Category listing - sysutils

accountsservice D-Bus interface for user account query and manipulation
alertmanager handles alerts sent by the Prometheus server
amazon-ecs-cli CLI for AWS ECS
amazon-ssm-agent AWS SSM agent
anacron periodic command scheduler
ansible radically simple IT automation
ansible-core radically simple IT automation
ansible-lint best practices checker for ansible
apachetop top-like monitor for Apache
apcd APC SmartUPS daemon
apcupsd daemon for controlling APC UPSes
appmanager graphical interface to manage/explore OpenBSD packages
arm-trusted-firmware ARM Trusted Firmware
augeas configuration editing tool and API
autossh SSH monitoring
awscli universal command line environment for AWS
backuppc remote backup software system
bacula network backup solution (client)
bat cat(1) clone with wings
bchunk .bin/.cue to .iso CD image converter
bdfresize tool for resizing BDF format fonts
bfs breadth-first version of the UNIX find command
binwalk tool for reverse-engineering and analysing firmware blobs
bitrot detects when files bit-rot
blackbox_exporter Prometheus exporter to test HTTP/DNS/TCP/ICMP endpoints
borgmatic wrapper for Borg to create and prune backups
broot new way to see and navigate directory trees
bubblemon-dockapp wm-dockapp; display CPU and memory load
bupstash encrypted and deduplicated backup tool
cdrtools ISO 9660 filesystem and CD/DVD/BD creation tools
cfengine GNU system administration tool for networks
checkbashisms check shell scripts for bash-specific constructs
checkrestart help to find programs that need restarting after upgrade
chezmoi dotfiles manager across multiple diverse machines
cl-launch uniform frontend to running Common Lisp code from the shell
cloud-agent cloud provisioning for OpenBSD VMs
cloud-sql-proxy GCP Cloud SQL Auth proxy
clusterit suite of clustering tools based on IBM's PSSP
cmb combinatorics library/utility from FreeBSD
cmdseq execute interleaved sequences of commands
collectd system metrics collection engine
colorls ls(1) that can use color to display file attributes
colortail color-able replacement for tail(1)
colortree print a tree of the directory structure
conky light-weight system monitor
consolekit framework for defining and tracking users, sessions & seats
consul service discovery and configuration tool
consul-template template rendering and notifications with Consul
coreboot-utils utilities to work on firmware images and hardware
coreutils file, shell and text manipulation utilities
cpdup utility to mirror filesystems, directories, and files
cpuid simple tool to dump cpuid information
crashme test operating environment software robustness
curlftpfs FUSE FTP driver
czkawka remove unnecessary/duplicate files
dateutils tools to fiddle with dates and times
dcfldd GNU dd with added forensic/security features
dcled userland driver for Dream Link USB LED Message Board
ddrescue data recovery tool
deja-dup simple encrypted backup tool for GNOME
dep Go dependency management tool
detox utility designed to clean up filenames
dfc display file system space usage using graph and colors
diffoscope in-depth comparison of files, archives, and directories
dinit service monitoring / init system
direnv tool for managing environment based on current directory
diskrescue fancy dd
dmassage dmesg parser
dmidecode dump DMI/SMBIOS contents in human-readable format
docker-cli command-line tool for controlling Docker
dosfstools check and label FAT file systems
downtimed system downtime monitoring
dsh dancers shell or distributed shell
dspy D-Bus exploration tool
dtb Device Tree Blobs
dtpstree display a tree of processes
duf disk Usage/free utility
duplicity encrypted backup using rsync algorithm
dvd+rw-tools mastering tools for DVD+RW/+R/-R/-RW
dwdiff word-based diff program
e2fsprogs utilities to manipulate ext2 filesystems
ec2-api-tools API tools for Amazon EC2 web service
entr run arbitrary commands when files change
envconsul start subprocess with envvar populated from Consul and Vault
eventlog replacement for the syslog() API
exa ls alternative written in Rust
exfat-fuse exFAT file system through FUSE
exoscale-cli manage Exoscale infrastructure from the command-line
fabric simple, pythonic tool for remote execution and deployment
facette time series data visualization and graphing software
facter collect and display system facts
faubackup full and incremental backups on filesystem
fd simple, fast and user-friendly alternative to 'find'
fdupes identify or delete duplicate files
