Category listing - textproc

amber code search and replace tool
antiword converts MSWord Documents to ASCII Text and PostScript
apertium rule-based machine translation platform
apertium-lex-tools module for compiling and processing lexical rules
apertium-separable reorder separable/discontinuous multiwords
apertium-streamparser apertium stream format parser
arabica XML and HTML processing toolkit
asciidoc text document format for writing documents and man pages
asciidoctor better AsciiDoc text proc/publishing software
asciinema terminal session recorder
bibelot format/convert text documents into compressed .pdb files
bibtex2html collection of tools for translating from BibTeX to HTML
boust boustrophedon text reader
c2html C-language sources to HTML converter
calibre ebook management application
catdoc convert MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint to ASCII or TeX
catfish versatile file searching tool
cdiff inline and side-by-side colored and incremental diff
chordpro lyrics and chords formatting program
clit convert Microsoft Reader files to OEBPS packages
clo++ command line parser generator
cloc count lines of code
clucene full-text search engine library
cmark CommonMark parsing and rendering library and program in C
codesearch fast, indexed regexp search over large file trees
codespell source code spelling checker
crossfire CrossFire crossword constructor
crunch wordlist generator
csvquote filter for csv data containing delimiters and newlines
dblatex convert DocBook to LaTeX, DVI, PostScript, and PDF
delta viewer for git and diff output
diction sentence grammar and readability analyzer
diffstat accumulates and displays statistics from a diff file
discount fast C implementation of Markdown
docbook technical documentation XML/SGML definitions
docbook-dsssl modular DSSSL stylesheets for the DocBook DTD
docbook-to-man convert docbook to man
docbook-utils generates various output formats from DocBook SGML documents
docbook-xsl docbook XSL modular stylesheet
docbook2mdoc DocBook to mdoc converter
docbook2x convert DocBook to man pages and Texinfo
doclifter troff to DocBook converter
docx2txt command line converter from Microsoft docx to ASCII text
ebook-tools accessing and converting various ebook file formats
elasticsearch distributed RESTful search and analytics
enchant generic spell checking library
enchant2 generic spell checking library
epubcheck EPUB validator
exempi implementation of XMP
extract_url extract URLs from MIME email messages or plain text
fcbanner fontconfig-based alternative to banner(1)
filepp cpp-like generic file pre-processor
foliate simple and modern GTK eBook viewer
fragistics Quake 3 statistics program
fstrcmp library for fuzzy string comparisons
fzy fuzzy text selector for the terminal
gdiff GNU versions of the diff utilities
gi-docgen documentation generator for GObject-based libraries
go-text Go text processing support
gpresent make presentations with groff and PDF
grepcidr filter files for IP address matches
groff GNU troff typesetter
gron make JSON greppable
gsed GNU stream editor
gspell spell-checking library for GTK+
gtk-doc GTK C code documentation system
gtkspell gtk+2 spelling checker
gtkspell3 gtk+3 spelling checker
gtranslator gettext(1) files editor for GNOME
halibut yet another free document preparation system
heirloom-doctools modernized troff implementation
hevea LaTeX to html translator
hfst Helsinki finite state transducer
hgrep grep wrapper with search highlighting
highlight convert source code to markup formats
hotdoc documentation tool micro-framework
html all W3C-published SGML DTDs for HTML
html-xml-utils simple utilities for manipulating HTML and XML files
hunspell spelling, stemming, morphological analysis and generation
hyperestraier high performance full-text search system
hyperscan high-performance regular expression matching library
hyphen text hyphenation library
icu4c International Components for Unicode
