The following packages were found for maintainer:
gsm GSM audio codec library and converter
conserver manage remote serial consoles via TCP/IP
p5-DBD-Sybase Sybase database driver for the DBI module
ccache compiler cache
ImageMagick image processing tools
libexif extract digital camera info tags from JPEG images
mailgraph RRDtool frontend for Postfix statistics
p5-Email-Address RFC 2822 address parsing and creation
pear-Mail-Mime classes to create and decode MIME messages in PHP
calc C-style arbitrary precision calculator
bwm-ng realtime bandwidth monitoring of interfaces
fping quickly ping N hosts w/o flooding the network
libbind BIND stub resolver library for special use cases
mtr Matt's traceroute - network diagnostic tool
pear-Net-SMTP SMTP support for PHP
sipsak SIP swiss army knife
smokeping latency logging and graphing system
slrn SLang-based newsreader
clamav virus scanner
ipmitool manage and configure devices that support IPMI
trac wiki and bug tracking system for software projects
p5-Nagios-Plugin helper routines for writing monitoring plugins
ufraw read and manipulate raw images from digital cameras
openjpeg open-source JPEG 2000 codec library
p5-PDF-API2 create PDF documents with perl
roundcubemail imap4 webmail client
smstools gateway to send and receive SMS through GSM mobile phones
wordnet browser for a large lexical database of English
freeipmi IPMI library and tools (in- and out-of-band)
vncsnapshot connect to VNC server and save screen images
mutt tty-based e-mail client
dynamips cisco 3600/7200 platform emulator
acpica reference implementation of ACPI tools
rtg SNMP statistics monitoring system
py-mutagen Python module to handle audio metadata
gargoyle cross-platform interactive fiction player
get_iplayer download/stream programmes from BBC iPlayer
libpano13 library for processing panoramic images
pecl-mailparse PHP extension for parsing and working with rfc822/MIME mail
mupdf graphic library, pdf parser, viewer and utilities
lzo2 portable speedy lossless data compression library
oniguruma regular expressions library
astmanproxy proxy for Asterisk Manager Interface
tracnav customizable navigation bar for trac's wiki
check_sip Nagios plugin to check SIP
check_email_delivery Nagios plugin to check full email delivery loop (SMTP/IMAP)
atomicparsley read and set MPEG-4/3GPP metadata tags
php-weathermap graphical network traffic map
nfsen web-based front end for the nfdump netflow tools
mirmon monitors the status of mirrors
darktable virtual lighttable and darkroom for photographers
login_oath authentication provider for OATH one-time passwords
clamav-unofficial-sigs fetch and update unofficial signatures for ClamAV
web web UI for icinga
moreutils miscellaneous unix tools
pdftk pdf swiss army knife
scamper parallel internet measurement utility
sslscan SSL port scanner
libsrtp secure RTP library
rcube-sieverules roundcube plugin: sieve rules (managesieve)
openconnect client for Cisco AnyConnect SSL VPN
maclookup simple filter to look up MAC address vendors
check_postgres Nagios plugin to monitor PostgresQL
jBCrypt BCrypt library for Java
ttg live CLI display of interface bandwidth, using SNMP
yubiserve standalone Yubikey and OATH/HOTP validation server
isc-bind Berkeley Internet Name Daemon: DNS server and tools
moh-opsound opsound music-on-hold for Asterisk (wav)
minidlna lightweight DLNA/UPnP-AV media server (aka ReadyMedia)
xca create and manage certificates, CSRs, keys, etc
py-bcrypt bcrypt blowfish password hashing for Python
generaluser-gs-soundfont GM and GS compatible SoundFont bank for MIDI
rcube-contextmenu roundcube plugin: context-sensitive menus
squidclamav clamd-based virus scanner for c-icap
patchutils small tools to operate on patch files
rcube-yubikey-plugin roundcube plugin: authenticate via Yubikey HTTPS API
