/navigator "Netscape Navigator (bsdi)"
www/netscape/navigator-linux "Netscape Navigator (linux)"
www/netscape/navigator-old "Netscape Navigator"
news/linleech retrieve usenet posts via script
news/newsfetch download news articles from NNTP server
news/plor alpha-release readers for reading SOUP and QWK packets
news/hellanzb retrieve and process nzb-files
news/sickbeard search for TV serie nzb-files via web interface
www/nginx/devel robust and small HTTP server and mail proxy server
www/nginx/stable robust and small HTTP server and mail proxy server
x11/nx/nxssh OpenSSH client and daemon for NX
x11/nx/opennx OSS replacement for the Nomachine nxclient
audio/festival/ogi/OGIlexicon American English lexicon compiled from Moby and CMU lexicons
audio/festival/ogi/voice_aec_di american male voice (AEC)
audio/festival/ogi/voice_jph_di american male voice (JPH)
audio/festival/ogi/voice_mwm_di american male voice (MWM)
audio/festival/ogi/voice_tll_di american female voice (TLL)
palm/bibelot format/convert text documents into compressed .pdb files
palm/coldsync tool for synchronizing PalmOS devices
palm/isilo converts documents from text/html to isilo format
palm/p5-Palm interface to palm pdb databases
palm/palm-bookmarks bookmarks on your palm
palm/palmpower disassembler and other tools for palmos binaries
palm/pilrc generate resources for PalmOS applications from text descr
palm/pose Palm OS Emulator
palm/palm2ical Palm Databook/Calendar export to iCalendar
www/php4/pear "collection of base classes for common PHP tasks"
plan9/9wm 8 1/2-like Window Manager for X11
plan9/larswm 9wm with automatic window tiling and virtual desktops
plan9/w9wm hacked 9wm, with support for virtual screens
www/plone/2.1 content management system built on top of Zope
www/plone/2.5 content management system built on top of Zope
www/plone/3.0 content management system built on top of Zope
devel/eclipse/plugins/emf Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF)
devel/eclipse/plugins/gef graphical editing environment for eclipse
devel/eclipse/plugins/uml2 UML diagram framework for Eclipse
net/libnetdude/plugins/conntrack libnetdude plugin for tcp connection tracking
net/libnetdude/plugins/demux libnetdude plugin for separating traces into multiple files
net/libnetdude/plugins/tcpfilter libnetdude plugin for pruning incomplete session from traces
net/libnetdude/plugins/traceset netdude plugin providing an API for trace sets
net/libnetdude/plugins/traffic-analyzer netdude plugin for traffic analysis
net/netdude/plugins/traffic-analyzer netdude plugin providing traffic analysis
print/py-reportlab/plugins/barcode barcode generator for reportlab
print/py-reportlab/plugins/renderPM pixmap rendering for reportlab
sysutils/gkrellm/plugins/mms XMMS plugin for Gkrellm2
sysutils/gkrellm/plugins/mss soundscope for GkrellM2 using ESD
devel/eclipse/plugins/jem "java EMF model runtime for Eclipse"
devel/eclipse/plugins/subclipse SubVersion plug-in for Eclipse IDE
devel/eclipse/plugins/wtp Web Tools Platform for Eclipse
devel/eclipse/plugins/ivyde IVY plug-in for Eclipse IDE
devel/eclipse/plugins/rdt Ruby Development Tools for Eclipse IDE
devel/eclipse/plugins/epic Perl plugin for Eclipse IDE
devel/eclipse/plugins/findbugs Eclipse plugin for Java program checker (bytecode analyzer)
devel/eclipse/plugins/struts-console configuration tool for Struts web framework
devel/eclipse/plugins/py-dev Python development plug-in for Eclipse
security/prelude/libprelude Prelude framework library
security/prelude/lml Prelude log analyzer
security/prelude/manager Prelude manager
security/prelude/pflogger Prelude sensors for Packet Filter
security/prelude/prewikka Prelude Management Console
print/acrofonts asian font pack for acroread
print/afm Adobe Font Metrics
print/auctex extensible emacs interface for TeX
print/ghostview X11 front-end for ghostscript
print/hpijs HP Inkjet driver for ghostscript
print/jadetex macros for the OpenJade DSSSL TeX backend
print/pdflib C library to produce PDF files
print/ppower4 PDF presentation post processor
print/prosper LaTeX class to produce high quality slides
print/xpp X Printing Panel
print/epdfview lightweight PDF document viewer
print/foomatic-filters Foomatic PPD print filters
print/foomatic-db-hpijs Foomatic PPD data for hpijs
print/pdfjam n-up, concatenate, or rotate PDF files
print/py-poppler python bindings for poppler
print/pdfshuffler merge, split, rotate and crop PDF documents
print/gstoraster filter to convert PostScript or PDF to cups raster format
print/bg5pdf convert Big5 encoded files to PDF
productivity/gtimer GTK-based time tracker
productivity/qhacc qt home accounting program
productivity/taskjuggler project management tool
productivity/wyrd curses calendar front-end to remind
productivity/tasks lightweight tasklist
productivity/gnucash-docs gnucash documentation
productivity/sunbird Mozilla calendar
productivity/googlecl command-line interface to Google services
productivity/entomologist bug tracker client
productivity/palm2ical Palm Databook/Calendar export to iCalendar
productivity/zeitgeist event logging framework
productivity/libzeitgeist Zeitgeist client library
productivity/libqzeitgeist Qt wrapper for Zeitgeist, event logging framework
productivity/attica collaboration services library for KDE
productivity/akonadi PIM cache and access services
productivity/libkgapi link Akonadi to Google services
productivity/libkfbapi library for accessing Facebook services
productivity/libgcal C library for Google calendar and contacts
productivity/akonadi-googledata Google contacts/calendar connector for Akonadi
productivity/py-carddav console CardDAV client with mutt support
productivity/gbirthday birthday reminder with tray notification
www/py-django/stable high-level Python web framework
www/py-django/lts high-level Python web framework (LTS version)
print/py-reportlab/reportlab PDF-generating toolkit for Python
devel/py-twisted/mail MTP, IMAP and POP protocol implementation
devel/py-twisted/names DNS protocol implementation
devel/py-twisted/runner process management module for Twisted
devel/py-twisted/news NNTP protocol implementation
devel/py-twisted/conch SSH and SFTP protocol implementation
devel/py-twisted/words chat and instant messaging module for Twisted
devel/py-twisted/core event-based Python framework (core module)
devel/py-twisted/lore documentation generator
devel/py-twisted/web HTTP protocol implementation
devel/py-twisted/web2 experimental HTTP/1.1 server framework
devel/py-twisted/pair low-level networking for Twisted
x11/qt5/qtwebkit-examples examples for old Qt5 Webkit
net/quvi/libquvi library to parse flash media stream URLs
net/quvi/scripts scripts libquvi uses for parsing the media details
net/quvi/quvi silly suite to access the flash media stream properties
devel/radare2/bindings Vala bindings for Radare2
multimedia/recordmydesktop/base record desktop sessions to an Ogg-Theora-Vorbis file
multimedia/recordmydesktop/gtk GTK frontend to recordMyDesktop
emulators/redhat/base Linux compatibility package based on RedHat 8.0
emulators/redhat/libc5 Linux libc5
emulators/redhat/motif Motif toolkit Linux libraries
x11/remmina/core GTK+2 remote desktop client
databases/ruby-datamapper/serializer allows DataMapper models and collections to be serialized
databases/ruby-datamapper/core Object Relational Mapper written in Ruby
databases/ruby-datamapper/sweatshop model factory for DataMapper
