Category listing - books

AsteriskGuide Asterisk 1.4 PBX configuration guide, 2nd ed.
AsteriskTFOT Asterisk: The Future of Telephony
autobook documentation for autoconf, automake, libtool
clisp-hyperspec Common Lisp reference
cvs-guide the definitive guide to CVS
diveintopython book about Python for experienced programmers
diveintopython3 book about Python 3 for experienced programmers
docbook-guide the definite guide to DocBook
gcide gnu collaborative international dictionary of english
grokking-the-gimp book about gimp
haskell-report language and library specification for Haskell
JLS Oracle's official Java language specification
JVMS Sun's official Java VM Specification, 2nd Ed.
man-pages-posix POSIX manual pages
mason-book book on embedding Perl in HTML with Mason
progit book on version control with Git
svnbook Version Control with Subversion
tex-by-topic book on TeX typesetting system for experienced audience
thinking-forth philosophy of problem solving, applied to Forth
utp comprehensive book on unix text processing
vol3ol O'Reilly Volume 3: Users Guide, Open Look
vol6a O'Reilly Volume 6a: Motif Programming Manual
wndw Wireless Networking in the Developing World, English edition