Category listing - x11/lxqt

about information about LXQt and the system its running on
build-tools various packaging tools and scripts for LXQt applications
compton-conf configuration tool for compton X composite manager
config tools to configure LXQt and the underlying operating system
globalkeys daemon used to register global keyboard shortcuts
libfm-qt qt binding for libfm
liblxqt core utility library for all LXQt components
libqtxdg qt implementation of xdg specs
libsysstat library used to query system info and statistics
lximage-qt image viewer and screenshot tool for LXQt
notificationd notification daemon for LXQt
obconf-qt configuration editor for openbox window manager
openssh-askpass query passwords on behalf of ssh agents
panel desktop panel for LXQt
pavucontrol-qt pulseaudio mixer in qt
pcmanfm-qt file manager and desktop icon manager
policykit policy kit agent for LXQt
powermanagement power management module for LXQt
qterminal lightweight Qt terminal emulator based on QTermWidget
qtermwidget the terminal widget for QTerminal
qtplugin qt platform integration plugin for LXQt
runner launch programs quickly by typing their names
screengrab tool for fast making screenshots
session session manager for LXQt
sudo frontend for sudo
themes themes, graphics and icons for LXQt