databases/ruby-datamapper/migrations write and specify DataMapper migrations
databases/ruby-datamapper/validations provides validations for DataMapper model classes
databases/ruby-datamapper/types extra types for DataMapper models
databases/ruby-datamapper/aggregates aggregates support for DataMapper
databases/ruby-datamapper/timestamps magically add timestamps to DataMapper models
databases/ruby-datamapper/data_mapper ruby Object Relational Mapper
databases/ruby-datamapper/transactions transaction support for DataMapper
databases/ruby-datamapper/constraints DataMapper plugin constraining relationships
www/ruby-merb/core fast, lightweight MVC framework for Ruby - merb-core
www/ruby-merb/gen application and plugin generators for Merb
www/ruby-merb/action-args provide support for ActionArgs
www/ruby-merb/builder provide Builder support for Merb
www/ruby-merb/cache caching plugin for Merb
www/ruby-merb/haml provide HAML support for Merb
www/ruby-merb/parts provide Part controllers for Merb
www/ruby-merb/more the full Merb stack
www/ruby-merb/merb fast, lightweight MVC framework for Ruby
www/ruby-merb/mailer mailer functionality for Merb
www/ruby-merb/assets provide Merb helpers for assets and asset bundling
www/ruby-merb/activerecord plugin for the Merb that provides activerecord access
www/ruby-merb/helpers plugin for Merb that provides different view helpers
www/ruby-merb/freezer freeze Merb
www/ruby-merb/slices using and creating application 'slices'
www/ruby-merb/auth-slice-password merb-auth support for slices
www/ruby-merb/exceptions exception notifications
www/ruby-merb/param-protection filter controller parameters
www/ruby-merb/auth-core authentication core framework
www/ruby-merb/datamapper DataMapper ORM plugin
www/ruby-merb/auth extensible architecture for authentication
www/ruby-merb/auth-more useful extensions for merb-auth-core
textproc/ruby-prawn/core Fast, Nimble PDF Generation For Ruby - prawn-core
textproc/ruby-prawn/format Fast, Nimble PDF Generation For Ruby - prawn-format
textproc/ruby-prawn/layout Fast, Nimble PDF Generation For Ruby - prawn-layout
textproc/ruby-prawn/prawn Fast, Nimble PDF Generation For Ruby -- ruby-prawn
sysutils/ruby-puppet/2 centralised configuration management for networks
sysutils/ruby-puppet/3 centralised configuration management for networks
sysutils/ruby-puppet/4 centralised configuration management for networks
devel/ruby-rspec/mocks rspec stubbing and mocking
devel/ruby-rspec/rspec ruby framework for Behaviour Driven Development
devel/ruby-rspec/expectations rspec expectations and matchers
devel/ruby-rspec/core rspec runner and formatters
devel/ruby-rspec/puppet RSpec tests for Puppet manifests
devel/ruby-rspec/puppetlabs_spec_helper rake tasks and spec_helper for Puppet modules spec tests
devel/ruby-rspec/serverspec RSpec tests for testing machine configuration/state
devel/ruby-rspec/specinfra common layer for serverspec and configspec
russian/cyrproxy cyrillic proxy for network protocols
russian/d1489 cp866<>koi8-r & cp1251<>koi8-r decoders and font converter
russian/pscyr cyrillic PostScript Type1 fonts to use with TeX
russian/xcyrillic setup X11 fonts for russian language (koi8-r)
russian/xruskb english-russian keyboard switcher for X11
net/seafile/ccnet framework for writing networked applications in C
security/ADMfzap connect() and bind() wrapper to evade packet filtering
security/ADMsmb Samba security scanner
security/antisniff promiscuous mode interface detector
security/bsd-airtools wireless auditing suite
security/cfs cryptographic file system (user-space NFS server)
security/cops system secureness checker
security/crack sensible unix password cracker
security/crank classical cipher cryptanalysis toolkit
security/cryptokit cryptographic framework for the Objective-ML language
security/gaim-otr "Allows deniable private conversations using GAIM"
security/hs-crypto Haskell cryptographic library
security/its4 scan C/C++ source code for security problems
security/kedpm application for managing passwords
security/l0phtcrack Microsoft LANMAN & NT password sniffer/cracker
security/libfwbuilder libraries for fwbuilder
security/lxnb NetBus client
security/logsurfer processes logfiles and perform certain actions
security/openct drivers for several smart card readers
security/p5-Authen-Krb5-Simple Perl module to authenticate against a Kerberos server
security/p5-Crypt-DH Diffie-Hellman key exchange system
security/p5-Crypt-Primes provable prime number generator
security/p5-Crypt-RSA RSA public-key cryptosystem
security/p5-Crypt-Random cryptographically secure random number generator
security/p5-Digest-SHA perl extension for SHA-1/224/256/384/512
security/p5-GSSAPI perl interface to the GSSAPIv2 library
security/p5-Net_SSLeay perl module for using OpenSSL
security/parse watch a tcpdump trace in real-time
security/pgp Pretty Good Privacy 2.6.3ia
security/py-Rijndael Python implementation of the Rijndael encryption algorithm
security/py-cryptkit Python Cryptographic Toolkit
security/py-crypto cryptographic tools for Python
security/py-sslwrapper OpenSSL Wrappers for Python
security/qca-tls Qt Cryptographic Architecture, TLS plugin
security/siphon passive network mapping tool
security/socks5 SOCKS v5 application layer gateway and clients
security/stel Secure Telnet, encrypted version of the telnet daemon
security/tempwatch temporary file auditing tool
security/tinyca GUI to manage a certification authority
security/vomit voice over misconfigured internet telephones
security/whisker stealthy webserver vulnerability scanner
security/advchk monitor the security of installed softwares
security/seal use vnd encrypted filesystems on hotplug devices
security/ruby-ezcrypto Ruby interface to openssl
security/bunny general-purpose protocol-blind fuzzer for C programs
security/p5-Crypt-GpgME Perl interface to gpgme
security/qca2 Qt Cryptographic Architecture
security/nipper audit network device configuration
security/libnipper library for nipper
security/ruby-yadis library for verifying and serving OpenID identities
security/py-pykpass kerberos5 password verification python module
security/py-crack Python bindings for cracklib
security/gnupg2 GNU privacy guard - a free PGP replacement
security/assl hide awful SSL API in a sane interface
security/gnomint X.509 Certification Authority management tool
security/gksu-polkit command line utility to run programs as root
security/keepassx management tool for sensitive data
security/hs-AES fast AES encryption/decryption for bytestrings
security/hs-cryptohash fast, pure, practical collection of crypto hashes
security/hs-crypto-api generic interface for cryptographic operations
security/hs-asn1-data ASN1 data reader and writer for various forms
security/hs-cryptocipher symmetrical block and stream ciphers
security/hs-certificate certificates and Key Reader/Writer
security/hs-tls TLS/SSL protocol native implementation
security/libdpam dummy Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM)
security/qca-ossl SSL/TLS plugin for QCA2
security/hs-mwc-random fast, high quality pseudo random number generation
security/hs-entropy platform independent entropy source
security/hs-skein a family of cryptographic hash functions
security/hs-pwstore-fast secure password storage
security/node-bcrypt bcrypt hashing library for Node.js
security/hs-cprng-aes crypto PRNG using AES in counter mode.
