Category listing - meta

audacious audacious meta-package
avr AVR meta-package
geda stack of free/open source CAD/EDA tools (gEDA suite)
gnome GNOME desktop meta-package (core installation)
gnustep GNUstep desktop meta-package
kde KDE meta-package (full installation)
league-fonts fonts from the League of Moveable Type
lxqt desktop meta-package for LXQt (base installation)
mate MATE desktop meta-package (base installation)
msp430 MSP430 meta-package
mupen64plus n64 emulator (default plugins)
python3 meta-package to install the current version of python 3
qt5 C++ general-purpose toolkit, meta-package
tor-browser Tor Browser meta package
xfce Xfce desktop meta-package (base installation)
zyn-fusion powerful synthesizer engine with an interactive UI