fff simple and fast file manager
find2perl translate find command lines to Perl code
findlib OCaml package manager
flashrom flash ROM programmer for BIOS etc
fleetctl controller for fleet, the distributed init system
flock flock(2) manager for shell scripts
fprintd fingerprint scanning functionality over D-Bus
free display free and used memory in the system
freedt reimplementation of Dan Bernstein's daemontools
freeipmi IPMI library and tools (in- and out-of-band)
fsstress file system/VFS layer stress tester
fwa simple file watcher utility for OpenBSD
fzf command-line fuzzy finder
galleon tool to manage JBoss Wildfly installations
gdmap graphical disk map
ggrep GNU versions of grep pattern matching utilities
git-sync safe, simple git synchronization
gitlab-runner CI/CD job runner for GitLab
gitmux git in your tmux status bar
gitolite secure hosting of Git repositories
gke-gcloud-auth-plugin kubectl authentication plugin for GKE
glances cross-platform curses-based monitoring tool
glastree poor man's daily snapshot
glide package manager for Go
go-cs concurrent ssh client
google-cloud-sdk manage resources on Google Cloud Platform
gource software version control visualization tool
govmomi vSphere CLI built on top of govmomi
gpioflicker flashes gpio led whenever pf logs to pflog0
grafana monitoring and metric analytics dashboards
grive2 third-party client for Google Drive
gsmartcontrol graphical hard drive inspection tool (smartctl front-end)
hcloud command-line interface for Hetzner Cloud
hotplug-diskmount disk auto-mounter
htop interactive process viewer
hw-probe hardware probe tool
idled log out idle users and those hogging resources
incron cron-like daemon but reacting to filesystem events
inotify-tools programs providing a simple interface to inotify
iogen i/o generator
ioping simple disk I/O latency measuring tool
ipmitool manage and configure devices that support IPMI
iucode-tool manipulate microcode update collections for Intel
iwatch watch the command output with interval timer
jefferson JFFS2 filesystem extraction tool
kopia simple tool for managing encrypted backups in the cloud
krename powerful batch file renamer
kubectl command line tool for controlling Kubernetes clusters
lf terminal file manager inspired by ranger written in Go
libburn library for reading, mastering and writing optical discs
libesedb library and tools to access the ESE and EDB format
libevt library and tools to access the Windows Event Log (EVT)
libevtx library and tools to access the Windows XML Event Log (EVTX)
libfsapfs library and tools to access the Apple File System
libfsntfs library and tools to access NTFS
libfvde library and tools to access FileVault Drive Encryption
libfwnt library for Windows NT data types
libfwsi library to access the Windows Shell Item format
libisoburn create ISO-9660 filesystem and burn CD/DVD/BD media
libisofs library to create and edit an ISO-9660 filesystem
liblnk library and tools to access the Windows Shortcut File
libluksde library and tools to access LUKS Disk Encryption
libmsiecf library and tools to access the IE Cache File (index.dat)
libolecf library and tools to access the OLE 2 Compound File
libportal GIO-style async APIs for most Flatpak portals
libptytty library to handle pty/tty/utmp/wtmp/lastlog
libqcow library and tools to access the QEMU Copy-On-Write (QCOW)
libregf library and tools to access the Windows NT Registry File
librelp reliable event logging protocol library
libscca library and tools to access the Windows Prefetch File
libsigscan library for binary signature scanning
libsmdev library to access to storage media devices
libsmraw library and tools to access the (split) RAW image format
libstatgrab system statistics gathering library
libudev-openbsd library to access udev device information
libvhdi library and tools to access the VHD image format
libvirt tool/library for managing platform virtualization
libvirt-python libvirt virtualization API python bindings
libvmdk library and tools to access the VMware Virtual Disk format
libvshadow library and tools to access the VSSformat
libvslvm library to access the LVM volume system format
llama terminal file manager
lockfile semaphore-file tool for shell scripting
logfmon log file monitoring daemon
login_duo two-factor authentication for unix systems
login_duress BSD authentication module for duress passwords
login_fingerprint provide fingerprint authentication
login_krb5 authentication provider for KerberosV
login_ldap provide ldap authentication type