security/ocaml-cryptokit cryptographic framework for the Objective-ML language
security/ocaml-ssl OCaml bindings for libssl
security/yubikey-personalization-gui Qt GUI to configure YubiKeys
security/erl-bcrypt Erlang wrapper for OpenBSD's blowfish
security/erl-oauth Erlang OAuth implementation
security/p5-Mozilla-CA Mozilla's CA cert bundle in PEM format
security/kqoauth OAuth support library for Qt-based applications
security/qoauth OAuth support library for Qt-based applications
security/qca-gnupg GnuPG plugin for QCA2
security/ruby-akami gem to aid building Web Service Security
security/py-keyczar toolkit for safe and simple cryptography
security/py-acme ACME protocol implementation
security/pecl-libsodium low-level encryption extension for PHP
security/flasm disassembles SWF
security/hs-SHA SHA message digests
security/hs-digest cryptographic hashes for bytestrings
security/letskencrypt privilege-separated letsencrypt client
security/libhttpseverywhere library to use HTTPSEverywhere in desktop applications
security/glib-openssl network-related giomodule for GLib using openssl
security/hs-ed25519 ed25519 cryptographics signatures
security/hs-cryptohash-sha256 fast, pure and practical SHA-256 implementation
security/hs-hackage-security hackage security library
security/suricata-update Suricata update tool
security/hitch libev-based high performance TLS proxy
security/pecl56-libsodium low-level encryption extension for PHP
security/libfido2 library to support U2F/FIDO2 tokens
security/acme-client privilege-separated letsencrypt client
security/stegcracker brute-force steganography
shells/scsh Unix shell embedded in Scheme
shells/ast-ksh "official AT&T release of KornShell 93"
shells/bash2 "GNU Bourne Again Shell"
shells/osh Sixth Edition UNIX Shell
geo/spatialite/librasterlite store rasters coverages within spatialite
geo/spatialite/libgaiagraphics common-utility raster handling methods
geo/spatialite/gis minimalistic GIS on top of spatialite and rasterlite
geo/spatialite/librewms WMS viewer built on top of spatialite and rasterlite2
sysutils/LPRng enhanced printer spooler
sysutils/apc-upsd UPS software for APC UPS models
sysutils/bubblemon GNOME panel applet that displays CPU and memory load
sysutils/contool console tool for openlook
sysutils/expiretable removes entries from pf tables based on their age
sysutils/hot-babe small utility which displays system activity
sysutils/knutclient KDE UPS monitoring tool
sysutils/libretto-config Libretto BIOS Setting Program
sysutils/lsof list information about open files
sysutils/mergemaster aids with merging configuration files during an upgrade
sysutils/p5-Mon module for interfacing with Mon
sysutils/perfd utility to adjust cpu performance relative to usage
sysutils/proctools "scan for and send signals to processes"
sysutils/sdd faster and improved version of dd
sysutils/stat "print inode contents"
sysutils/tcplist list tcp connections to/from the local machine
sysutils/upsd APC Smart UPS Monitoring Daemon
sysutils/wdsetup Western Digital and SMC ethernet card configuration program
sysutils/wmcube-gdk wm-dockapp; shows rotating 3d-object and CPU load
sysutils/xosview graphical performance meter
sysutils/ruby-facter Ruby library for retrieving facts from operating systems
sysutils/grub GRand Unified Bootloader
sysutils/fam File Alteration Monitor
sysutils/filelight concentric segmented-rings disk usage visualisation
sysutils/wmcb dockapp; gives access to X11's cut buffers
sysutils/notification-daemon send small notifications to your desktop
sysutils/ruby-mongrel_cluster tool to help start/stop/restart multiple mongrel servers
sysutils/libgksu library providing su and sudo functionality
sysutils/libgksuui graphical frontend to su (library to the interface)
sysutils/ruby-rails-app-installer installer for Rails applications
sysutils/flyback Time Machine-like backup tool
sysutils/god system monitoring framework written in Ruby
sysutils/ndesk-dbus-glib C# implementation of dbus - GLib integration
sysutils/ndesk-dbus C# implementation of dbus
sysutils/hcidump Bluetooth packet analyzer
sysutils/pgt-firmware firmware binary images for pgt driver
sysutils/uvideo-firmware firmware binary images for uvideo driver
sysutils/bwi-firmware firmware binary images for bwi driver
sysutils/malo-firmware firmware binary images for malo driver
sysutils/acx-firmware firmware binary images for acx driver
sysutils/upgt-firmware firmware binary images for upgt driver
sysutils/ruby-thor ruby scripting framework
sysutils/memtest86+ thorough, stand alone memory test
sysutils/policykit authorization framework
sysutils/vifm ncurses file manager with vi keybindings
sysutils/dellflash tool to flash dell bios
sysutils/toprump modified OpenBSD top command
sysutils/lat LDAP Administration Tool
sysutils/snapdl download snapshots of OpenBSD-current
sysutils/luastatgrab libstatgrab bindings for Lua
sysutils/system-tools-backends cross-platform configuration modules
sysutils/pecl-fileinfo PHP support for retrieving info about files
sysutils/ns4 configuration management tool
sysutils/cyphertite tar-like secure remote deduplicating archiver
sysutils/node-syslog module to support sending messages to syslog
sysutils/node-daemon add-on for creating *nix daemons
sysutils/ykpers library and tools to program YubiKeys
sysutils/node-always run a Node.js process, restarting on file changes or crashes
sysutils/py-metlog library for mozilla services metrics logging
sysutils/py-cef CEF logs emitter module
sysutils/erl-lager logging framework for Erlang/OTP
sysutils/erl-stats_hero general purpose stats and collection for Erlang
sysutils/backdir backs up files in a directory
sysutils/node-rmdir remove all files in the given path recursively
sysutils/relayd-updateconf update /etc/relayd.conf to new syntax
sysutils/krename-kde4 powerful batch file renamer for KDE4
sysutils/grive third-party client for Google Drive
sysutils/aws-shell integrated shell for working with the AWS CLI
sysutils/py-fabric simple, pythonic tool for remote execution and deployment
sysutils/xorriso ISO 9660 Rock Ridge Filesystem Manipulator
sysutils/u-boot-pinebook U-Boot firmware for Pine64 Pinebook
sysutils/dune OCaml build system
lang/tcl/8.0 "Tool Command Language"
lang/tcl/8.3 Tool Command Language
lang/tcl/8.4 Tool Command Language
net/telepathy/telepathy-gabble flexible communications framework, xmpp component
net/telepathy/telepathy-idle flexible communications framework, IRC component
net/telepathy/telepathy-feed flexible communications framework, feed component
net/telepathy/telepathy-spec flexible communications framework, specifications
net/telepathy/telepathy-butterfly flexible communications framework, MSN component
net/telepathy/telepathy-inspector display information about a given connection manager
net/telepathy/libtelepathy flexible communications framework, main library
net/telepathy/telepathy-python flexible communications framework, python bindings
net/telepathy/telepathy-salut flexible communications framework, local-link component
net/telepathy/telepathy-pinocchio connection manager meant for testing Telepathy
