Category listing - x11/gnustep

aclock analog clock for the GNUstep desktop
addresses GNUstep address book
affiche GNUstep sticky notes
back GNUstep gui backend
base GNUstep base library
batmon GNUstep battery monitor
camera GNUstep frontent to libgphoto2
camerakit GNUstep wrapper around libgphoto2
cdplayer GNUstep based CD player
corebase GNUstep reimplementation of Apple's CoreFoundation
cynthiune audio player for GNUstep
databasin GNUstep client for
databasinkit GNUstep client framework for
dbuskit GNUstep dbus interface
displaycalibrator GNUstep frontend for xgamma
edenmath GNUstep based scientific calcualtor
examples GNUstep example applications
fisicalab educational application to solve physics problems
ftp GNUstep file transfer protcol tool
gemas simple code editor for GNUstep
gmastermind GNUstep mastermind game
gmines GNUstep minesweeper game
gnumail GNUstep mail application
gomoku extended TicTacToe game for GNUstep
gorm GNUstep graphical object relationship modeller
graphos vector drawing application
grr Guenthers RSS reader
gshisen little board game
gspdf PDF, PS and EPS viewer for GNUstep
gui GNUstep gui library
gworkspace GNUstep workspace manager
highlighterkit framework for highlighting and coloring syntax
imageviewer GNUstep image viewer
impersonatortoolkit web cookies sniffer and providing proxy
jigsaw GNUstep jigsaw puzzle
lapispuzzle tetris like puzzle game
laternamagica view images and do slideshows
libobjc2 GNUstep libobjc2 objective-c runtime
make GNUstep makefile package
matharray GNUstep library to manipulate matrices
mpdcon GNUstep client for Music Player Daemon
neos-theme GNUstep theme following NeXT look and feel
netclasses asynchronous networking framework for GNUstep
paje GNUstep based trace visualization tool
pantomime framework to major mail protocols
pcapkit GNUstep wrapper around libpcap
pdfkit framework for accessing and rendering PDF content
performance GNUstep performance library
price precision raster image convolution engine
projectcenter GNUstep integrated development environment
remotedesk GNUstep rdesktop frontend
renaissance GNUstep layer to write portable GUIs
rsskit framework for reading different types of RSS formats
silver-theme GNUstep theme with silvered controls
simpleagenda calendaring application based on GNUstep
sqlclient GNUstep database abstraction layer
sudoku GNUstep sudoku generator
systempreferences manage settings of the gnustep environment
terminal terminal emulator for GNUstep
timemon CPU load monitor
webserver GNUstep webserver framework
webservices GNUstep webservices framework
zipper tool for inspecting compressed archvies