login_oath authentication provider for OATH one-time passwords
logpp log file preprocessor
logstalgia website access log visualization
logstash tool for managing events and logs
logtail display new entries in system logfiles since last run
loki like Prometheus, but for logs
lookat user-friendly text pager
lr list files, recursively
lscpu gather and display CPU architecture information
lsyncd synchronizes directories with remote targets upon changes
m1n1 Bootloader for Apple Silicon
mac-robber forensic tool that collects MAC times from files
mangl graphical manual page viewer using mandoc
mcollective framework for server orchestration/parallel job execution
mdprint print sun4v machine descriptions
memtester utility to test for memory faults
mencal cal that can use color to display calendar
menulibre fd.o-compliant menu editor
me_cleaner tool for partial deblobbing of Intel ME/TXE firmware images
modlogan modular log analyzer
monit monitoring and managing daemons utility
monitord system monitoring daemon
moreutils miscellaneous unix tools
msktutil tool for ActiveDirectory interoperability
mtools read/write/list/format DOS disks under Unix
multitail multi-window tail(1) utility
multitime time multiple executions of a command
ncal display a calendar and the date of Easter
ncdu ncurses-based du(1)
neofetch system information tool written in bash
nnn the missing terminal file browser for X
node_exporter prometheus exporter for hardware and OS metrics
noice minimalistic file browser
nomad cluster scheduler
nq command line queue utility
ntfs-3g FUSE NTFS driver with read/write support
nut UPS monitoring program supporting many brands
obsdfreqd userland daemon to manage CPU frequency
oc command line tool for controlling OpenShift clusters
od1000_firmware firmware and flash tool for SOFTIRON OverDrive 1000
opam OCaml source-based package manager
openbsdisks2 UDisks2 service implementation for OpenBSD
openpoppassd daemon for changing passwords
opensbi RISC-V Supervisor Binary Interface
p5-Capture-Tiny capture STDOUT and STDERR
p5-Data-Entropy entropy (randomness) management
p5-Data-Float details of the floating point data type
p5-File-Monitor monitor files and directories for changes
p5-File-NFSLock module to do NFS (or not) locking
p5-File-Rename renames multiple files
p5-File-Which portable implementation of 'which' in Perl
p5-Filesys-Df filesystem disk space information
p5-Filesys-DiskSpace filesystem information display
p5-Filesys-Notify-Simple simple and dumb file system watcher
p5-Filesys-Virtual perl module to provide a framework for a virtual filesystem
p5-Filesys-Virtual-Plain perl module for a plain virtual filesystem
p5-Number-Bytes-Human convert byte count to human readable format
p5-Parse-DMIDecode interface to SMBIOS using dmidecode
p5-Proc-ProcessTable interface to the system's process table
p5-Proc-Queue limits the number of forked concurrent processes
p5-Proc-Wait3 perl extension for wait3 system call
p5-Quota quota manipulation module
p5-Rex perl-based deployment and configuration management
p5-Schedule-At Perl interface for the system 'at' command
p5-Set-Crontab expand crontab(5)-style integer lists
p5-Sys-MemInfo return the total amount of free and used physical memory
p5-Sys-Syscall access to more system calls than Perl normally provides
p5-Sys-Virt represent and manage a libvirt hypervisor connection
p5-Unix-PID interface for getting PID info
p5-Unix-Process extension to get pid info from /bin/ps
p5-Unix-Statgrab interface to libstatgrab system statistics library
p5-Unix-Syslog interface to the UNIX system logger
p5-UPS-Nut module to talk to a UPS via NUT (Network UPS Tools) upsd
packer tool for building machine images
packer-vmm vmm(4) builder engine for HashiCorp Packer
parallel execute jobs in parallel
patchelf utility for modifying existing ELF executables and libraries
pciutils PCI bus configuration register access tools
perp process supervisor & service framework for unix
pftop curses-based real time state and rule display for pf
pick fuzzy select anything
pkg_mgr user-friendly package browser and manager
planor text user interface for cloud services
polkit framework for granting privileged operations to users
portroach-cli query portroach(1)
prometheus systems monitoring and alerting toolkit
promscale observability backend for metrics and traces powered by SQL
pscpug draws a graph of CPU usage of a certain process
psftools conversion tools for .PSF fonts
psrecord record the CPU and memory activity of a process