net/telepathy/telepathy-haze flexible communications framework, libpurple component
net/telepathy/telepathy-farsight flexible communications framework, farsight2 component
net/telepathy/telepathy-farstream flexible communications framework, farstream component
net/telepathy/telepathy-qt flexible communications framework, Qt bindings
telephony/app_conference conferencing application for asterisk
telephony/asterisk-native-sounds 'native' (better) sound files for Asterisk open source PBX
telephony/ohphone H.323 IP telephony endpoint
telephony/chan_unistim Asterisk access for Nortel i2002/i2004/i2050 phones
telephony/appkonference conferencing application for asterisk
sysutils/terraform/terraform tool for building, changing, and versioning infrastructure
print/texlive/texmf-docs documentation texmf tree for TeXLive
print/texlive/texmf-full additional texmf functionality for TeXLive
print/texlive/texmf-minimal minimal texmf tree for TeXLive
print/texlive2010/base base binaries for TeXLive typesetting distribution
textproc/agrep approximate grep (fast approximate pattern-matching tool)
textproc/expat "XML 1.0 parser written in C"
textproc/glimpse text search engine
textproc/gnome-spell GNOME/Bonobo component for spell checking
textproc/gnuvd query the online Dutch Van Dale dictionary
textproc/gpdf "PDF viewer for GNOME"
textproc/libxml1 XML parsing library for GNOME
textproc/linuxdoc Linuxdoc SGML DTD
textproc/ocaml-rss Objective Caml library to parse RSS 2.0
textproc/ocaml-xml-light simple XML parser/printer for OCaml
textproc/p5-LibXML-Common perl interface for several perl XML modules
textproc/p5-Pod-Escapes library to resolve perl Pod escape sequences
textproc/p5-Pod-Simple framework for parsing the Perl Pod format
textproc/p5-XML-Sablotron perl interface to the Sablotron XSLT engine
textproc/pear-XML-Util XML utility class for PHP
textproc/pilot_makedoc convert text into the Doc format used by PalmPilots
textproc/py-Chart Python library for creating postscript or PDF charts
textproc/py-ElementTree pure-Python implementation of the ElementTree API
textproc/py-HappyDoc Python tool for generate Python API documents
textproc/py-cElementTree C implementation of the ElementTree API
textproc/py-jaxml Python module to easily generate XML/XHTML/HTML documents
textproc/py-rtf Rich Text Format document generation in Python
textproc/scrollkeeper Scrollkeeper Open Documentation Cataloging System
textproc/sgmlformat generate groff/HTML from linuxdoc/docbook SGML documents
textproc/textutils GNU text utilities
textproc/xerces xml parser for Java
textproc/markdown text-to-HTML conversion tool
textproc/eruby interprets Ruby code embedded in a text file
textproc/gonzui source code search engine
textproc/ruby-fastercsv faster Ruby CSV library
textproc/ruby-pdf-writer ruby extension for working with PDF documents
textproc/ruby-markaby HTML templating language for Ruby
textproc/ruby-fastri alternative to ruby ri command-line tool
textproc/p5-Text-Restructured implementation of reStructuredText parser
textproc/ruby-rubigen generic generator framework for Ruby
textproc/gtkaml XML parser that extends the Vala.Parser
textproc/py-epydoc python module API documentation generation tool
textproc/rarian documentation metadata library
textproc/ruby-randexp generate random strings from most regular expressions
textproc/ruby-templater system for generating files
textproc/ruby-htmlentities HTML entity encoding and decoding for Ruby
textproc/ruby-rss improved ruby RSS and Atom parser
textproc/p5-MojoX-Renderer-TT Template Toolkit renderer for Mojo
textproc/ruby-ascii85 encode/decode Adobe's binary-to-text
textproc/ruby-pdf-reader conforming pdf parser
textproc/hs-HaXml utilities for manipulating XML documents
textproc/chmsee html help viewer
textproc/hs-attoparsec fast combinator parsing for bytestrings
textproc/hs-attoparsec-iteratee adapter to convert attoparsec Parsers into Iteratees
textproc/hs-bytestring-nums parse numeric literals from bytestrings
textproc/hs-bytestring-show efficient conversion of values to readable byte strings
textproc/hs-heist xhtml templating system
textproc/hs-hexpat XML parser/formatter based on expat
textproc/hs-xml simple XML library
textproc/groff.mdoc groff man/mandoc macro package
textproc/hs-attoparsec-enumerator convert an Attoparsec parser into an iteratee
textproc/ruby-classifier module to allow Bayesian and other types of classifications
textproc/ruby-rtex ruby library to the LaTeX typesetting system
textproc/libxmlsd XML validation library
textproc/hs-polyparse alternative parser combinator libraries
textproc/py-vatnumber Python module to validate VAT numbers
textproc/hs-blaze-html fast HTML combinator library
textproc/hs-xmlhtml XML parser and renderer with HTML 5 quirks mode
textproc/hs-attoparsec-text fast combinator parsing for texts
textproc/libwbxml C library for handling WBXML documents
textproc/hs-tagsoup HTML/XML parsing library
textproc/ocaml-text library for dealing with unicode text
textproc/ocaml-xmlm streaming XML input/output for OCaml
textproc/hs-blaze-markup fast markup combinator library
textproc/py-rdflib library to manipulate RDF data
textproc/hs-xml-types basic types for representing XML
textproc/hs-libxml-sax Haskell bindings to the libXML2 SAX interface
textproc/ocaml-csv pure OCaml library to read/write CSV files
textproc/erl-edown EDoc extension for generating GitHub-flavored Markdown
textproc/erl-neotoma library for parsing expression grammars for Erlang
textproc/hs-bytestring-lexing parse literals from strict or lazy bytestrings
textproc/ruby-nori XML to Hash translator
textproc/ruby-gyoku Gyoku translates Ruby Hashes to XML
textproc/py-elementtidy HTML tree builder for ElementTree
textproc/godoc go documentation tool
textproc/go-xlsx library for reading and writing XLSX files
textproc/libxml++3 C++ wrapper for the libxml XML parser library
textproc/hs-scanner incremental combinator parsing for bytestrings
textproc/gxml GObject API that wraps around libxml2
textproc/hs-wl-pprint-text Wadler/Leijen pretty printer for text values
textproc/hs-stringsearch fast ByteString search and replace functions
textproc/hs-json JSON library
textproc/py-termcolor ANSII Color formatting for output in terminal
x11/tk/8.0 "graphical toolkit for Tcl"
x11/tk/8.3 graphical toolkit for Tcl
x11/tk/8.4 graphical toolkit for Tcl
www/tor-browser/https-everywhere Tor Browser add-on: force https where possible
www/tor-browser/tor-launcher Tor Browser add-on to manage tor instance
www/tor-browser/torbutton Tor Browser add-on for configuring Tor Browser settings
productivity/tryton/tryton client of the Tryton application platform
productivity/tryton/trytond server of the Tryton application platform
productivity/tryton/ldap_authentication trytond ldap_authentication module
productivity/tryton/country trytond country module
productivity/tryton/dashboard trytond dashboard module
productivity/tryton/calendar trytond calendar module
productivity/tryton/currency trytond currency module
productivity/tryton/ldap_connection trytond ldap_connection module
