Category listing - astro

ansiweather weather in terminal, with ANSI colors and Unicode symbols
celestia free space simulator and planetarium
dgpsip Differential GPS over IP communication device
gcal calculate and print calendars
jday astronomical julian date calculator
kstars planetarium simulator for KDE
libnova astronomic computations as a library
phoon displays the phase of the moon in ascii
py-astral calculations for the position of the sun and the moon
py-metar Python module to access NOAA's METAR weather reports
sattrack real-time satellite tracking and orbit propagation program
stellarium free open source planetarium
sunclock display the phase of the Sun on a map of the Earth
wcslib implementation of the FITS WCS standard
wmglobe wm-dockapp; displays the earth on an icon
wmmoonclock wm-dockapp; shows the moon phase
wmspaceweather wm-dockapp; space weather monitor
wmsun wm-dockapp; shows sunrise/sunset times
xearth set the root window to the image of earth
xephem interactive astronomical ephemeris
xphoon set the root window to the moon in its current phase
xworld earth as seen from the direction of the sun