idiff interactive front end to diff
igor FreeBSD Documentation Project sanity check script
iksemel XML parser designed for Jabber applications
info2html translate GNU info files into HTML pages
intltool internationalization tools
isearch text search engine by CNIDR
iso12083 SGML DTDs from The Electronic Publishing SIG
iso8879 character entity sets from ISO 8879:1986 (SGML)
ispell interactive spelling checker
itstool translate XML documents with PO files
jless JSON viewer
jo JSON output from a shell
jq lightweight and flexible command-line JSON processor
latex2html LaTeX to HTML converter
latexmk LaTeX documents output generation automation tool
lgrind LaTeX vgrind(1) look-alike
libebml Extensible Binary Meta Language library
libexttextcat UTF-8 aware language guessing library
libgrapheme unicode string library
libical implementation of the iCalendar protocols and data units
liblrdf light RDF manipulation with LADSPA plugin support
libmarisa C++ library for MARISA matching algorithm
libnxml XML manipulation library
libstemmer stemming algorithms for text processing
libtextcat language guessing library
libtranslate library/CLI tool interfacing to online translation services
libunibreak implementation of the line and word breaking
libuninameslist library of Unicode names and annotation data
libwpd import and export WordPerfect(tm) documents
libxml XML parsing library
libxml++ C++ wrapper for the libxml XML parser library
libxml++40 C++ bindings for libxml2
libxml++50 C++ bindings for libxml2
libxmlbird XML parser written in Vala
libxslt XSLT C Library for GNOME
link-grammar syntactic parser of different languages
loccount count lines of codes in many languages
lowdown simple markdown translator
lq-sp SGML parser and entity manager
lttoolbox finite-state lexical processing toolkit
lua-cosmo safe templates engine for Lua
lua-lunamark Lua module for conversion between markup formats
lua-lustache implementation of the mustache template system in Lua
lua-markdown Markdown markup system implementation in pure Lua
lua-yaml Lua library for parsing and emitting YAML
luaexpat lua library for the expat XML parser
luceneplusplus C++ port of the Java Lucene library, the text search engine
makefaq Python program to create FAQ's list from formatted data file
mdbook create books from markdown files
mdp command-line based markdown presentation tool
meld graphical diff and merge tool
mgdiff graphical front end to Unix diff
miller name-indexed data processing tool
misspell correct commonly misspelled English words in source files
multimarkdown marked-up plain text to formatted document converter
mupdf graphic library, pdf parser, viewer and utilities
mxml minimal XML library
namazu small to medium scale full-text search engine
naturaldocs multi-language source code documentation generator
nfoview simple viewer for NFO files
nlohmann-json JSON for modern C++
odt2txt convert OpenDocument Text to plain text
oniguruma regular expressions library
openjade object-oriented DSSSL engine
opensearch distributed and RESTful search engine
opensp object-oriented SGML parser
ots open source tool for summarizing texts
p5-ack grep like tool, aimed at programmers
p5-Blatte text macro/markup/template language
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Markdown persistent Markdown processor for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Textile Textile for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Unicode unicode-aware catalyst (old style)
p5-Catalyst-View-TT Template Toolkit views for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-View-TT-ForceUTF8 catalyst TT views with explicit UTF8 encoding (deprecated)
p5-Catalyst-View-TT-FunctionGenerator use shorter names in catalyst tt views (deprecated)
p5-Catalyst-View-XSLT XSLT Views for catalyst
p5-CGI-FastTemplate manages templates and performs variable interpolation
p5-Data-Password module for assessing password quality