productivity/tryton/product trytond product module
productivity/tryton/timesheet trytond timesheet module
productivity/tryton/account_be trytond account_be module
productivity/tryton/company trytond company module
productivity/tryton/company_work_time trytond company_work_time module
productivity/tryton/account trytond account module
productivity/tryton/project trytond project module
productivity/tryton/google_maps trytond google_maps module
productivity/tryton/account_de_skr03 trytond account_de_skr03 module
productivity/tryton/party trytond party module
productivity/tryton/sale trytond sale module
productivity/tryton/account_invoice_history trytond account_invoice_history module
productivity/tryton/sale_opportunity trytond sale_opportunity module
productivity/tryton/stock_supply trytond stock_supply module
productivity/tryton/sale_price_list trytond sale_price_list module
productivity/tryton/stock_inventory_location trytond stock_inventory_location module
productivity/tryton/project_plan trytond project_plan module
productivity/tryton/calendar_todo trytond calendar_todo module
productivity/tryton/stock trytond stock module
productivity/tryton/account_stock_continental trytond account_stock_continental module
productivity/tryton/product_cost_fifo trytond product_cost_fifo module
productivity/tryton/project_revenue trytond project_revenue module
productivity/tryton/account_product trytond account_product module
productivity/tryton/account_stock_anglo_saxon trytond account_stock_anglo_saxon module
productivity/tryton/analytic_sale trytond analytic_sale module
productivity/tryton/calendar_classification trytond calendar_classification module
productivity/tryton/calendar_scheduling trytond calendar_scheduling module
productivity/tryton/party_siret trytond party_siret module
productivity/tryton/party_vcarddav trytond party_vcarddav module
productivity/tryton/product_cost_history trytond product_cost_history module
productivity/tryton/product_price_list trytond product_price_list module
productivity/tryton/purchase trytond purchase module
productivity/tryton/purchase_invoice_line_standalone trytond purchase_invoice_line_standalone module
productivity/tryton/stock_location_sequence trytond stock_location_sequence module
productivity/tryton/stock_product_location trytond stock_product_location module
productivity/tryton/account_invoice trytond account_invoice module
productivity/tryton/account_invoice_line_standalone trytond account_invoice_line_standalone module
productivity/tryton/stock_forecast trytond stock_forecast module
productivity/tryton/analytic_account trytond analytic_account module
productivity/tryton/analytic_invoice trytond analytic_invoice module
productivity/tryton/analytic_purchase trytond analytic_purchase module
productivity/tryton/stock_supply_day trytond stock_supply_day module
productivity/tryton/account_statement trytond account_statement module
productivity/tryton/sale_shipment_cost trytond sale_shipment_cost module
productivity/tryton/carrier_percentage trytond carrier_percentage module
productivity/tryton/carrier_weight trytond carrier_weight module
productivity/tryton/carrier trytond carrier module
productivity/tryton/purchase_shipment_cost trytond purchase_shipment_cost module
productivity/tryton/product_measurements trytond product_measurements module
productivity/tryton/stock_supply_forecast trytond stock_supply_forecast module
productivity/tryton/stock_lot trytond stock_lot module
productivity/tryton/production trytond production module
productivity/tryton/stock_split trytond stock_split module
productivity/tryton/stock_supply_production trytond stock_supply_production module
productivity/tryton/account_fr trytond account_fr module
productivity/tryton/project_invoice trytond project_invoice module
productivity/tryton/product_attribute trytond product_attribute module
productivity/tryton/sale_supply_drop_shipment trytond sale_supply_drop_shipment module
productivity/tryton/account_asset trytond account_asset module
productivity/tryton/sale_supply trytond sale_supply module
productivity/tryton/account_dunning trytond account_dunning module
productivity/tryton/timesheet_cost trytond timesheet_cost module
productivity/tryton/proteus library to access Tryton's models like a client
productivity/tryton/account_dunning_letter trytond account_dunning_letter module
productivity/tryton/sale_invoice_grouping trytond sale_invoice_grouping module
productivity/tryton/bank trytond bank module
productivity/tryton/account_payment trytond account_payment module
productivity/tryton/sale_credit_limit trytond sale_credit_limit module
productivity/tryton/sale_shipment_grouping trytond sale_shipment_grouping module
productivity/tryton/account_credit_limit trytond account_credit_limit module
productivity/tryton/account_invoice_stock trytond account_invoice_stock module
productivity/tryton/account_payment_sepa trytond account_payment_sepa module
productivity/tryton/party_relationship trytond party_relationship module
productivity/tryton/stock_package trytond stock_package module
x11/un-fonts/core core Asian truetype fonts designed by Koaunghi Un
x11/un-fonts/extra extra Asian truetype fonts designed by Koaunghi Un
net/unifi/5.6 controller for Ubiquiti uniFi (wifi/routing/switching/voip)
net/unifi/5.7 controller for Ubiquiti uniFi (wifi/routing/switching/voip)
net/unifi/5.8 controller for Ubiquiti uniFi (wifi/routing/switching/voip)
net/unifi/testing controller for Ubiquiti uniFi (wifi/routing/switching/voip)
net/unison/snapshot multi-platform file synchronization tool, beta version
net/unison/stable multi-platform file synchronization tool
emulators/vmware/3 VMware emulator
www/august html editor designed for the experienced web designer
www/bk2site convert Netscape bookmarks into a Yahoo-like website
www/cgilua "cgi tool for the lua language"
www/cssed CSS editor
www/decss strip cascading style sheets from webpages
www/elinks full-featured text WWW browser
www/galeon GNOME web browser based on gecko
www/gtkhtml "lightweight HTML rendering/printing/editing engine"
www/gtkhtml3 lightweight HTML rendering/printing/editing engine
www/junkbuster banner-ad blocking proxy server
www/konqueror-embedded stand-alone Qt-based web browser
www/kronolith web based calendar application using the horde framework
www/libghttp GNOME http client library
www/man2web convert man pages to HTML
www/mediawiki web-based collaborative editing environment
www/mindterm web-based java SSH client
www/minimo small, simple, and powerful web browser for mobile devices
www/mod_auth_bsd provides HTTP Basic authentication via bsd auth
www/mod_auth_kerb Apache Kerberos authentication module
www/mod_auth_ldap Apache LDAP authentication module
www/mod_auth_mysql Apache MySQL authentication module
www/mod_auth_radius Apache RADIUS authentication module
www/mod_dav class 1 and 2 DAV server for the Apache webserver
www/mod_fastcgi Apache FastCGI module
www/mod_frontpage Microsoft FrontPage Server extensions for Apache
www/mod_geoip Apache module for finding the country of web requests
www/mod_gzip transparently compress Apache output
