Category listing - x11

2bwm fast floating window manager
abclock analogue bitmap clock
adwaita-qt GNOME Shell style for Qt applications
aewm minimalistic window manager for X11
afterstep window manager, continuation of the Bowman NeXTSTEP clone
amiwm Amiga Workbench lookalike window manager
arandr XRandR GUI
asapm Advanced Power Management monitor utility for X
asclock afterstep clock with some language extensions
asfiles X11 file manager. Dockable in Window Maker
astime wm-dockapp; Time/Date applet
autocutsel keep X clipboard and cutbuffer in sync
autorandr automates xrandr calls based on connect devices
awesome highly configurable framework window manager
bbdate displays the date and resembles the toolbar
bbkeys X keygrabber for blackbox
bbpager pager for the Blackbox window manager
bclock round, analog X11 clock with bezier curve hands
belt Small menubar for X11 written in Perl/Tk
bemenu menu library inspired by dmenu
bgs simple background setter
blackbox small & pretty window manager for 8 and more bits displays
blast blow holes through windows
bricons quick start-up utility for applications on an X11 display
bspwm binary space partitioning window manager
bwidget high-level widget set for Tcl/Tk
byzi confine pointer and keyboard events to a Tk window sub-tree
cegui widgets library for graphics engines
chbg desktop wallpaper manager and X11 screensaver
coma keyboard driven tiling window manager
compton lightweight compositor for X, forked from xcompmgr-dana
cool-retro-term good looking terminal emulator which mimics old CRT displays
ctwm twm, plus support for multiple virtual screens, etc
dbus message bus system
dbus-glib glib bindings for dbus message system
dbus-intf high level interface to dbus-tcl
dbus-python dbus bindings for Python
dbus-tcl dbus bindings for Tcl
dbusmenu-qt D-Bus menu implementation for Qt
dmenu dynamic menu for X11
driconf configuration utility for DRI drivers
dstat dwm status bar statistics
dunst customizable and lightweight notification-daemon
dwm dynamic window manager
dzen2 general purpose messaging, notification and menu program
e16keyedit edit enlightenment's keybindings
echinus simple, lightweight tiling and floating window manager
emelfm2 GTK based file manager with two-pane design
enlightenment themed window manager
eterm color X11 terminal emulator with transparency support
evilwm minimalist window manager for the X Window System
faba-icon-theme sexy and modern icon theme with Tango influences
faenza-icon-theme complete, colourful suite of squared icons
fbpanel lightweight NETWM compliant desktop panel
fleditor text editor widget for FLTK
fltk Fast-Light Tool Kit
fluxbox window manager based on the original Blackbox code
fluxter slit pager for fluxbox window manager
flvw FLTK Virtual styles, list, table, and complex table Widgets
flwm fast-light window manager
freerdp client for Microsoft RDP (remote desktop protocol)
fsv 3D filesystem visualizer
fvwm2 multiple virtual desktop window manager
gammapage gamma-adjusting utility
gbdfed GTK-based BDF font editor
gcolor2 color selector in GTK2
gentoo GTK+2 graphical filemanager
gigolo GVfs mountpoint manager
girara user interface library from pwmt
gmrun X11 program launcher
gmtk gnome-mplayer toolkit
gnome-colors-icon-theme complete, multi-colored suite of icons
gnome-mplayer GTK+/GNOME frontend for MPlayer
gob2 GTK+ Object Builder
goggles gui for ogle
grantlee-qt5 template and text document library for Qt5
greybird desktop suite theme for Xfce
gromit-mpx draw annotations on X11
gtk+2 multi-platform graphical toolkit
gtk+3 multi-platform graphical toolkit
gtk+4 multi-platform graphical toolkit
gtk-chtheme gtk+-2 theme switcher
gtk-engines2 collection of theme engines for GTK+2
gtk-vnc VNC viewer widget for GTK
gtk2-aurora-engine Aurora GTK+2 engine
gtk2-equinox-engine Equinox GTK+2 engine
gtk2-murrine-engine beautiful glass-like GTK+ 2.x engine and themes
gtk2-nodoka-engine GTK+2 engine from Fedora
gtk2-oxygen-engine KDE Oxygen widget theme for GTK
gtk2-rezlooks-engine Clearlooks based GTK+ 2.x engine
gtk2-theme-switch switch GTK+2 themes quickly
gtk2mm C++ interface for gtk2+
gtk3-oxygen-engine KDE Oxygen widget theme for GTK+3
gtk3-unico-engine Unico GTK+3 engine
gtk3mm C++ interface for gtk3+
gtkdatabox GTK+2 widget to display large amounts of numerical data
gtkglarea OpenGL widget for GTK+2 GUI toolkit
gtkglext OpenGL extension to GTK+ 2.0 and later
gtkhotkey platform independent hotkey handling for Gtk+ applications
gtkmm40 C++ bindings for GTK+
gtksourceview text widget that extends GTK2's GtkTextView widget
