Category listing - math

4ti2 solve algebraic, geometric, combinatorial problems
aamath ASCII art mathematics
armadillo C++ library for scientific computing
arpack F77 subroutines for solving large scale eigenvalue problems
bc-gh implementation of POSIX bc with GNU and BSD extensions
bcal storage and general-purpose calculator (Byte CALculator)
blas Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms
calc C-style arbitrary precision calculator
calcoo RPN and algebraic scientific calculator
cblas C interface to the BLAS library
cddlib C library for double description method for convex polyhedra
cfitsio library for handling FITS data
cgal Computational Geometry Algorithms Library
cglm highly optimized graphics math library
coq proof assistant based on a typed lambda calculus
datamash perform basic numeric, textual and statistical operations
dieharder random number generator (rng) testing suite
double-conversion binary-decimal and decimal-binary routines for IEEE doubles
ecm elliptic curve method (ECM) factorization library
eigen3 lightweight C++ template library for linear algebra
ensmallen C++ template library for function minimization
fann Fast Artificial Neural Network Library
fftw C routines for computing the Discrete Fourier Transform
fftw3 C routines for computing the Discrete Fourier Transform
foma finite-state compiler and C library
galculator GTK-based scientific calculator
gbc GNU version of the arbitrary precision calculators bc and dc
geogebra educational mathematical software
ginac GiNaC is Not a Computer Algebra System (CAS)
gnumeric spreadsheet application for GNOME
gnuplot command-driven interactive function plotting program
grace GRaphing, Advanced Computation and Exploration of data
graphviz graph drawing software
grpn graphical reverse polish notation calculator
gunits GNU units conversion program
hc multi-radix integer desk calculator
hdf5 Hierarchical Data Format 5 Technology suite
hexcalc multi-radix calculator for x11
hoc from Kernighan & Pike: High Order Calculator
igraph C graph library
imath C++ and python library of 2D and 3D vector & matrix
isl manipulate integer points bounded by linear constraints
jacal symbolics math system
kst data viewing/plotting tool
lapack library of Fortran linear algebra subroutines
lean interactive and automated theorem prover
libcerf implementation of complex error functions
libqalculate applied math library and CLI calculator
libtommath number theoretic multiple-precision integer library
lrs solve vertex enumeration and convex hull problems
mathomatic small, portable, general purpose computer algebra system
matio library for reading and writing Matlab MAT files
maxima GPL computer algebra system based on DOE Macsyma
mcl clustering algorithm for graphs
mcsim monte carlo simulation software
minisat minimalistic Boolean satisfiability solver
ministat statistics utility
mlpack C++ machine learning library
moo Marco's Object Oriented calculator
muparser C++ math parser library
netcdf library for machine-independent, array-oriented data access
nlopt library for nonlinear optimization
nonogram terminal-based nonogram solver
nonolib nonogram solver library
ntl Victor Shoup's Number Theory Library
ocaml-num library for arithmetic on big integers and rationals
ocaml-zarith arbitrary precision integer and rational arithmetic
octave Scientific Programming Language
openfst weighted finite-state transducers library
p5-AI-FANN interface to the Fast Artificial Neural Network library
p5-AI-NeuralNet-BackProp implement a back-propagation feed-forward neural network
p5-AI-NeuralNet-Kohonen Kohonen's Self-Organizing Maps
p5-AI-NeuralNet-Kohonen-Visual visualisation of Kohonen's Self-Organizing Maps
p5-AI-NeuralNet-Mesh module to implement an accurate neural network mesh
p5-AI-Perceptron module to internal operations of neural networks
p5-Algorithm-Combinatorics efficient generation of combinatorial sequences
p5-Algorithm-NaiveBayes Bayesian prediction of categories
p5-Bit-Vector library of advanced math functions
p5-Business-Hours calculate business hours in a time period
p5-Chart-Math-Axis algorithm to find good values for chart axis
p5-Data-PowerSet generate all subsets of a list of elements
p5-GraphViz perl interface to the graphviz graphing tool
p5-Math-Base36 encoding and decoding of base36 strings