www/mod_jk Apache-Tomcat AJP Connector
www/mod_layout Apache module for implementing a framework for doing design
www/mod_log_sql Apache module for logging to an SQL database
www/mod_mp3 turns Apache into an MP3 or Ogg streaming server
www/mod_perl module that embeds a Perl interpreter into Apache
www/mod_random Apache module that provides randomized services
www/mod_ruby module that embeds Ruby into Apache
www/mod_security Web intrusion detection and prevention engine
www/mod_text2html Apache module designed to replace text/plain handler
www/moodle learning management system
www/mycalendar lightweight and easy to use web calendar
www/nag multiuser task list manager
www/nscache Netscape cache browser
www/opera fast and customizable WWW browser
www/opera-flashplugin flash support for opera
www/p5-Apache-ASP Apache ASP support
www/p5-Apache-Test test wrapper with helpers for testing Apache
www/p5-CGI-SpeedyCGI speed up perl scripts by running them persistently
www/p5-HTML-Embperl embperl allows you to embed perl in your HTML documents
www/p5-HTTP-BrowserDetect determine web browser from an HTTP user agent string
www/p5-HTTP-GHTTP perl interface to the GNOME GHTTP library
www/p5-WWW-Curl perl binding for curl
www/p5-libapreq generic Apache Request library
www/pear-HTML-Common2 base package for HTML handling in PHP5
www/pear-HTML-QuickForm package provides methods for HTML forms
www/pecl-memcache PHP interface to memcached
www/phpicalendar web-based iCal file parser
www/plans powerful and flexible web calendar
www/reportmagic make pretty graphs from Analog logfiles
www/ruby-actionwebservice action controller and action view of rails MVC framework
www/ruby-rails ruby MVC web application framework
www/thttpd tiny/turbo/throttling HTTP server
www/transproxy transparent www proxy driver for pf
www/turba contact management module for Horde
www/twiki web-based collaboration platform
www/webcollab collaborative web-based system for project management
www/weblint perl lint program for html
www/wordpress standard compliant weblog
www/www6to4 IPv6 to IPv4 web proxy
www/xavante "lua web server with cgi support"
www/xmhtml Motif widget capable of displaying HTML 3.2 conforming text
www/xoops dynamic object oriented portal script written in PHP
www/zope-btreefolder2 "Zope folder-like product to store many more items"
www/zope-cmf Zope content management framework
www/zope-cmfquickinstaller facility for (de)activation of CMF compliant products
www/zope-coreblog weblog system for Zope
www/zope-externaleditor Zope product to use an external editor to edit Zope objects
www/zope-formulator framework that eases creation and validation of web forms
www/zope-fortune insert randomly-selected fortunes in your documents
www/zope-fscounter web page hit counter for Zope
www/zope-groupuserfolder tool to manage groups of users within Zope
www/zope-jtracker Zope-based issues tracker
www/zope-ldapuserfolder Zope LDAPUserFolder product
www/zope-logger logging product for Zope
www/zope-placelesstranslationservice translation service based on potfiles for Zope
www/zope-rdfsummary Zope product to display RSS files
www/zope-xmlmethods methods to apply to Zope objects for XML/XSLT processing
www/zope-zippy insert random 'Zippy the Pinhead' quotes in your documents
www/zope-zwiki Wiki engine for Zope
www/zopeedit client application for zope-externaleditor
www/wml Website META Language: off-line HTML generation toolkit
www/pyblosxom Python weblog system
www/gnash SWF player with Firefox browser plugin
www/phplist web-based double opt-in newsletter manager
www/mantis web based bug tracking
www/pecl-APC Alternative PHP Cache
www/zope-zsyncer synchronize and compare Zope objects
www/mod_bandwidth bandwidth limiter for Apache
www/mod_ldapvhost Apache LDAP based virtual hosts module
www/bricolage content management system
www/p5-CGI-Cookie-Spliter "splits big cookies into small pieces"
www/ruby-mongrel fast HTTP library and server for Ruby
www/mozplugger framework for loading web content in external viewers
www/p5-Catalyst-Engine-HTTP-POE single-threaded Catalyst engine based on POE
www/p5-WWW-Google-SiteMap perl interface to google sitemap protocol
www/py-cherrypy2 pythonic, object-oriented web development framework
www/py-turbogears Python web development megaframework
www/tntnet modular webapplication server for C++
www/vtigercrm customer relationship management (CRM) software
www/webgui fully featured mod_perl content management system
www/xcache fast and stable PHP opcode cacher
www/mod_scgi apache interface for SCGI servers
www/trac-adminplugin web admin plugin for trac
www/ap2-mod_fastcgi Apache2 FastCGI module
www/tikiwiki all-in-one wiki/groupware/CMS solution
www/ap2-mod_fcgid binary compatible alternative to Apache mod_fastcgi
www/mplayerplug-in embedded video player for mozilla
www/wordpress-mu multi user weblog
www/myreview web-based conference management software
www/pmwiki wiki-based system for collaborative creation of websites
www/py-beautifulsoup HTML/XML parser that supports invalid markup
www/ktdms web-based document management system
www/py-clientform handle HTML forms on the client side
www/ruby-activeresource wraps web resources in model classes
www/trac-ldapplugin ldap authentication plugin for trac
www/zendframework framework for developing PHP web applications
www/ruby-typo weblog system written in Ruby using Ruby on Rails
www/mod_encoding Apache module for non-ascii filename interoperability
www/ruby-activemerchant ruby library for handling credit card processor merchants
www/ntlmaps http proxy to authenticate using NTLM
www/py-nevow web application construction kit
www/raggle console RSS aggregator
www/ezpublish professional PHP application framework
www/p5-Apache-Reload reload changed modules for mod_perl
www/firefox3 redesign of Mozilla's browser component
www/webkit open source web browser engine for Gtk+
www/swfdec-plugin Flash plugin for Mozilla browsers
www/timetrex web-based payroll and time management suite
www/plone-ldap LDAP adapter for Plone
www/plone-massloader .zip file importer for Plone
www/zope-pluggableauthservice PluggableAuthService for Plone
www/plone-formgen generic form generator for Plone
www/zope-ldapmultiplugins PluggableAuthService plugins that use LDAP
www/zope-pluginregistry pluggable architecture for Zope
www/zope-genericsetup framework for expressing the configured state of a Zope Site
www/ruby-thin_http lightweight and user friendly HTTP client library for Ruby
www/epiphany-extensions collection of extensions for Epiphany
www/py-zine personal publishing platform / weblog engine
www/mod_auth_pgsql Apache PostgreSQL authentication module
www/ajaxterm web-based SSH client
www/pecl-swish PHP interface to swish-e
www/piwik open source web analytics software program
www/ruby-httpclient library to access web resources via HTTP
www/py-routes re-implementation of the rails routes system
www/gecko-mediaplayer gnome-mplayer browser media plugin
www/cms-ms easy to use and powerfull CMS
www/ruby-rest-client simple REST client for Ruby
www/php-openid OpenID authentication for PHP