gtksourceview3 text widget that extends the GTK3 GtkTextView widget
gtksourceview4 text widget that extends the GTK3 GtkTextView widget
gtksourceview5 text widget that extends the GTK4 GtkTextView widget
gxmessage GTK+3 based xmessage(1) clone
herbstluftwm manual tiling window manager
hicolor-icon-theme fallback theme of the icon theme specification
hsetroot wallpaper changer, works with compositors
human-icon-theme Human icon theme from Ubuntu
i3 improved dynamic tiling window manager
i3-gaps improved dynamic tiling window manager, fork with gaps
i3-mousedrag improved dynamic tiling window manager, fork with mouse drag
i3lock improved screen locker
i3status generate a statusbar for use with i3/xmobar/dzen2
icewm small and fast window manager
icon-naming-utils compatibility tools from the Tango project
icontool suite of tools for managing icons in an application
idesk put clickable icons on the desktop
industrial-icon-theme Industrial icon theme from OpenSUSE
ion light, keyboard friendly window manager
irrlicht fast, real time 3D engine
isomaster gui cd image editor
itk build mega-widgets using the Itcl object system
iwidgets Iwidgets Mega Widget Set
jgmenu freedesktop-compliant menu for openbox and tint2
jwm Joe's Window Manager
keybinder3 GTK+3 library for registering keyboard shortcuts
keynav turns your keyboard into a fast pointer mover
kitty fast, feature full, GPU-based terminal emulator
klavaro touch typing tutor program
krusader twin panel file manager for KDE
lablgtk2 OCaml interface to GTK+2
lablgtk3 OCaml interface to GTK+3
lemonbar featherweight lemon-scented bar
lemonbar-xft featherweight lemon-scented bar with XFT support
libappindicator library for exporting menus to a desktop environment
libdbus-c++ C++ API for dbus
libdbusmenu D-Bus menu implementation for Gtk
libdnd drag and drop library
libfakekey library for converting characters to X key-presses
libgdiplus GDI+ comptible API
libhandy building blocks for modern adaptive GNOME apps
libindicator convenience functions for desktop indicators
libqaccessibilityclient Qt-based library for writing accessibility apps
libqtolm qt5 bindings for olm
libquotient Qt5 library for writing cross-platform Matrix clients
libxdg-basedir implementation of the XDG Base Directory specification
lightly modern style for Qt applications
lsw list titles of running X windows
lumina Lumina Desktop Environment
lupe real-time magnifying glass for X11
lxappearance GTK 2 and 3 Theme Switcher from LXDE
lxrandr simple xrandr config tool
lxterminal vte-based terminal emulator of LXDE
menu-cache caching mechanism for compliant menus
menumaker menu generation utility for X window managers
mlterm color terminal emulator with unicode support
mlvwm Macintosh-like virtual window manager
moka-icon-theme minimal, flat style icon theme
mono-gtk2 .NET language binding for the GTK+2 toolkit
motif Motif toolkit
mouseclock display the current time using the X11 root cursor
mowitz widgets library
mplayer movie player supporting many formats
mruby-zest single window & tabbed version of the ZynAddSubFX interface
mterm dockable program launcher
mxconns interactive X11 proxy with selective X request replacement
nagstamon nagios status monitor for the Desktop
netwmpager small EWMH compliant pager
neXtaw libXaw widget set replacement
nitrogen background browser and setter for X11
numlockx start X11 with NumLock turned on
obconf configuration utility for openbox
obmenu Openbox menu editor
ogle DVD player
ogle_gui GUI for ogle
ogre 3D rendering engine
openbox small, fast & usable window manager
oroborus minimalistic X11 window manager
osd_clock xosd based clock
p5-AnyEvent-I3 communicate with the i3 window manager
p5-Clipboard Perl extension to access the x11 clipboard
p5-Gtk2 set of modules to use Gtk+2 libraries from Perl
p5-Gtk2-Ex-FormFactory framework which makes building complex GUIs easy
p5-Gtk2-Ex-PodViewer Gtk2 widget for displaying Plain old Documentation (POD)
p5-Gtk2-Ex-Simple-List simple interface to Gtk2 complex MVC list widget
p5-Gtk2-GladeXML Glade 2.x support for Gtk2-Perl
p5-Gtk2-ImageView Perl bindings to the GtkImageView image viewer widget
p5-Gtk3 Perl interface to Gtk+3
p5-Tk Tk 8.4 bindings for Perl
p5-Tk-ProgressBar-Mac widget that looks just like a Mac OS 9 progress bar
p5-Tk-Splash splash screen widget
p5-Tk-Stderr capture standard error output, display in separate window
p5-Tk-TableMatrix create and manipulate tables
p5-Tkx Tk extension module for Perl
p5-Wx interface to the wxWidgets cross-platform GUI toolkit
p5-X-Osd Perl extension to the X On Screen Display library (xosd)
