Category listing - productivity

aqbanking online banking interface and financial data framework
baikal lightweight CalDAV and CardDAV server
bruce Python-based presentation tool
calcurse text-based calendar and scheduling application
davical CalDAV/CardDav calendar/contacts server
deskzilla desktop bugzilla browser
devtodo reminder/task program aimed at developers
epr-reader Terminal/CLI Epub Reader
fet automatically create timetables
glabels labels and business card designer
gnucash personal and small-business financial-accounting software
gnucash-docs user documentation module for GnuCash
grisbi personal accounting application
gsimplecal lightweight GTK calendar applet
gtg GTD organizer for GNOME
hledger command-line interface for the hledger accounting system
homebank personal accounting application
impressive stylish PDF presentation generator
jrnlc opinionated command line journal
kalendar Akonadi calendar application
khal standards based terminal calendar
khard console vCard address book
kmymoney accounting for KDE 5
ktimetracker todo management and time tracker
kuserfeedback KDE framework for collecting user feedback
ledger command line double-entry accounting ledger
libalkimia KDE financial data handling library
libphonenumber C++ library to parse/format/validate phone numbers
librcps library for resource constrained project scheduling
lifeograph diary and journal application
mcds tty-based CardDav search tool
minder Mind-mapping application
monica self hosted personal CRM system
novprog graphical wordcount grapher
osmo handy personal organizer
p5-Business-Tax-VAT-Validation European VAT number validator
p5-iCal-Parser parse iCalendar files into a data structure
projectlibre open source alternative to Microsoft Project
py-tasklib Python library to interact with Task Warrior
qbirthday birthday reminder with tray notification
radicale simple CalDAV calendar server
radicale2 simple CalDAV calendar server
rednotebook diary and journal application
rubrica2 addressbook manager
siag tightly integrated, free office package
sl substantially more useful ls
slideml HTML slide generator based on SlideML
taskd lightweight server providing access to task data
taskwarrior command line todo list manager
tdl to-do list manager
teapot three dimensional console spreadsheet
thinkingrock collecting and processing thoughts according to GTD
timewarrior command line tracking time tool
tudu hierarchical todos manager
vdirsyncer synchronize calendars and contacts
vit ncurses front-end for taskwarrior
vym generate and manipulate maps of your thoughts
when simple but effective personal calendar
workrave RSI prevention tool
xinvest personal finance tracking and performance tool
xquote WWW quote retrieval tool
yokadi command-line oriented todo list system
zim desktop wiki
tryton Subfolder