www/py-webhelpers helper functions focused on web applications
www/py-weberror web error handling and exception catching
www/tt-rss webbased rss reader with standalone look and feel
www/py-webkitgtk python bindings for the WebKit GTK+ port
www/concrete5 building material for websites
www/p5-RTx-Tags Tag Cloud for RT with searchable custom fields
www/pecl-uploadprogress PHP upload progress meter
www/pecl-geoip PHP support for geocoding IPv4 addresses
www/firefox35 Mozilla web browser
www/pecl-pcntl PHP support for process control
www/pecl-phar support for PHP archives (.phar)
www/hotjava "Sun's Hotjava web browser"
www/flashplugin "Macromedia Flash Player, Netscape plugin"
www/jserv "Tomcat (Servlet/JSP) - Apache Connector"
www/zope "object-oriented web application server"
www/tracnav customizable navigation bar for trac's wiki
www/sabredav php5 WebDAV server
www/statusnet open source micro messaging platform
www/community-id PHP OpenID implementation
www/mediawiki-httpauth MediaWiki extension for http based authentication
www/py-pylons rapid web application development framework
www/py-htmltmpl templating engine for separation of code and HTML
www/xxxterm vi-like minimalists web browser
www/puppet-dashboard overview of your Puppet ecosystem
www/firefox36 Mozilla web browser
www/hs-html HTML combinator library
www/mediawiki-CategoryTree dynamic view of the wiki's category structure as a tree
www/hs-xhtml XHTML combinator library
www/hs-cgi CGI library for Haskell
www/mollify simple and clean multi-user web file manager
www/vteplugin npapi vte-based terminal for web browsers
www/hs-snap-core Snap Haskell Web Framework
www/hs-snap-server Snap Haskell Web Framework Server
www/hs-xhtml-combinators fast and easy to use XHTML 1.0 Strict combinators
www/flyspray web-based bug tracking system
www/fluxbb fast, light, user-friendly web forum
www/rackmonkey web-based tool for managing racks of equipment
www/ruby-rack-mount stackable dynamic tree based Rack router
www/ruby-railties glues the Ruby on Rails framework together
www/ruby-jekyll simple, blog aware, static site generator
www/conkeror keyboard-oriented Mozilla-based browser
www/node V8 JavaScript for clients and servers
www/webacula bacula(8) web interface
www/mongrel2 language agnostic asynchronous web server
www/fennec Mozilla mobile web browser
www/p5-WWW-YouTube-Download simple YouTube interface for downloading videos
www/gtkhtml4 lightweight HTML rendering/printing/editing engine
www/arora simple Qt4-based browser using WebKit
www/py-webdav standards compliant Python WebDAV server and library
www/chive web-based MySQL management
www/mono-xsp ASP.NET implementations for Mono
www/hs-webkit WebKit bindings for Haskell
www/hs-snap Snap project starter and glue code library
www/hs-wai web application interface
www/hs-warp web server for WAI applications
www/hs-http-types generic HTTP types for Haskell
www/photoshow easy to use web gallery
www/ruby-rack-cache HTTP Caching for Rack
www/ruby-rack-ssl force SSL/TLS in your rack app
www/cclive media download tool
www/owncloud easy and universal access to shared and/or personal files
www/hs-clientsession securely store session data in a client-side cookie
www/phpmemcachedadmin memcached server admin in PHP
www/xombrero vi-like minimalists web browser
www/bacula-web monitoring and reporting tool for bacula(8)
www/zurmo customer relationship management (CRM) software
www/glpi asset management software
www/hs-snap-loader-dynamic Snap framework dynamic loader
www/hs-snap-loader-static Snap framework static loader
www/gitlist elegant and modern git repository browser
www/squid27 WWW and FTP proxy cache and accelerator
www/silverstripe innovative open source CMS and framework
www/erl-webmachine REST-based system for building web applications
www/erl-mochiweb Erlang library for building lightweight HTTP servers
www/kwebkitpart Webkit-based KPart for KDE
www/hs-http-attoparsec attoparsec parsers for http-types
www/newsbeuter open-source RSS/Atom feed reader for text terminals
www/opengroupware web based groupware server
www/phantomjs headless WebKit scriptable with a JavaScript API
www/pecl-http extended HTTP support
www/ruby-savon heavy meatl SOAP client
www/ruby-httpi common interface for Ruby's HTTP libraries
www/ruby-wasabi simple WSDL parser
www/apache-httpd-openbsd OpenBSD improved and secured version of Apache 1.3
www/py-wtools WSDL parsing services package for Python
www/dwb lightweight webkit-based browser with vi-like controls
www/py-sockjs-tornado sockjs python server implementation for tornado
www/surf2 simple webbrowser based on webkit/gtk+
www/p5-Headers-Fast faster implementation of HTTP::Headers
www/casperjs navigation scripting and testing utility for PhantomJS
www/py3-multidict multidict implementation
www/py3-aiohttp http client/server for asyncio
www/pecl56-pecl_http extended HTTP support
www/pecl56-propro reusable split of pecl_http's property proxy API
www/pecl56-raphf persistent handle and resource factory API
www/pecl56-ssh2 PHP bindings for the libssh2 library
www/pecl56-memcached PHP interface to memcached via libmemcached
www/ruby-xmlrpc XMLRPC library for Ruby
x11/855resolution "change resolution on available vbios mode for i855/865/915"
x11/915resolution change resolution on available vbios modes for i8x5/9x5
x11/cwm "calm window manager"
x11/dclock digital clock with optional military time and alarm
x11/devilspie window manipulation tool
x11/emiclock hyper-animated face analog clock for X11
x11/explorer file manager with same look and feel as Windows95(tm)
x11/freefonts collection of ATM fonts from the CICA archives
x11/fvwm95 win95-like window manager based on fvwm 2.x
x11/gatos-bin ATI drivers with full xvideo support
x11/golem fast and light window manager with plug-ins
x11/gromit small tool to make annotations on the screen
x11/gtk+ General Toolkit for X11 GUI
x11/gtk+extra GTK+2 Extra Widget Set
x11/gtk-engines sample theme engines for GTK+ provided with GNOME
x11/gtk-theme-switch switch GTK+ themes quickly
x11/gtk-thinice-engine simple, clean theme engine for GTK+2
x11/gtk2-clearlooks-engine GTK+ 2.x engine based on Bluecurve
x11/gtop "GNOME version of top"
x11/jmk-fonts nice fixed width fonts, easy on the eye
x11/kdirstat graphical disk usage utility for KDE
x11/lablgtk OCaml interface to GTK+
x11/kmplayer front-end/embeddable KPart for MPlayer
x11/kountdown screen saver that displays a countdown to a selected date
x11/lesstif API-compatible clone of the Motif toolkit
x11/mplayer-fontmaker subtitle fonts generator for mplayer
x11/msttcorefonts Microsoft TrueType core fonts
x11/olvwm OpenLook Virtual Window manager
x11/p5-Gtk set of modules to use Gtk+ libraries from Perl
x11/paragui cross-platform high-level application framework
x11/pbrowser graphical ports system frontend
x11/py-Gtk Gtk bindings for Python
x11/qinx QNX Photon inspired theme for KDE
x11/qlwm qt-based window manager
x11/qt2-designer designer for qt2
x11/quadkonsole terminal application that embeds Konsole for KDE
x11/qvwm Windows 95/98/NT like window manager
x11/ruby-gtk Ruby extension library for GTK Toolkit
