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Version: 19.12.3, Package name: kturtle-19.12.3
Maintained by: Rafael Sadowski
Master sites:
KTurtle is an educational programming environment for the KDE Desktop. KTurtle
aims to make programming as easy and touchable as possible, and therefore can
be used to teach kids the basics of math, geometry and... programming.

The programming language used in KTurtle is loosely based on Logo. KTurtle
allows, just like some implementations of Logo, to translate the programming
language (the commands, the documentation and the error messages) to the native
language of the programmer. For more information on translating KTurtle please
read the translation how to. Translating the programming language to the native
language of the programmer is one of the many ways KTurtle tries to make
learning to programming more simple. Other features to help to achieve this
goal are: intuitive syntax highlighting, simple error messages, integrated
canvas to make drawings on, integrated help function, slow-motion or step
execution, and more.

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Version History (View Complete History)
  • (2020-03-24) Updated to version: kturtle-19.12.3
  • (2019-11-07) Package added to openports.se, version kturtle-18.12.0 (created)
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CVS Commit History:

   2020-03-23 12:01:30 by Rafael Sadowski | Files touched by this commit (700)
Log message:
Update KDE Frameworks to 5.68.0 and KDE5 to 19.12
This commit includes 218 port updates and 16 tweak updates after KDE framework
changes. Most of this 16 changes caused by:
- KF5Auth split into KF5Auth and KF5AuthCore, which ends in a lot of new
- Upstream changed some xdg paths from share/examples/***/xdg/ to
share/qlogging-categories5/, which ends in a lot of PLIST chages.
List of notable changes:
- Bump all kf5 shared libs.
- Use ">=${MODKF5_VERSION}" in all kf5 ports that all kf5 use the
latest version an update together. (Idea from Qt5).
- s/=+/=/ for LIB_*,RUN_* and BUILD_* in x11/kde-applications, hint by jca@.
- Update okteta to 0.26.3
- Update spectacle only to 19.04.3, latest version without hard wayland
- Remove python2 support in cantor, python3 only!
- devel/kf5/kfilemetadata: switch to python 3 (TDEP only), by kn@
- devel/kf5/ki18n: switch to python 3, by kn@
- devel/kf5/kservice: switch to python 3, by kn@
- devel/kf5/kconfigwidgets: remove python module usage, by kn@
- devel/kf5/ktextigwidgets: remove python module usage, by kn@
Tweaks and feedback from landry@, amd64 bulk build and error reports by naddy@
Thanks a lot!