p5-Math-Base85 module handles numbers in base 85
p5-Math-BaseCnv fast functions to CoNVert between number Bases
p5-Math-Bezier perl module for solving bezier curves
p5-Math-BigInt-GMP use the GMP library for Math::BigInt routines
p5-Math-Calc-Units human-readable unit-aware calculator
p5-Math-Derivative numeric 1st and 2nd order differentiation
p5-Math-FFT calculate Fast Fourier Transforms in perl
p5-Math-Fibonacci Fibonacci numbers
p5-Math-Fibonacci-Phi calculates Phi and phi for Fibonacci numbers
p5-Math-GMP high speed arbitrary-size integer math
p5-Math-GMPf perl interface to GMP floating point functions
p5-Math-GMPz perl interface to GMP integer functions
p5-Math-Int128 manipulate 128 bits integers in Perl
p5-Math-Int64 manipulate 64 bits integers in Perl
p5-Math-MatrixReal implement the data type matrix of reals
p5-Math-Prime-Util utilities related to prime numbers, including fast sieves
p5-Math-Prime-Util-GMP utilities related to prime numbers, using GMP
p5-Math-Random-ISAAC interface to the ISAAC PRNG algorithm
p5-Math-Round Perl extension for rounding numbers
p5-Math-Spline cubic spline interpolation of data
p5-Math-Symbolic symbolic calculations for Perl
p5-Math-SymbolicX-ParserExtensionFactory generate Math::Symbolic parser extensions
p5-Math-Utils useful mathematical functions not in Perl
p5-Math-VecStat provides basic statistics on numerical vectors
p5-Number-WithError numbers with error propagation and scientific rounding
p5-Set-IntSpan manage sets of integers
p5-Statistics-CaseResampling efficient resampling and calculation of medians
p5-Statistics-Contingency calculate precision, recall, F1, accuracy, etc
p5-Statistics-Descriptive basic descriptive statistical functions
pari number theory-oriented computer algebra system
pcalc command line util for doing hex/dec/oct/bin math quickly
plplot advanced 2D and 3D scientific plotting library
pspp program for statistical analysis of sampled data
py-affine matrices describing affine transformation of the plane
py-bottleneck fast NumPy array functions written in C
py-cftime time and date handling utility functions from netcdf4-python
py-cvxopt convex optimization package
py-cvxpy modeling language for convex optimization problems
py-datedelta date arithmetic for Python
py-ecos Python interface to ECOS
py-graphviz simple Python interface for Graphviz
py-h5py pythonic interface to the HDF5 binary data format
py-mpmath library for arbitrary-precision floating-point arithmetic
py-netcdf4 Python interface to the netCDF C library
py-networkx module for creating and manipulating graphs and networks
py-numexpr fast numerical expression evaluator for NumPy
py-numpy fast array and numeric programming library for Python
py-oldest-supported-numpy pypi meta-package to depend on numpy
py-osqp Python interface to OSQP
py-pandas data analysis and manipulation library
py-patsy Python package for describing statistical models
py-pysmt library for SMT formulae manipulation and solving
py-PyWavelets wavelet transform module
py-scikit-image image processing routines for SciPy
py-scikit-learn set of python modules for machine learning and data mining
py-scipy maths, science and engineering modules for Python
py-scs Python interface to SCS
py-snuggs snuggs are s-expressions for numpy
py-sympy computer algebra system (CAS) in Python
py-tables Python package to manage extremely large amounts of data
py2-numpy fast array and numeric programming library for Python 2
qhull computing the convex hull
qrupdate library for fast updates of QR and Cholesky decompositions
R powerful math/statistics/graphics language
rstudio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for R
sc curses spreadsheet-calculator program
spread-sheet-widget spread sheet widget library
suitesparse suite of sparse matrix algorithms
superlu library for solving sparse linear equation systems
udunits library to manipulate units of physical quantities
veusz scientific plotting and graphing package
visidata console-based multitool to explore and arrange tabular data
wcalc natural-expression command-line calculator
wmcalc wm-dockapp; simple four-function calculator
wxMaxima wxWidgets GUI for the computer algebra system maxima
yorick interpreted language for scientific computing
z3 Z3 theorem prover
prover9 Subfolder
lpsolve Subfolder