The following packages were found for maintainer:
aamath ASCII art mathematics
gnu GNU PostScript interpreter
hs-crypto Haskell cryptographic library
txt2tags utility to turn simply formatted text into markup
polipo HTTP caching proxy
fontforge vector font editor/converter
globe display the currently lighted face of Earth in ASCII
tre lightweight regexp matching library with additional features
blobwars 2D arcade game
haskell-report language and library specification for Haskell
gmrun X11 program launcher
hs-HTTP library for client-side HTTP
hs-html HTML combinator library
hs-parsec Monadic parser combinators
hs-network Haskell networking library
hs-regex-posix posix regex backend for regex-base
hs-regex-base interface API for regex-posix,pcre,parsec,tdfa,dfa
hs-regex-compat module layer over regex-posix to replace Text.Regex
hs-zlib zlib bindings for Haskell
hs-X11 bindings to the X11 graphics library for GHC
hs-dataenc data encoding library for Haskell
hs-mmap mmap API for Haskell
hs-cgi CGI library for Haskell
hs-QuickCheck automatic testing of Haskell programs
hs-HUnit unit testing framework for Haskell
hs-fgl functional graph library
hs-OpenGL Haskell binding for the OpenGL graphics system
hs-haskell-src manipulating Haskell source code
hs-stm Software Transactional Memory
hs-parallel parallel programming library
cabal-install command-line interface for Cabal and Hackage
hs-GLUT Haskell binding for the OpenGL Utility Toolkit
hs-readline interface to the GNU readline library
hs-ghc-paths knowledge of GHC's installation directories
hs-text efficient packed Unicode text type
hs-tar tar bindings for Haskell
hs-vector Int-indexed arrays
hs-attoparsec fast combinator parsing for bytestrings
hs-hood Haskell Object Observation Debugger
gummi simple LaTeX editor
hs-mtl monad classes using functional dependencies
hs-syb Scrap Your Boilerplate library for generic programming
hasktags ctags-like tool for Haskell sources
hs-ansi-terminal ANSI terminal package for Haskell
zaz zuma-like arkade game
hs-cmdargs command line parser library
haskell-platform Haskell platform meta-package
hs-cmdlib command line parsing and online help
hs-test-framework-hunit HUnit support for hs-test-framework
hs-split library for splitting lists
hs-test-framework-quickcheck2 QuickCheck2 support for hs-test-framework
hs-test-framework framework for running and organising tests
hs-ansi-wl-pprint ANSI Wadler/Leijen pretty printer
hs-strict strict data types and String IO
hs-hostname Haskell package for determining the hostname
hs-resourcet deterministic allocation and freeing of scarce resources
hs-bytestring-mmap mmap support for strict ByteStrings
hs-lifted-base lifted IO operations from the base library
hs-random random number library
hs-void a Haskell 98 logically uninhabited data type
hs-monad-control lift control operations through monad transformers
hs-conduit streaming data processing library
hs-async asynchronous IO operations
hs-MonadRandom random-number generation monad
hs-extensible-exceptions extensible exceptions for Haskell
hs-nats Haskell 98 natural numbers
hs-mmorph monad morphisms
hs-OpenGLRaw raw Haskell binding for OpenGL
hs-GLURaw raw Haskell binding for the OpenGL utility library
hs-exceptions extensible optionally-pure exceptions
hs-old-time old time library
hs-tf-random high-quality splittable PRNG
hs-old-locale old locale library
hs-ObjectName explicitly handled object names
hs-network-uri URI manipulation
hs-StateVar State variables
hs-multipart HTTP multipart library
hs-half half precision floating point