Category listing - x11/mate

atril document viewer for the MATE desktop
caja file manager for the MATE desktop
caja-extensions extensions for Caja, the MATE file manager
calc MATE calculator
control-center MATE control center
desktop components for the MATE desktop
engrampa file archiver for the MATE desktop
eom image viewer for the MATE desktop
icon-theme base icon theme for MATE
libmatekbd MATE keyboard configuration library
libmatemixer mixer library for MATE desktop
libmateweather weather library for MATE
marco the MATE window manager
media media tools for the MATE desktop
menu-advanced advanced menu for MATE
menus implementation of the FreeDesktop menu spec for MATE
notification-daemon MATE notification daemon
panel panel component for MATE
pluma powerful text editor for the MATE desktop
polkit PolicyKit authentication agent for MATE
power-manager MATE power manager
screensaver MATE screensaver
session-manager MATE session manager
settings-daemon MATE settings daemon
system-monitor MATE system monitor
terminal MATE terminal
themes standard MATE themes
utils MATE support utilities