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Version: 18.12.0, Package name: ksquares-18.12.0
Maintained by: Rafael Sadowski
Master sites:
KSquares is modeled after the well known pen and paper based game of
Dots and Boxes. The idea behind KSquares is to construct squares by
interconnecting the dots on the grid. Up to four players can play this
game together, taking turns. The trick is regardless of who has
constructed most of the square, it is the player who completes the
square that gets the point for it. To win the game the player has to
collect the most points by covering the most area with the squares of
player's own color.

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  • (2018-12-19) Package added to openports.se, version ksquares-18.12.0 (created)
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CVS Commit History:

   2019-03-24 05:57:04 by Rafael Sadowski | Files touched by this commit (106)
Log message:
Zap variable KDE5
We are now KDE4 free in kde-applications so there is no reason to tag KDE5
   2019-03-08 13:00:57 by Charlene Wendling | Files touched by this commit (344)
Log message:
qt5.port.mk: change COMPILER
Move it to "base-clang ports-gcc" and bump REVISION accordingly.
This unbreaks Qt5-related binaries runtime on macppc.
OK sthen@