p5-X11-Protocol provides an interface roughly equivalent to Xlib
p5-X11-Protocol-Other extras and helpers for X11::Protocol
paper-gtk-theme modern desktop flat theme suite
paper-icon-theme modern freedesktop flat icon theme
parcellite lightweight GTK+ clipboard manager
pcmanfm fast and lightweight file manager
peksystray compliant system tray
pekwm aewm++ based pretty themable window manager
picom lightweight compositor for X11
pidgin-guifications MSN style 'toaster' popups plugin for Pidgin
pidgin-libnotify pidgin plugin to display messages through libnotify
piewm tvtwm with pie (circular) menus
pmenu contextual radial menu for X11
podbrowser graphical documentation browser for Perl
polkit-qt5 PolicyKit authentication agent for Qt
polybar fast and easy-to-use status bar
pwm lightweight window manager with emphasis on usability
py-gtk2 GTK+2 Python bindings
py-pyglet windowing and multimedia library for Python
py-qt5 Python bindings for Qt5
py-qtawesome FontAwesome icons in PyQt and PySide applications
py-qtpy provides an abstraction layer of various Qt bindings
py-sip-qt5 sip module support for PyQt5
py-virtualdisplay Python wrapper for Xvfb, Xephyr and Xvnc
py-wxPython Python bindings for wxWidgets C++ class library
py-xcbgen X C Binding - protocol binding generator
qdirstat Qt-based directory statistics
qt4 C++ X11 GUI toolkit
qt5ct Qt5 configuration tool
qtfm desktop-independent Unix file manager
qwt Qt widgets for technical applications
ratmen launch commands with your keyboard
ratpoison minimal wm based on GNU screen
rdesktop open source client for Windows Terminal Server
remmina GTK+ remote desktop client
rendercheck X Render extension test suite
rep-gtk GTK+ binding for librep Lisp environment
retrosmart-icon-theme Haiku OS style icon theme
root-tail tails a given file anywhere on your X11 root window
rox-filer GTK+-2 file manager with desktop features
roxterm highly configurable terminal emulator
ruby-dbus Ruby implementation of the D-Bus protocol
ruby-tk ruby graphical tooklit using Tk
rxvt-unicode clone of rxvt with Unicode and Xft support
sakura GTK and VTE based terminal emulator
sawfish extensible window manager
sclock simple digital clock
screenkey display keypresses on screen
sct set the color temperature of the screen
skippy full-screen X11 task-switcher like Apple's Expose
slim simple login manager
slim-themes slim themes bundle
slock simple X screen locker
smplayer complete front-end for MPlayer and MPV
smtube browse and download YouTube videos
spectrwm small tiling window manager
spice-gtk GTK client and libraries for SPICE remote desktop servers
sselp print X selection to standard out
st simple X terminal
stalonetray stand-alone tray for EWMH-compliant window managers
stumpwm easily hackable Common LISP window manager
swarp simple pointer warping for X
sxhkd simple X hotkey daemon
tabbed simple generic tabbed frontend
tangerine-icon-theme Tangerine icon theme from Ubuntu
tango-icon-theme Tango icon theme
tango-icon-theme-extras Tango icon theme extras for GNOME and KDE
tellico organizer for book/dvd/music collections
terminator GTK3 terminal emulator with split-window and tabs support
textsuggest auto-complete and text expansion in X11
thewidgetfactory showcase for GTK+ 2 widgets
tigervnc high performance, multi-platform VNC client and server
tilda drop-down terminal emulator
tint2 freedesktop-compliant panel
tkcon enhanced Tk console
tkdnd drag n drop extension for Tk
tkhtml Tk widget to display HTML/CSS formatted contents
tktable table/matrix widget extension to Tcl/Tk
tktray system tray icon support for Tk
tktreectrl tree widget extension for Tk
transset-df manage opacity property of windows, extended version
trayer lightweight GTK2-based systray
treewm tree window manager
tvtwm twm with a virtual desktop
type1inst Type1 font installation helper
unclutter hides idle X11 cursor
uwm lightweight WM with an original look and feel
vdesk virtual desktop manager
viewfax display files containing g3 and/or g4 coded fax pages
virt-viewer graphics viewer for KVM guest displays
vlc VideoLAN client; multimedia player
waimea virtual desktop manager for X11
wampager waimea mini pager
wbar Mac OS-X style lightweight application launcher
wind small standards-compliant window manager
windowlab small and simple window manager of novel design
windowmaker window manager that emulates NEXTSTEP(tm)
windowmaker-extra themes and icons for Window Maker
winwrangler desktop daemon to perform advanced window manipulations
wm2 stylish window manager
wmbutton wm-dockapp; application launching program
