Category listing - benchmarks

blogbench filesystem benchmark
bonnie++ enhanced performance test of filesystem I/O
fio flexible I/O tester
fs_mark test synchronous write workloads
glmark2 benchmark for OpenGL 2.0 and ES 2.0
httperf web server performance testing tool
hyperfine command-line benchmarking tool
iozone performance test of sequential file I/O
netperf network performance benchmark
netperf-wrapper test network latency under load via netperf
netpipe self-scaling network benchmark
netstrain tool to measure TCP throughput
nuttcp network performance measurement tool
p5-Dumbbench more reliable benchmarking
randread help benchmark random read performance
siege multi-threaded HTTP benchmark and regression tester
smtp-benchmark SMTP benchmark to measure throughput of an MTA
speedtest-cli command-line client for bandwidth tester
sysbench modular, cross-platform and multi-threaded benchmark tool
tcpblast measure the throughput of a TCP connection
tsung multi-protocol distributed load testing tool
ubench Unix benchmark utility
udpbench udp network benchmarking tool
wrk modern HTTP benchmarking tool
xengine reciprocating engine for X11