Category listing - geo

foxtrotgps lightweight mapping application for use with or without GPS
garmindev garmin gps device driver
gdal translator library for geospatial data formats
geoclue2 modular geoinformation service on top of D-Bus
geocode-glib helper library for geocoding services
geos 2d geometry and topology engine
gimgtools Garmin Image Tools
globe display the currently lighted face of Earth in ASCII
gpsbabel GPS waypoint, track, and route conversion tool
gpstk GPS processing toolkit
gpx-viewer gpx file viewer
gpxsee gpx file viewer
josm OpenStreetMap map editor
kgeotag stand-alone photo geotagging program
lib2geom easy to use 2D geometry library in C++
libchamplain library to provide a GTK+ widget to display maps
libosmium fast, flexible library for working with OpenStreetMap data
libpostal library for parsing/normalizing street addresses
librttopo RT Topology Library
mapcache GIS WMTS/TMS tile caching server
mapproxy GIS WMTS/TMS tile caching server
mapserver GIS CGI server
mdal mesh data abstration library
merkaartor OpenStreetMap editor
openbsd-developers geographic location of past and present OpenBSD developers
osm-gps-map Gtk+ Widget for Displaying OpenStreetMap tiles
osm2pgrouting convert OSM data to PgRouting format
osm2pgsql OSM data to PostgreSQL converter
osrm-backend high-performance road network routing engine
p5-Geo-Coder-US geocode any US address
p5-Geo-Constants perl module that provides geographic constants
p5-Geo-Coordinates-OSGB convert Lat/Lon to/from GB Ordnance Survey grid reference
p5-Geo-Coordinates-UTM provides Latitude Longitude conversions
p5-Geo-Coordinates-UTM-XS C/XS reimplementation of Geo::Coordinates::UTM
p5-Geo-Ellipsoids perl module that provides ellipsoid values
p5-Geo-Fips55 perl extension for parsing FIPS-55 gazetteer data
p5-Geo-Forward module to calculate geographic location
p5-Geo-Functions perl module for geographic functions
p5-Geo-Inverse calculate geographic distance from a lat/lon pair
p5-Geo-METAR process aviation weather reports in the METAR format
p5-Geo-Parse-OSM perl module for parsing OpenStreetMap (.osm) files
p5-Geo-StreetAddress-US perl extension for parsing US street addresses
p5-Geo-TigerLine parse TIGER/Line geographic data
p5-Geo-UK-Postcode-Regex regular expressions for handling British postcodes
p5-Geography-Countries 2-letter, 3-letter, and numerical codes for countries
p5-GPS-PRN perl module to map GPS PRN to Satellite OID and vice versa
pdal translator library for point cloud formats
pgpointcloud point cloud storage extension for PostgreSQL
pgrouting geospatial routing extension for PostgreSQL
postgis geographic objects support for PostgreSQL
py-cligj click params for command line interfaces to GeoJSON
py-fiona high-level API and CLI on top of OGR
py-google-i18n-address validation helpers for Google's i18n address database
py-laspy library for reading, modifying and creating LAS LiDAR files
py-mercantile spherical mercator coordinate and tile utilities
py-osmium Python bindings for libosmium
py-owslib library for accessing OGC Web Services
py-planet client library and CLI for Planet's public API
py-proj Pyrex generated python interface to PROJ.4 library
py-rasterio geospatial raster data API and CLI
py-rio-cogeo cloud optimized GeoTiff creation plugin for rasterio
py-shapely manipulation and analysis of planar geometric objects
py-supermercado mercantile additional commands
pygeoapi OGC API server implementation
qgis desktop geographical information system
qmapshack map management tool
routino OpenStreetMap routing software
spatialindex library for spatial indexing and querying
traccar modern GPS tracking platform
viking GPS track manager
libchamplain Subfolder
spatialite Subfolder