p5-Email-Find Find RFC 822 email addresses in plain text
p5-Encode-Detect Encode::Encoding subclass that detects the encoding of data
p5-Encode-HanExtra extra sets of Chinese encodings
p5-Encode-Locale determine the locale encoding
p5-File-KDBX interface to KeePass KDB and KDBX database files
p5-File-KeePass interface to KeePass V1 and V2 database files
p5-Font-AFM perl interface to Adobe Font Metrics files
p5-Font-TTF perl module for TrueType font hacking
p5-HTML-Summary summarize HTML pages
p5-LaTeX-Driver driver to format LaTeX documents
p5-LaTeX-Encode encode characters for LaTeX formatting
p5-LaTeX-Pod transform LaTeX source files to POD
p5-LaTeX-TOM parse, analyze and manipulate LaTeX documents
p5-LaTeXML LaTeX to XML/HTML/MathML Converter
p5-Libxml perl module collection for working with XML
p5-Lingua-EN-Fathom measure readability of English text
p5-Lingua-EN-FindNumber locate (written) numbers in English text
p5-Lingua-EN-Inflect convert singular to plural, select a or an
p5-Lingua-EN-Inflect-Number force number of words to singular or plural
p5-Lingua-EN-Inflect-Phrase inflect short English Phrases
p5-Lingua-EN-Number-IsOrdinal detect if English number is ordinal or cardinal
p5-Lingua-EN-Sentence module to split text into sentences
p5-Lingua-EN-Summarize summarize english text
p5-Lingua-EN-Syllable outine for estimating syllable count in words
p5-Lingua-EN-Tagger part-of-speech tagger for EN natural language processing
p5-Lingua-EN-Words2Nums convert English text to numbers
p5-Lingua-PT-Stemmer Portuguese language stemming
p5-Lingua-Stem stemming of words
p5-Lingua-Stem-Fr French language stemming
p5-Lingua-Stem-It Italian language stemming
p5-Lingua-Stem-Ru Russian language stemming
p5-Lingua-Stem-Snowball-Da Porters stemming algorithm for Denmark
p5-Lingua-Stem-Snowball-No Porters stemming algorithm for Denmark
p5-Lingua-Stem-Snowball-Se Porters stemming algorithm for Sweden
p5-Lingua-Treebank manifulate the Penn Treebank format
p5-List-SomeUtils Provide the stuff missing in List::Util
p5-List-SomeUtils-XS XS implementation for List::SomeUtils
p5-List-UtilsBy higher-order list utility functions
p5-Mojolicious-Plugin-TtRenderer Template Renderer Plugin for Mojolicious
p5-Number-Format Perl extension for formatting numbers
p5-Object-MultiType Perl Objects as Hash, Array and Scalar at the same time
p5-PatchReader utilities to read and manipulate patches and CVS
p5-PDF-API2 create PDF documents with perl
p5-PDF-API2-Simple simple wrapper for PDF::API2 module
p5-PDF-API2-XS XS module to speed some PDF::API2 operations
p5-PDF-Reuse perl module for manipulating PDF files
p5-PDF-Table create PDF tables with perl
p5-PerlIO-utf8_strict fast and correct UTF-8 IO
p5-Pod-Cpandoc perldoc that works for modules you don't have installed
p5-Pod-LaTeX convert pod documentation to latex format
p5-Pod-Markdown convert POD to Markdown
p5-Pod-Parser modules for parsing/translating POD format documents
p5-Pod-POM convert Pod documents into a simple object model form
p5-Pod-Spell formatter for spellchecking pod
p5-Pod-Tests extracts embedded tests and code examples from pod
p5-POE-Filter-XML POE Filter for parsing XML
p5-PPI parse, analyze and manipulate Perl
p5-PPI-HTML parse, analyze and manipulate Perl
p5-PPIx-QuoteLike parse Perl string literals and string-literal-like things
p5-PPIx-Regexp parse regular expressions
p5-PPIx-Utilities extensions to PPI
p5-Regexp-Assemble assemble multiple Regular Expressions into a single RE
p5-Regexp-Common provide commonly requested regular expressions
p5-Regexp-DefaultFlags set default flags on regular expressions
p5-RSS-Parser-Lite simple and pure Perl RSS parser
p5-sdf simple document format
p5-Search-QueryParser parses a query string suitable for external search engines
p5-Sort-Versions sorting of revision-like numbers
p5-Sourcecode-Spellchecker perl module for spell-checking source code
p5-String-Approx module for approximate matching
p5-String-CamelCase camelcase, de-camelcase
