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Version: 2.9, Package name: zope-2.9.8p3
Maintained by: The OpenBSD ports mailing-list
Master sites:
Zope is the leading Open Source web application server. Zope enables
teams to collaborate in the creation and management of dynamic
web-based business applications such as intranets and portals. Zope
makes it easy to build features such as site search, news,
personalization, and e-commerce into your web applications.

Zope consists of a number of components which work together to
provide a complete yet flexible application server package. Zope
includes an Internet server, a transactional object database, a
search engine, a web page templating system, a through the web
development and management tool, and comprehensive extension support.

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Version History (View Complete History)
  • (2010-04-15) Package deleted from Ports
  • (2009-09-16) Updated to version: zope-2.9.8p3
  • (2009-03-12) Updated to version: zope-2.9.8p2
  • (2009-01-04) Updated to version: zope-2.9.8p1
  • (2008-03-20) Package added to, version zope-2.9.8p0 (created)
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CVS Commit History:

   2010-04-13 18:08:16 by Federico G. Schwindt | Files touched by this commit (9)
Log message:
Remove old and not longer supported Zope 2.9.
   2009-09-15 11:37:22 by Jasper Lievisse Adriaanse | Files touched by this commit (83)
Log message:
remove marc balmer as maintainer of all of his ports, to take away the
illusion marc still maintains them. as requested by himself.
   2009-03-11 13:16:32 by Bernd Ahlers | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
bump because of python dep changes
   2009-01-03 14:27:26 by Matthias Kilian | Files touched by this commit (22)
Log message:
MODPY_EXPAT_DEPENDS doesn't exist any longer.
While here, update PLISTs, some WANTLIBs, some license
markers and use MODPY_EGG_VERSION where it may help to
keep future PLIST diffs smaller.
help, nitpicking and ok jasper@, ok wcmaier@
note that print/py-reportlab/reportlab needs some more