x11/sliderule slide rule component of X11R3's xcalc
x11/swisswatch Swiss railway clock emulation
x11/terminus-font fixed width fonts especially for long hacking sessions
x11/ttmkfdir "create fonts.scale file for the TrueType font server"
x11/wmpinboard wm-dockapp; resembling a miniature pin board
x11/wmtheme window manager theme utility
x11/wmthemeinstall neat theme manager for Window Maker
x11/wterm color vt102 terminal emulator with transparency support
x11/xaniroc animate your root-cursor
x11/xawtv TV viewing application for bktr(4) cards
x11/xcompmgr sample X Compositing Manager
x11/xdmchoose alternative xdm-invoked chooser
x11/xfed X11 fonts (.bdf files) editor
x11/xfedor .bdf, .xbm, .xpm mouse cursor editor
x11/xfishtank fish swim in the background of your screen
x11/xfm X11 File Manager
x11/xgrab X11 image grabber
x11/xlogout simple logout button
x11/xmascot moving mascot on your X11 screen
x11/xmbdfed Motif tool for editing X11 bitmap fonts
x11/xmold mold spreading over your X11 screen
x11/xsnow snowy and Santa-y desktop
x11/xtattr changing xterm attributes
x11/xtraceroute graphical version of traceroute
x11/aterm color vt102 terminal emulator with transparency support
x11/qrfcview viewer for IETF RFCs
x11/py-osd python bindings to the XOSD library
x11/mrxvt multi-tabbed terminal emulator
x11/gaim-guifications "MSN style 'toaster' popups plugin for Gaim"
x11/py-Xlib fully functional X client library for Python programs
x11/pypanel lightweight panel written in Python and C for X11
x11/extace audio visualization plugin for the X-Window System
x11/gaia 3D earth viewer with GPS support
x11/desktop-file-utils "utilities for working with desktop entries"
x11/p5-Gnome2-Canvas Perl bindings for the 2.x series of the GNOME Canvas widget
x11/driftnet network sniffer that grabs and displays images
x11/liberation-fonts substitute for MS TTF core fonts
x11/libsexy collection of additional GTK widgets
x11/ecoliercourt-fonts dip pen style TTF fonts
x11/hs-x11-extras missing bindings to the X11 graphics library for GHC
x11/sisctrl display control panel for SiS driver
x11/py-gtksourceview python bindings for the GtkSourceView library
x11/py-qt3 python Qt3 bindings
x11/gdesklets mini programs for your desktop
x11/arabeyes-ttf Arabeyes TrueType Arabic fonts
x11/farsiweb-ttf FarsiWeb free TrueType Farsi fonts
x11/gdevilspie gui to configure devilspie rules
x11/tint lightweight freedesktop-compliant panel/taskbar/clock
x11/freefont-ttf free UCS outline fonts
x11/fltk2 fast light toolkit
x11/wqy-zenhei-ttf Wen Quan Yi Zen Hei outline font
x11/wqy-bitmapfont Wen Quan Yi bitmap song CJK fonts
x11/scrotwm small tiling window manager
x11/dejavu-fonts TrueType fonts based on the Bitstream Vera fonts
x11/gtksourceviewmm C++ wrapper for gtksourceview
x11/awn avant window navigator
x11/farsifonts-ttf ISIRI 6219 conforming Farsi fonts
x11/inconsolata-font monospace font designed for coders
x11/freefarsi-ttf free TrueType Persian fonts
x11/pinot personal search and metasearch
x11/spranq-ecofont-ttf ink-saving font based on Vera Sans
x11/py-kiwi framework and a set of enhanced PyGTK widgets
x11/droid-fonts nice looking fonts as found on the android devices
x11/farsi-bfonts-ttf farsi bornaray fonts
x11/hs-X11 bindings to the X11 graphics library for GHC
x11/hs-xmonad-contrib third party xmonad extensions
x11/ptsans free Cyrillic fonts
x11/bluetile modern tiling window manager
x11/hs-gtk Haskell bindings to gtk+2
x11/polkit-gnome PolicyKit authentication agent for GNOME/GTK+
x11/polkit-qt4 PolicyKit authentication agent for for Qt4
x11/video record and display with video(4)
x11/anonymous-pro fixed width sans font designed especially for coders
x11/partiwm tiling window manager
x11/hs-X11-xft bindings for GHC to Xft, Freetype and Xrender
x11/league-fonts fonts from the League of Moveable Type
x11/ruby-profligacy friendly JRuby interface to Swing
x11/gtksourceviewmm3 C++ wrapper for gtksourceview3
x11/gtk3-engines collection of theme engines for GTK+3
x11/i3bar status and workspace bar for i3
x11/cantarell-fonts humanist sans-serif font family
x11/gpointing-device-settings tool for setting pointing devices
x11/sis-gnome typical installation of a gnome desktop manager
x11/libdesktop-agnostic desktop-agnostic library, apis and tools
x11/ruby-qt4 ruby bindings for Qt4
x11/gtkglextmm C++ bindings for gtkglext
x11/hs-dbus Haskell implementation of the D-Bus protocol
x11/grantlee template and text document library for Qt4
x11/kde-shared-data common run-time components for KDE3
x11/libkscreen KDE screen management software
x11/yakuake-kde4 quake-style terminal emulator for KDE 4
x11/tellico-kde4 organizer for book/music/video collections for KDE4
x11/polkit-qt PolicyKit authentication agent for Qt
x11/qt5styleplugins Qt5 style plugins
base/xenocara/meta Xenocara meta package for building
base/xenocara/release Xenocara meta package for release
x11/xfce4/gtk-xfce-engine Xfce4 theme engine for Gtk+2
x11/xfce4/libxfce4mcs settings management library used by most xfce4 modules
x11/xfce4/libxfcegui4 Xfce4 widget library
x11/xfce4/xfcalendar "simple calendar application with reminders for xfce4"
x11/xfce4/xfce-mcs-manager settings manager for xfce4
x11/xfce4/xfce-mcs-plugins settings manager plug-ins for xfce4
x11/xfce4/xfce-utils Xfce4 essential utilities and scripts
x11/xfce4/xfce4-iconbox "graphical alternative to xfce-utils taskbar"
x11/xfce4/xfce4-lua-graph lua driven plugin for the xfce4 panel
x11/xfce4/xfce4-minicmd "puts a small entry widget onto your panel"
x11/xfce4/xfce4-showdesktop "hides/unhides all unsticky windows with one click"
x11/xfce4/xfce4-systray "xfce4 notification area/system tray for the panel"
x11/xfce4/xfce4-taskbar "taskbar plugin for the xfce4 panel"
x11/xfce4/xfce4-toys "tips/fortune dialog, xeyes for the xfce4 panel"
x11/xfce4/xfce4-trigger-launcher "provides a toggle button showing on/off state for xfce4-panel"
x11/xfce4/xffm "xfce4 file manager"
x11/xfce4/xfce4-bglist-editor editor for XFCE's backdrop list
x11/xfce4/orage Xfce4 advanced calendar
x11/xfce4/notification-daemon-xfce Xfce4 notification daemon
x11/xfce4/thunar-thumbnailers Thunar additional thumbnailers plugin
x11/xfce4/xfprint Xfce4 printing helper
x11/xfce4/xfce4-wmdock Xfce4 WindowMaker dockapps wrapper panel plugin
x11/xfce4/libxfce4menu Xfce4 compliant menu implementation
x11/xfce4/xfce4-modemlights Xfce4 ppp connection monitor panel plugin
x11/xfce4/xfce4-quicklauncher Xfce4 quicklauncher panel plugin
x11/xfce4/thunar-vfs Thunar old vfs compat
x11/xfce4/xfce4-statusnotifier Xfce4 panel area for status notifier items
x11/xview/clients OpenLook applications and man pages
x11/xview/config OpenLook Toolkit config files
x11/xview/lib OpenLook Toolkit libs, includes, and man pages
mail/zarafa/libical modified libical library for Zarafa
mail/zarafa/webaccess zarafa webaccess frontend
mail/zarafa/libvmime modified libvmime library for Zarafa
mail/zarafa/webapp next generation web interface for Zarafa
www/zope/2.9 object-oriented web application server
www/zope/2.10 object-oriented web application server