p5-String-Escape backslash escapes, quoted phrase, word elision, etc
p5-String-Koremutake memorable random strings
p5-String-Random perl module for generating randoms strings
p5-String-RewritePrefix rewrite strings based on a set of known prefixes
p5-String-ShellQuote Quote strings for passing through the shell
p5-String-Similarity calculate the similarity of two strings
p5-String-ToIdentifier-EN convert strings to english program identifiers
p5-SWISH-API Perl interface to the swish-e C library
p5-Syntax-Highlight-HTML syntax highlight for HTML
p5-Syntax-Highlight-Mason syntax highlight for Mason
p5-Syntax-Highlight-Perl syntax highlight for perl
p5-Template template processing system
p5-Template-Plugin-Class template extension for calling class methods
p5-Template-Plugin-GD GD plugin(s) for the Template Toolkit
p5-Template-Plugin-Markdown TT plugin for Text::Markdown
p5-Template-Plugin-Number-Format plugin/filter interface to Number::Format
p5-Template-Provider-Encoding explicit encoding for Template Toolkit
p5-Template-Timer rudimentary profiling module for Template Toolkit
p5-Template-Tiny Template Toolkit reimplemented in as little code as possible
p5-Text-Affixes prefixes and suffixes analisys of text
p5-Text-Aligner justify strings to various alignment styles
p5-Text-ASCIIMathML perl extension for parsing ASCIIMathML text into MathML
p5-Text-Aspell interface to the GNU aspell library
p5-Text-Autoformat automatic text wrapping and reformatting
p5-Text-CharWidth get number of occupied columns of a string on terminal
p5-Text-CSV comma-separated values manipulator routines
p5-Text-CSV-Hashify turn a CSV file into a Perl hash
p5-Text-CSV_XS Comma-Separated Values manipulation routines
p5-Text-Diff perform diffs on files and record sets
p5-Text-Diff-HTML XHTML format for Text::Diff::Unified
p5-Text-DoubleMetaphone implementation of a sounds like algorithm
p5-Text-Flow flexible text flowing and word wrapping
p5-Text-Format various subroutines to format text
p5-Text-German German grundform reduction
p5-Text-Glob match globbing patterns against text
p5-Text-LevenshteinXS perl implementation of Levenshtein edit distance
p5-Text-Markdown convert Markdown syntax to (X)HTML
p5-Text-MultiMarkdown convert MultiMarkdown syntax to (X)HTML
p5-Text-PDF perl modules for creating and manipulating PDF
p5-Text-Quoted extract the structure of a quoted mail message
p5-Text-RecordParser parse records in CSV-like formats
p5-Text-Reflow module for reflowing text files
p5-Text-Reform perl module to formating plaintext
p5-Text-SimpleTable simple eyecandy ASCII Tables
p5-Text-Soundex implementation of the soundex algorithm
p5-Text-Table organize data in tables
p5-Text-TabularDisplay render tabular data as plain text
p5-Text-Tags parses 'folksonomy' space-separated tags
p5-Text-Template expand template text with embedded perl
p5-Text-Textile converts simple text to web constructs
p5-Text-Thread convert tree structured items into ascii tree items
p5-Text-Tmpl very fast Perl templating library
p5-Text-Unidecode US-ASCII transliterations of Unicode text
p5-Text-vCard read, write, and edit vCard address books
p5-Text-WikiFormat translate Wiki formatted text into other formats
p5-Text-WordDiff module to diff based on word, not lines
p5-Text-Wrapper simple word wrapping routine
p5-tkispell Perl/Tk graphical user interface to GNU ispell
p5-WML-Card perl module to create WML cards
p5-XML-AutoWriter module for DOCTYPE based XML output
p5-XML-Checker perl module for validating XML
p5-XML-DOM perl module to build DOM Level 1 structures
p5-XML-DOM-XPath extension to add XPath support to XML::DOM
p5-XML-Dumper Perl module for dumping Perl objects from/to XML
p5-XML-Elemental generic classes for simplistic handling of XML data
p5-XML-Filter-BufferText collate XML character events in one chunk
p5-XML-Filter-ExceptionLocator add line information to XML parse errors
p5-XML-Generator extension for generating XML