wmcalclock wm-dockapp; calendar/clock
wmclock Window Maker clock
wmclockmon WindowMaker clock
wmctrl interact with an EWMH/NetWM window manager
wmdate wm-dockapp; shows the current date
wmfishtime wm-dockapp; clock application with clock, date and fish
wmi window manager improved - key driven window manager
wmii dynamic window manager
wminfo wm-dockapp; displays scrolling text
wmitime wm-dockapp; shows the date, time, and Internet time
wmmenu wm-dockapp; A popup menu of icons that launch programs
wmname sets the window manager name property of the root window
wmtime time/date applet for WindowMaker
wmtz wm-dockapp; displays the time in different time zones
wmweather wm-dockapp; weather monitor
wmx minimal window manager
worker Midnight Commander-like file manager for X
wxglade GUI designer for wxWidgets/wxPython user interfaces
wxSVG C++ library to create, manipulate and render SVG files
wxWidgets C++ cross-platform GUI toolkit
x11vnc VNC server for real X displays
x2goclient Qt client for the X2Go system
x2vnc one keyboard and/or mouse, multiple X and VNC displays
x2x one keyboard/mouse to multiple X displays
xantfarm ant hill simulation on X11 root window
xarchive GTK+2 front-end for command line archiving tools
xarchiver simple archive manager
xautolock fire up programs in case of user inactivity under X
Xaw3d 3D Athena Widget set that looks like Motif
XawMu modern look Athena widgets
xbae Motif-based table widget
xbanish utility to automatically hide X11 cursor when typing
xbindkeys bind keys or mouse buttons to shell commands under X11
xcalib tiny monitor calibration loader for XFree86 or
xcape configure a modifier key when pressed and released by itself
xcb tool for managing X11 cut-buffers
xchm display chm files
xclip command line interface to X selections
xco display X11 color names and colors
xcolor lightweight color picker
xcoloredit find color values by graphical color mixing
xcolors display all (ok, most of) the colors in the universe
xcursor-dmz style neutral scalable cursor themes
xcursor-neutral smooth xcursor theme with shadows
xcursor-themes X11 Cursors themes
xcursorgen X11 Cursors themes generator
xdaliclock rather neat animated clock
xdesktopwaves simulation of water waves on the X Window desktop
xdg-user-dirs-gtk integration of xdg-user-dirs into GNOME/gtk+
Xdialog X11 counterpart of curses-based misc/dialog
xdimmer utility to dim the screen and keyboard backlight when idle
xdotool fake keyboard and mouse input
xdrawchem two-dimensional molecule drawing program
xdtm Desktop Manager: a graphical shell for X11
xdu graphic disk usage viewer
xfe MS-Explorer like file manager for X
xforms GUI toolkit for X11
xglobe display the Earth on X11
xkbcommon library to handle keyboard descriptions
xkbset X11 keyboard accessibility tool
xkeycaps keymap editor for the X window system
xli very lightweight image viewer for X11
xloadimage graphics file viewer for X11
xmenu contextual menu for X11
xmobar minimalistic text based status bar
xmonad tiling window manager
xosd displays text on your screen
xpad virtual sticky pad system
xplanet draw pictures of the earth textured by an image
xplot fast tool to graph and visualize lots of data
xpostit PostIt (R) messages onto your X11 screen
xpostitPlus PostIt (R) messages onto your X11 screen
xprompt display a dialog box and prompt user for text
xrestop top-like X server resources usage display tool
xrootconsole writes any log live onto the background
xruskb english-russian keyboard switcher for X11
xscope X Window Protocol Viewer
xscreenruler simple screen ruler for x11
xscreensaver screen saver and locker for the X Window System
xscribble stylus character recognition tool for X11
xsel command-line program for managing X selection contents
xsettingsd lightweight XSETTINGS daemon
xss-lock use external locker as X screen saver
xtacy X11 trippy color-cycling toy
xtermset dynamically change some settings of an xterm
xtestpicture full-screen image to adjust your monitor
xtoolwait tool startup utility for X11
xtu configurable analog clock for X11
xvkbd virtual keyboard for X Window System
xwallpaper wallpaper setting utility for X
xwit X11 window interface tool
xwrits typing break alarm and timer
xzoom magnify, rotate, mirror the image on the X11 screen
yad display graphical dialogs from shell scripts or command line
yakuake drop-down terminal emulator based on KDE Konsole
yaru Ubuntu GNOME theme
yeahconsole terminal wrapper for creating drop-down consoles
yeahlaunch animated autohiding applications launcher
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