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Version: 18.12.0, Package name: khangman-18.12.0
Maintained by: Rafael Sadowski
Master sites:
KHangMan is the classical hangman game. The child should guess a
word letter by letter. At each miss, the picture of a hangman
appears. After 10 tries, if the word is not guessed, the game is
over and the answer is displayed. A hint can be shown to help you
guess the word.

The words are nouns and available in several languages at the moment
including English US, Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, Danish, German,
Greek, British English, Spanish, Estonian, Finnish, French, Irish
(Gaelic), Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian (Bokml), Dutch, Norwegian
(Nynorsk), Occitan, Punjabi, Polish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese,
Russian, Slovenian, Serbian, Slovak, Swedish, Tajik, Turkish and
Ukrainian. The program will detect which languages are present and
enable them. You will also be able to easily download other languages
via the Get New Stuff dialog.

There are at least 4 categories per language: easy, medium, hard
and animals which contains only animals nouns.

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Version History (View Complete History)
  • (2018-12-18) Updated to version: khangman-18.12.0
  • (2018-12-09) Package added to openports.se, version khangman-18.08.2 (created)
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CVS Commit History:

   2019-03-24 05:57:04 by Rafael Sadowski | Files touched by this commit (106)
Log message:
Zap variable KDE5
We are now KDE4 free in kde-applications so there is no reason to tag KDE5
   2019-03-08 13:00:57 by Charlene Wendling | Files touched by this commit (344)
Log message:
qt5.port.mk: change COMPILER
Move it to "base-clang ports-gcc" and bump REVISION accordingly.
This unbreaks Qt5-related binaries runtime on macppc.
OK sthen@
   2018-12-18 02:39:21 by Rafael Sadowski | Files touched by this commit (246)
Log message:
Update KDE Applications to 18.12
Release notes:
Port notes:
- Update all KDE5 ports to 18.12.0
- Reorder Makefile and enable libkmahjongg and kmahjongg
- Change MAINTAINER email
- New kde-applications.port.mk baesed on Makefile.inc
- Includes the following new helpers:
- Makefile.inc improvements
- Fix and improve some many @pkgpath's, @sample's, and run-,build-
and lib-depends.
- Tweak some CATEGORIES
The new infrastructure makes it very easy for us to port the missing KDE5
Feedback from kn@ Thanks!