pstree list processes as a tree
pv monitor the progress of data through a pipeline
py-analyzemft parse the MFT file from an NTFS filesystem
py-ansible-compat functions for working with Ansible from Python
py-augeas Python bindings for Augeas
py-blessed easy, practical library for making terminal apps
py-command_runner platform agnostic command and shell execution tool
py-consul python client for consul
py-cpuinfo get CPU info with pure Python
py-croniter datetime-iterator for cron-like formats
py-daemon library to implement a Unix daemon process
py-daemonize library to enable your code run as a daemon process
py-distlib distribution utilities
py-distro provide information about the OS platform
py-dotenv handle .env files
py-elasticsearch-curator manage Elasticsearch indices
py-filelock platform independent file lock
py-find find files and dirs
py-ghmi pure python IPMI protocol library
py-hpilo iLO automation from python or shell
py-joblib lightweight pipelining: using Python functions as pipeline
py-lockfile platform-independent file locking for Python
py-mitogen write distributed self-replicating programs in Python
py-packaging core utilities for Python packages
py-parallel-ssh asynchronous parallel SSH client library
py-pipx install and run Python applications in isolated environments
py-platformdirs determine appropriate platform-specific directories
py-prometheus_client python client for the prometheus monitoring system
py-psutil library to retrieve system information and utilisation
py-pushover send messages via Pushover
py-pynetbox NetBox API client library
py-pyperclip cross-platform clipboard module for Python
py-schedule job scheduling for humans
py-statgrab python bindings to libstatgrab
py-subprocess-tee replacement that captures and displays output
py-threadpoolctl introspect/set max threads in native libraries like BLAS
py-tsk Python bindings for The Sleuth Kit (libtsk)
py-userpath cross-platform tool to add locations to the user's PATH
py-vmomi python SDK for the VMware vSphere API
py-vsphere-automation VMware vSphere Automation SDK for Python
py-zabbix-api Python Zabbix API
radiusreport RADIUS log file analysis tool
radmind remote administration software
rancid Really Awesome New Cisco confIg Differ
random_run run command with randomized parameters
ranger minimalistic console file manager
ranval generate random numbers
raspberrypi-firmware Raspberry Pi firmware
rclone rsync for cloud storage
rclone-browser file browser for rclone-supported remotes
rcm rc file (dotfile) management
rdiff-backup incremental backup
reed-alert system monitoring and alert notifier
remotebox VirtualBox client with remote management
reposync script to update an OpenBSD CVS repository via rsync
resmon system monitoring tool
restic fast, efficient and secure backup program
restic-rest-server REST backend for the restic backup tool
riemann network event stream processing system
riemann-c-client c client library for the Riemann monitoring system
riscv-pk RISC-V Proxy Kernel
rofi window switcher, run dialog and dmenu replacement
rpl replace strings with new strings in multiple text files
rset configure systems using any scripting language
rsyslog syslog daemon supporting databases, TCP, SSL, RELP
rtty multiuser tip/cu replacement with logging
ruby-augeas provider bindings for Augeas
ruby-capistrano execute commands in parallel on multiple remote machines
ruby-directory_watcher apply actions to directory changes
ruby-libvirt Ruby bindings for libvirt
ruby-posix-spawn fast process spawning
ruby-puppet-lint ensure your Puppet manifests conform with the style guide
ruby-puppet-syntax syntax checks for Puppet manifests and templates
ruby-r10k Puppet module management
ruby-serverengine multiprocess server framework for Ruby
ruby-shadow module to access shadow passwords
ruby-sigdump sets up signal handler which dumps a backtrace
ruby-tzinfo access to time zone data and conversion
ruby-vlad pragmatic application deployment automation
rundeck job scheduler and runbook automation
runit daemontools alike replacement for init
rw simple dd(1) replacement utility from Sortix
safecat copy stdin to a qmail-style maildir
salt remote execution and configuration management system
salt-testing common testing tools used in the Salt Stack projects
screenfetch display system information in the terminal for screenshots
sec simple event correlator
serf decentralized service discovery and orchestration
setquota command line quota tools
shelldap browse LDAP server with a shell-like CLI