p5-XML-LibXML perl binding for libxml2
p5-XML-LibXSLT interface to the GNOME libxslt library
p5-XML-Literal embed XML directly into perl
p5-XML-NamespaceSupport perl module to the SAX2 NamespaceSupport class
p5-XML-Parser perl module for parsing XML documents
p5-XML-Parser-Lite lightweight regexp-based XML parser
p5-XML-RAI RSS Abstraction Interface
p5-XML-RegExp Provide regular expressions for some XML tokens
p5-XML-RSS perl module to manage XML RSS files
p5-XML-RSS-Parser liberal object-oriented parser for RSS feeds
p5-XML-RSS-Timing figure out when to fetch RSS Feeds
p5-XML-RSS-TimingBot efficiently fetch RSS feeds
p5-XML-RSSLite lightweight, 'relaxed' RSS (and XML-ish) parser
p5-XML-SAX framework for the Perl SAX2 XML parsers, filters and drivers
p5-XML-SAX-Base base class for SAX drivers and filters
p5-XML-SAX-Expat SAX2 driver based on expat
p5-XML-SAX-Expat-Incremental subclass for non-blocking (incremental) parsing
p5-XML-SAX-ExpatXS SAX2 driver directly based on expat
p5-XML-SAX-Writer SAX2 writer
p5-XML-SemanticDiff compare XML documents
p5-XML-Simple trivial perl API for reading/writing XML
p5-XML-Smart access/create XML files/datas easily
p5-XML-Stream creates and XML Stream connection and parses return data
p5-XML-Tidy tidy indenting of XML documents
p5-XML-TreePP pure Perl implementation for parsing/writing XML documents
p5-XML-Twig perl module for parsing huge XML documents
p5-XML-Validator-Schema validate XML schema using SAX
p5-XML-Writer perl extension for writing XML documents
p5-XML-XPath modules for parsing and evaluating XPath statements
p5-XML-XPathEngine re-usable XPath engine for DOM-like trees
p5-XML-XSLT perl module to perform XSLT transformations
p5-XML-XSPF parser and generator for XSPF playlists
p5-XString isolated String helpers from B
palm-bookmarks bookmarks on your palm
pandoc convert between markup and document formats
par paragraph reflow for email
patchutils small tools to operate on patch files
pdf4tcl library for generating PDF documents for Tcl
pdfgrep tool to search text in PDF files
pdfpc presenter console with multi-monitor support
pdftk pdf swiss army knife
pecl-yaml YAML-1.1 parser and emitter for PHP
pinfo info viewer with lynx-style navigation
pod2mdoc convert POD data to mdoc input
podofo library and tools to modify and parse PDF documents
pplatex pretty print LaTeX messages
pugixml light-weight, simple and fast XML parser for C++
pup command line tool to filter HTML with CSS selectors
py-alabaster configurable sidebar-enabled Sphinx theme
py-black Python code formatter
py-bracex brace expanding library
py-canonicaljson canonical JSON
py-cchardet high speed universal character encoding detector
py-chardet character encoding auto-detection in Python
py-charset-normalizer character set detector library
py-colored simple library for color and formatting in terminal
py-coloredlogs colored terminal output for Python's logging module
py-commonmark parser for the CommonMark markdown spec
py-confuse painless YAML configuration
py-cson parser for Coffeescript Object Notation (CSON)
py-css-parser python package for parsing and building CSS
py-cssselect parse CSS3 Selectors and translates them to XPath 1.0
py-cssselect2 implementation of CSS4 Selectors
py-cssutils Python package to parse and build CSS
py-defusedxml XML bomb protection for Python stdlib modules
py-demjson encoder, decoder, and lint/validator for JSON
py-dict2xml small utility to convert a Python dictionary into an XML
py-dicttoxml convert dicts and other data types into XML
py-docutils process plaintext documentation into other formats
py-elasticsearch Python client for Elasticsearch
py-elementpath xpath 1.0/2.0 parsers and selectors for elementtree
py-emoji emoji for Python
py-enchant spellchecking library for Python
py-et_xmlfile low memory library for creating large XML files
py-feedparser RSS and Atom feeds parser written in Python
py-humanfriendly human-friendly output for Python text interfaces
