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Version: 2.2.1, Package name: py-cookies-2.2.1
Maintained by: Kurt Mosiejczuk
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  • python3
cookies.py is a Python module for working with HTTP cookies: parsing
and rendering 'Cookie:' request headers and 'Set-Cookie:' response
headers, and exposing a convenient API for creating and modifying
cookies. It can be used as a replacement of Python's Cookie.py (aka


Rendering according to the excellent new RFC 6265 (rather than using
a unique ad hoc format inconsistently relating to unrealistic, very
old RFCs which everyone ignored). Uses URL encoding to represent
non-ASCII by default, like many other languages' libraries

Liberal parsing, incorporating many complaints about Cookie.py
barfing on common cookie formats which can be reliably parsed (e.g.
search 'cookie' on the Python issue tracker)

Well-documented code, with chapter and verse from RFCs (rather than
arbitrary, undocumented decisions and huge tables of magic values,
as you see in Cookie.py).

Test coverage at 100%, with a much more comprehensive test suite
than Cookie.py

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  • (2019-11-08) Package added to openports.se, version py-cookies-2.2.1 (created)
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