shmux execute a command on many hosts in parallel
shunt tools to extend pipe capabilities
simple-mtpfs MTP device filesystem
skill signal or reprioritize specified processes
slant minimal remote system monitor
sleuthkit forensic toolkit based on TCT
smartmontools control and monitor storage systems using SMART
smbldap-tools tools for managing samba ldap
snmp_exporter Prometheus exporter for SNMP metrics
socket create tcp socket and connect to stdin/out
socklog small and secure replacement for syslogd
squashfs-tools tools to create and extract Squashfs filesystems
ssh-copy-id script to copy one's SSH keys to remote hosts
sshfs-fuse mount remote directories over ssh
sshpass noninteractive ssh password provider
sslmate client for the online certificate service
stan statistical analyzer for binary streams
stow manages software package installations with symlinks
stress tool to impose configurable amount of load
stripe-cli build, test, and manage your Stripe integration
sunxi-tools collection of CLI tools for ARM devices with Allwinner SoCs
superscript extended script command
supervisor system to monitor and control processes
supuner SUPress stdout / stderr UNless ERror
symon active host monitoring tool
sysclean list obsolete files between OpenBSD upgrades
sysgen calculates QBUS CSR and Vector assignments
syslog-ng log management solution
sysmon lightweight network monitoring tool
tabled daemon to modify pf tables from userland
tabs utility to set terminal tabs
tarsnap client for the online encrypted backup service
tarsnap-gui frontend to the popular Tarsnap backup service
tarsnapper tarsnap wrapper which automatically expires backups
telegraf plugin-driven server agent for collecting metrics
tenshi log monitoring program to watch and report on log files
tentakel distributed command execution
terraform tool for building, changing, and versioning infrastructure
terragrunt thin wrapper for Terraform that provides extra tools
testdisk data recovery software
tkdvd GUI to dvd+rw-tools and cdrecord
tmate instant terminal sharing based on tmux
tmux-mem-cpu-load CPU, RAM memory, and load monitor for use with tmux(1)
tmuxinator create and manage complex tmux sessions easily
toad hotplugd(8) automounter (Toad Opens All Devices)
torture set of kernel torture tools
tpb utility to use ibm thinkpad(tm) special keys
tphdisk hibernation file creator for Phoenix BIOS laptops
trash-d commandline FreeDesktop trash bin utility
tray-app small utilities for X11 system tray: eject, battery, mixer
tree print ascii formatted tree of a directory structure
truncate truncate or extend the length of files
ttyload load average history on a tty
ttyplot realtime plotting utility for terminals
u-boot U-Boot firmware
u-boot-asahi U-Boot firmware for Apple Silicon
udfclient userland implementation of the UDF filesystem
uefitool UEFI firmware image viewer and editor
ugrep ultra fast universal grep
unionfs-fuse unionfs filesystem implementation
upower userland power management interface
uptimed keeps a list of uptime records
usbutil USB developer utilities
usbutils utility used to display information about USB devices
usmb mount SMB shares from userland via FUSE
vifm ncurses file manager with Vim-like everything
virt-manager GUI for managing virtual machines through libvirt
virt-what detect if we are running in a virtual machine
vmdktool VMDK file converter
vmwh vmware userland helper for X
vorta GUI for Borg Backup
vultr-cli Vultr Command Line Interface
whowatch interactive utility that displays info about online users
wmapm wm-dockapp; APM/battery monitor
wmcube wm-dockapp; shows rotating 3d-object and CPU load
wmmon WindowMaker dock app similar to xload
wmwlmon wm-dockapp; wireless interface monitor
xbatt laptop battery status display for X11
xbattbar show battery status as a simple bar in X11
xbattmon simple battery monitor for X
xdelta tool for RFC3284 delta compression
xe execute a command for every argument
xjobs execute jobs in parallel
xps graphically display and dynamically update the process tree
xstatbar simple system monitor bar
xuvmstat graphical display for the current uvm status
xxhash extremely fast non-cryptographic hash algorithm
yabitrot fast bitrot detection utility
yank yank terminal output to clipboard
zap interactive process killer
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ruby-puppet Subfolder
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mcollective-plugins Subfolder
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