py-humanize python number humanization utilities
py-ICU Python extension wrapping the ICU C++ API
py-ijson iterative JSON parser
py-inflect correctly generate plurals, singular nouns, ordinals, etc
py-ini2toml convert .ini/.cfg files to TOML equivalents
py-iniconfig brain-dead simple config-ini parsing
py-iso8601 Python module to parse ISO 8601 dates
py-jaraco-text handy routines for dealing with text
py-jellyfish Python library for approximate and phonetic string matching
py-jsonpatch library to apply JSON Patches according to RFC 6902
py-jsonpointer library to resolve JSON Pointers according to RFC 6901
py-lxml Python binding for the libxml2 and libxslt libraries
py-m2r markdown to reStructuredText converter
py-markdown text-to-HTML conversion tool
py-MarkupSafe implements an XML/HTML/XHTML markup safe string
py-mistune markdown parser for Python
py-natsort simple yet flexible natural sorting
py-nltk Natural Language ToolKit
py-numpydoc Sphinx extension to support docstrings in Numpy format
py-odfpy Python API and tools to manipulate OpenDocument files
py-ofxparse parser for the Open Financial Exchange file format
py-openpyxl Python library to read/write Excel 2010 xlsx/xlsm files
py-pandocfilters utilities for writing pandoc filters
py-patiencediff Python implementation of the patiencediff algorithm
py-pdfminer PDF parser and analyzer
py-PEG2 PEG Parser-Interpreter in Python
py-podcastparser simple, fast and efficient podcast parser
py-polib Python library to manipulate gettext files
py-precis_i18n internationalized usernames and passwords
py-prettytable Python library for pretty-printing tabular data
py-pyaml module to produce pretty and readable YAML
py-pygfm GitHub Flavored Markdown extension
py-pygments Python syntax highlighter
py-pykwalify lib/cli for JSON/YAML schema validation
py-pypandoc Python wrapper for pandoc
py-PyPDF2 PDF Python toolkit
py-pyphen pure-Python hyphenation library
py-pyRFC3339 format dates according to RFC3339
py-rebulk define simple search patterns in bulk to perform
py-recommonmark markdown parser for docutils
py-ruamel.yaml YAML 1.2 loader/dumper package for Python
py-ruamel.yaml.clib C based reader/scanner and emitter for ruamel.yaml
py-semver python helper for Semantic Versioning
py-signedjson sign JSON with Ed25519 signatures
py-smartypants translate ASCII punctuation characters into smart entities
py-snowballstemmer snowball stemming library collection for Python
py-spdx SPDX license list database
py-spdx-lookup SPDX license list query tool
py-sphinx Python documentation generator
py-sphinx-intl internationalization helper for Sphinx
py-sphinx-notfound-page Sphinx extension to build a 404 page with absolute URLs
py-sphinx_guzzle_theme sphinx theme used by guzzle
py-sphinx_rtd_theme theme for Sphinx
py-stache Python implementation of Mustache templating system
py-stemmer snowball stemming algorithms, for information retrieval
py-textfsm parse semi-structured text into Python table
py-tinycss2 tiny CSS parser
py-toml Python library for Tom's Obvious Minimal Language
py-tomli lil' TOML parser
py-tomli_w lil' TOML writer
py-tomlkit style-preserving TOML library for Python
py-typogrify filters to enhance web typography
py-unicodecsv drop-in replace for csv with unicode support
py-unidecode US-ASCII transliterations of Unicode text
py-unpaddedbase64 Python module implementing Base64 without = padding
py-vobject iCalendar library for Python
py-webencodings character encoding aliases for legacy web content
py-xlrd extract data from xls and xlsx spreadsheet files
py-xlwt create spreadsheet files compatible with MS Excel 95-2003
py-xmldiff show differences between XML files/DOM trees
py-xmlschema an XML Schema validator and decoder
py-xmltodict makes working with XML feel like orking with JSON
py-yaml YAML parser and emitter in Python
qpdfview tabbed DjVu/PDF/PS document viewer
qxlsx MS Excel file reader/writer library
raptor RDF Parser Toolkit for Redland