lldpd LLDP (802.1ab)/CDP/EDP/SONMP/FDP daemon and SNMP subagent
urlwatch monitor webpages for updates
libsodium library for network communications and cryptography
openjp2 open-source JPEG 2000 codec library
iec16022 2D barcodes / DataMatrix creation tool
lz4 fast BSD-licensed data compression
sslsplit transparent and scalable SSL/TLS interception
vpnc-scripts connect scripts for use with vpnc and openconnect
podofo library and tools to modify and parse PDF documents
py-passlib Python module providing a password hashing framework
grepcidr filter files for IP address matches
beets CLI tools to manage music collections
quodlibet audio player and tagger for GTK+ with regex support
dhcpcd DHCPv4/IPv4LL/IPv6RS/DHCPv6 quad stack client
motion motion detection software for video
irrtoolset toolset for internet routing registries
pear-Net-Sieve pear class to talk to Sieve servers
cli tool to check the quality of a DNS zone
engine tool to check the quality of a DNS zone
p5-Chipcard-PCSC perl interface to PC/SC smartcards
pcsc-tools tools for use with PC/SC drivers, cards, readers
librenms auto-discovering network management/monitoring system
py-cryptography_vectors test vectors for py-cryptography
py-cryptography cryptographic recipes and primitives for Python
manubulon-snmp extended SNMP-based checks for Icinga/Nagios
libhiredis minimalistic C client for Redis
rspamd event-driven spam filtering system in C/Lua
nghttp2 library for HTTP/2
yubico-c low-level C software development kit for the Yubico YubiKey
yubico-c-client C library to validate an Yubikey OTP against API servers
yubikey-personalization library and tools to program YubiKeys
yubikey-personalization-gui Qt GUI to configure YubiKeys
py-parsedatetime parse human-readable date/time text
pecl-libsodium low-level encryption extension for PHP
web2 next-generation web UI for icinga
client client for certificate authorities using ACME protocols
py-acme ACME protocol implementation
py-ripe.atlas.cousteau python bindings for the RIPE Atlas API
py-ripe.atlas.sagan parsing library for RIPE Atlas measurement results official command-line client for RIPE Atlas
radcli simple RADIUS client library
pugixml light-weight, simple and fast XML parser for C++
websockify WebSocket to TCP proxy
acme-tiny small 3rd-party letsencrypt client
p5-Geo-UK-Postcode-Regex regular expressions for handling British postcodes
rcube-dovecot_ident roundcube plugin: log end-user IP in Dovecot using IMAP ID
noVNC VNC client using HTML5 (Web Sockets, Canvas)
p5-Barcode-DataMatrix generate data for Data Matrix (IEC16022) barcodes
squeezelite lightweight headless squeezebox emulator
cpuid simple tool to dump cpuid information
ntopng network traffic probe with web ui and deep packet inspection
flashrom flash-ROM programmer for BIOS etc
web2-module-director web-based config deployment tool for Icinga 2
lucee JVM-based scripting language for web apps (open-source CFML)
neomutt tty-based e-mail client, Mutt with patches
rmilter milter for rspamd (also supports clamav, rate-limiting, etc)
rgain multi-format tools and Python module for ReplayGain
ldns module to interface the DNS resolver using the ldns library
py-josepy Javascript Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE)
libcoap communicate with embedded devices using CoAP (RFC 7252)
mac-telnet client for MikroTik's L2 telnet protocol
p5-Email-Address-XS parse and format RFC 5322 email addresses and groups
lts controller for Ubiquiti uniFi (wifi/routing/switching/voip)
stable controller for Ubiquiti uniFi (wifi/routing/switching/voip)
2 BIRD internet routing daemon
1 BIRD internet routing daemon
pecl-mcrypt PHP bindings for the libmcrypt library
strongswan IPsec-based VPN software (IKEv1/IKEv2) with XAUTH and EAP
pecl-yaml YAML-1.1 parser and emitter for PHP