rasqal RDF Query Library for Redland
recutils tools to access human-editable plaintext record files
redland high-level interface for RDF
redland-bindings Redland librdf Perl Bindings
ripgrep line oriented search tool using Rust's regex library
rman reverse compile man pages from formatted form
rubber wrapper for LaTeX and friends
ruby-builder Ruby library to create XML markup and data structures
ruby-erubis implementation of eRuby
ruby-fast-stemmer fast Porter stemmer for ruby
ruby-fast_xs provides fast methods for escaping text
ruby-haml HTML Abstraction Markup Language for Ruby
ruby-hpricot flexible HTML parser
ruby-hyperestraier Ruby interface to hyperestraier
ruby-icalendar iCalendar support for Ruby
ruby-kramdown fast, pure Ruby Markdown parser
ruby-liquid safe, customer facing template language
ruby-maruku Ruby markdown interpreter
ruby-mustache logic-free template language
ruby-nokogiri HTML, XML, SAX and Reader parser
ruby-pygments.rb syntax highlighter based on pygments
ruby-rdiscount discount implementation of John Gruber's Markdown
ruby-redcarpet fast, safe and extensible Markdown to (X)HTML parser
ruby-redcloth module for using Textile in Ruby
ruby-rexical lexical scanner generator for use with Racc
ruby-ronn builds man pages
ruby-rouge pure-ruby code highlighter compatible with pygments
ruby-syntax module for using syntax highlighting in ruby
ruby-text collection of text algorithms
ruby-treetop Ruby-based DSL for text parsing and interpretation
ruby-yard Ruby documentation tool
rxp validating namespace-aware XML parser
sablotron fast, compact and portable XSL/XSLT processor
scdoc convert scdoc text files to man(7) pages
sim tests lexical similarity in texts
solr full-text search engine based on Lucene
source-highlight create a document with syntax highlighting
sp OO toolkit for SGML parsing and entity management
sphinx free open-source SQL full-text search engine
spiff very flexible diff-like program
stringtemplate Java template engine for generating source code, etc
svndumptool processing subversion dump files
swish-e web/text search engine
TclXML XML parser for Tcl
tcpdf PHP class for generating PDF documents
tdom fast XML/DOM/XPath/XSLT/HTML/JSON extension for Tcl
terraform-docs documentation generator for Terraform
texi2html texinfo to HTML converter
texi2mdoc convert Texinfo data to mdoc input
the_silver_searcher code searching tool, with a focus on speed (ag)
tinyxml simple and small C++ XML parser
tinyxml2 simple, small and efficient C++ XML parser
tre lightweight regexp matching library with additional features
tree-sitter parser generator tool and incremental parsing library
txt2man convert ASCII text to man page
txt2tags utility to turn simply formatted text into markup
uchardet universal charset detection library and tool
uncrustify source code beautifier
uni query the unicode database from the commandline
unicode-ucd Unicode Character Database (UCD)
unrtf RTF document converter
urlview curses-based URL ripper
validate HTML, XHTML validator
vgrind grind nice listings of programs
vislcg3 constraint grammar formalism variant
wdg-sgml-lib collection of HTML, XHTML, ISO-HTML, WML and MathML DTDs
wdiff word differences between text files
wkhtmltopdf convert HTML to PDF using Webkit
xerces-c validating XML parser written in a portable subset of C++
xlsx2csv convert XLSX files to CSV
xml2rfc convert memos written in XML to the RFC format
xmlcatmgr small utility used to manipulate SGML and XML catalogs
xmlstarlet command line XML toolkit
xmlto front-end for converting XML files to various formats
xmlwf verifies XML documents
xpdf PDF viewer for X11
xxdiff graphical file comparator and merge tool
yould generator for pronounceable random words
yq jq wrapper for YAML/XML documents
zoem interpretive macro/programming language
aspell Subfolder
ruby-prawn Subfolder
zathura Subfolder
hyphen-i18n Subfolder
apertium-dicts Subfolder
py-sphinxcontrib Subfolder